What kind of play did you play with a father-active woman? Vol.2



I can't help but want to play something I don't normally do.

When you become a father, there are people who can control this urge and people who cannot.

I would probably fall into the category of people who can basically control things.

Having said that, there are times when a switch is turned on when a slightly unpleasant topic comes up with a woman who has a contract with a dad-hunting company.

For those of you who are now dads, what kind of games do you enjoy playing?There will definitely be some abnormalities out there.

Lately, there's a certain play that I'm a bit addicted to.

It's a slightly incestuous play between daughter and father.

In the first place, Papakatsu provides support to women who have contracts with their fathers.

There must be a relationship between them as mistresses and a position as father and daughter.

Probably, if you perform this play style against a woman of the same generation or a slightly lower rank, you will probably be turned off.

However, it can also be said that it is a play that can only be done by being a dad.

Well, should I say that I can make a request?

I am currently under contract with several women.

For this reason, I personally set out certain roles for individual women.

There are women who only seek nightlife, and women who only seek comfort. (Broadly divided, it looks like this)

Therefore, there are women who actually become fathers because they are their own daughters.

So, even during our date, I naturally talked to her as if she were my own daughter and loved her as if she were my own daughter.

If that's the case, it's only natural that sex will naturally go in that direction.

So what about the actual content?

To be honest, we can have conversations that we don't normally have.

For example, during play, he is not called by his name and is called daddy.

At this point, if a normal person were to listen to it, it might be considered abnormal.

Normally, if they were living a normal life, it would be a wonderful form of incest.

That's why I'm excited.

Is it fair to say that I get to see a different world when I'm a dad?

The same goes for when we take a bath together.

It's more like a father and daughter than a man and a woman.

It's not like I originally had a habit of playing like this.

It's a habit that became ingrained in him after he became a father.

The starting point was also very simple.

I made a deal with a young woman and she calls me daddy.

Among them, even though he is called Papa, for some reason he is only called by his name during night activities.

At that point, he began to feel a contradiction and made a proposal to the woman.

``Can you please call me daddy all the time?'' I asked.

Then, what is it?

Some women call me by my name, and some just call me daddy.

I realized that my play was polarized in terms of gender.

When it comes to sex with a woman who is active as a father and calls me by my name, it is a relationship between an adult man and a woman.

So it can be said that this is a general trend. (I would say normal)

But having sex with a woman who only calls him daddy.

I'm sure men who have become fathers will understand, but sex is an extension of the relationship between daughter and father rather than an adult relationship.

I would like to say that this is an area that cannot be experienced in ordinary life.

Of course, when you get hooked, you can go to another dimension where the excitement level is higher than the original one. (Sorry, this is just my personal explanation)

I think I was able to experience this because I was a dad.

Daddy life is not a relationship that ends in just one session.

I think most people who have become fathers have a long-term relationship with a woman.

Therefore, it is fundamentally different from play performed in adult entertainment. (We spend a lot of time together)

Additionally, when it comes to daddy activities, there are many patterns in which women also show their understanding in various ways.

Simply put, the longer you spend together, the closer you feel to each other.

And the sex becomes deeper and more intense.

When a relationship becomes a bit abnormal, the place you spend time with that woman starts to feel special.

Don't you think it would be fun to become a father and have a relationship with a woman?Actually, I'm enjoying it.

For example, imagine the act of removing one of a woman's underwear.

“I want Daddy to take it off.”

This in itself is an interaction that would never occur in the real world.

Even in the entertainment industry, there are places where image play is the selling point.

However, after all, it is an instant place where you can meet each other for the first time without understanding each other.

But life as a dad is different.

After mutual understanding, we spend time together and image play begins there.

The concentration is completely different.

When I asked my male friends who are now fathers about this story, I found out that some of them were playing the same way.

I'm sure many people, once they reach a certain age, no longer feel satisfied with normal activities.

There are quite a lot of men who are fathers around me who are into similar games.

I mean, isn't that normal?I even have friends who come into the conversation with me.

Aren't you a lolicon?This is sometimes said, but I would like to firmly deny that.

The reason is that even a woman in her mid-30s excites me.

Sex performed while a woman calls you daddy.

It feels as if some sort of magic has been cast on the spot.

However, strangely, this play does not apply to all women.

From my experience, this play only applies to women who are trying to become fathers, and only have children who exude a mysterious scent.

Honestly, other than that, I don't have any thrills. (This is just based on my experience)

On the other hand, when I had adult sex with a woman who exuded this mysterious scent, I felt something unsatisfactory.

That's why when I sign a contract with a woman in Dad-Katsu, I carefully consider what she said when we first met before proceeding with the conversation.

Isn't it only through dad-katsu that you can do this?

That's why I can't quit being a dad. (It is also my current motivation for living)

I'm sure there are many men in the Dad-Katsuuchi community who can relate to this.

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