Date Memoir #36 B-Type Every Day After all, the first time is flawless. 😂 Cloudy 1st time

 Hello.Paparazzi.As I said last time, the number of members has increased and my body has become weak.Therefore, I started a campaign to look ahead to the future and meet B-types while I still have time.Today, including the dinner party, I will report on my third first date with a B-type girl.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Tomoko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: B
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Late 20s

first impression

  • Appearance: Better than the photo!cute!
    Personality: I don't have a bad personality. . . . .

History of dating


As I wrote last time, as a new attempt, I decided to offer mainly B-type women for the time being.I don't know if it will be temporary or not, but I really want to try various things.So far, I've been looking for C or D, or rather C.Of course, it's not all of them, but I've been able to leave a certain winning percentage.Therefore, I also wanted to raise the difficulty a little.I checked with the club just in case, but it doesn't seem to mean that you can't invite them on the day. I guess it just means, "Basically, you'll be refused." There seems to be an example of success on the same day even with B type.However, I am not particular about the day.If it ends up being a good meeting for both of us, that's fine.

 So start looking for women.It goes without saying that the range of women you can choose from will greatly expand if you include the B type.Ultimately, I want to develop into an adult relationship, so I have no intention of choosing Type A for the time being, but there aren't that many Type A women. If you can incorporate the B type, there is no doubt that the range will expand considerably.As for the quality (appearance) of a woman, this is a matter of personal taste, so I can't say anything about it, but I personally have the impression that she has improved a little. There is no obvious difference between C and B, and it feels like the overall level is a little higher.

 And this time, I decided to offer it to a woman who clearly has outstanding style.Style is a part of appearance that can be quantified, so it is reliable information.However, as a person who has been withered in the lower abdomen until now, I think it would be great to know the waist

 When I put in an offer, it was OK with my desired schedule.The setting is now complete.As for the store, I decided to have afternoon tea without sex appeal on the premise that there was nothing on the day.

what was the date

 We will meet at the store on the day.Even so, the store is

 It can't be helped because it's noon, so it's a refreshing afternoon tea.Naturally.

 Her name is Tomoko.She looks pretty cute.She wins in real life over photos.Maybe it's because she expects too much.I feel that there are surprisingly few examples where the real thing is better than the photograph.And she brought me a souvenir.This is only her before and after the current situation.More luxurious than my souvenir. . .wry smile

 And judging from the bulging chest that can't be hidden by clothes, the slender legs, and the narrow waist, the style is perfect.What kind of body structure would it be if there was meat in the lower abdomen?smile

 Never before has a first impression been so perfect.

 The motive for starting the activity seems to be to send money to the family.How do you feel about family?She is good looking and has a kind personality.Isn't it perfect!That's what I thought, but as I was talking from here, one serious flaw came to mind.

 What are its drawbacks? . . .In short, it's boring to talk about.It may be more appropriate to say that the reaction is thin rather than saying.Since this area is a feeling part, the way of feeling is different for each person, but anyway, the reaction is weak.Shy?Nervous about meeting for the first time?I wonder ifI decided to tell myself.

By the end of the meal

 Of course, the opponent is a B type.I don't think it's okay today.Furthermore, I chose a store that doesn't have that kind of atmosphere, and it's daytime.So I don't think it will happen today, but I asked anyway.

 “Do you have time after this?”

 "Yes, I have plans from the evening, so if it's about an hour left."

 It's no good after all.So, we entered a coffee shop around that area instead of the hotel area and had a healthy after party.Are you able to talk a lot more than before?I feel like my reactions have improved.Or rather, I want to think so.After all, the appearance is really ◎.It would be a shame to release it as it is due to personality mismatch.About an hour later, while I was thinking about such things, I just finished drinking a cup of coffee, and it was a healthy dissolution.

Reflection of this time

  • The feeling part is quite difficult to judge.You don't have to rush to make a decision the first time
  • It was the first time I received a souvenir.There are times like this, so it might be better to have something a little better as a gift (I choose something cheap but interesting and distinctive).

This store

 Are there girls who don't like fruit?Even if there are, they are expected to be in the minority.That's why women's uke is outstanding afternoon tea.What a repeat.The merit here is completely female uke.It's fun just to watch the fresh fruits being beautifully cut by the craftsmen.It's also good for your body compared to cake buffets.The disadvantage is a bright and healthy atmosphere.If you want to connect after that, it will be necessary to have a set upper, but the bar from the afternoon tea is too early, so it will be a stylish restaurant that also serves as a set upper.Girls will be full just here, so dinner should be really light.

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