Shingo's constant love affair XNUMX What I learned from a Canadian woman [Part XNUMX]


Hello.This is Shingo Lee, a column writer.


 This time it will be a continuation from the first part.

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Shingo's constant x love affairs ③ What I learned from a Canadian woman [Part XNUMX]



This is a continuation from the point where I went drinking with "Meg", a Canadian woman who I talked to under the overpass in Yurakucho, and we agreed on each other's values, and promised to go eat yakitori next time.


Chance for a rematch with Shinjuku Godzilla before the big defeat


Autumn was over, and when my breath turned white, I was reunited with Meg.

 I invited him to fulfill a previous promise at a delicious yakitori restaurant in Shinjuku.


 We finished work a little early and gathered in front of Alta on Wednesday at 18:XNUMXpm.


 Unlike last time, I decided to invite him to the hotel today, so I made a reservation at a yakitori restaurant near the love hotel area in Shinjuku.

  Meg, I was so impressed.


 The conversation on the day I invited him to the hotel was basically routine (patterned), and unlike the previous time, this day the conversation was carried out according to the content.

 She laughed a lot and we had a lot of conversation before leaving the yakitori restaurant. I said, "I'd like to drink some more," and Meg said, "Yes."


 After leaving the yakitori restaurant, I naturally held his hand.While chatting, I proceeded to the crowds of Kabukicho, and when I came to the front of Godzilla in Shinjuku Kabukicho, I started.

 Love hotels are lined up behind Godzilla, and I thought this was the place to start.


 "Meg, thank you for the wonderful time today. It would be nice to go to the bar now, but I don't want anyone to ask me, so I'd like to talk with just the two of us. Honestly, I want to go to the hotel alone with you. ', he told Straight.


  Meg's expression was heavy when she asked me everything, and I thought she was disillusioned by inviting me to the hotel.Meg's expression changed to an angry expression in a blink of an eye, and she started off vigorously.


 “Shingo, today is Thursday!? You’re going to work tomorrow? You shouldn’t ask someone out on such a day!


 I never imagined that Meg would get so angry, and I was taken aback.Somehow, I thought that this was not a level that I could manage, so I gave up on that day and broke up.


 After that, I managed to invite him on Saturdays and Sundays, but I gradually realized that Meg had to work on Saturdays, and that the things I had clearly built up in the previous incident collapsed, and I couldn't adjust my schedule. If so, I would no longer contact Meg.


A rocky reunion


Do you know the word "Zaoral"?A spell that revives dead companions that appear in the game "Dragon Quest" with a certain probability.

On the flip side, these days it refers to sending a message again to someone you've lost touch with.I was sending zaoral to several girls one year as Christmas approached.

 Meanwhile, there was a reaction to "Zaoral" sent to Meg.


 When I asked, "How are you doing these days?", he said, "I'm bored because my favorite idol doesn't have a live performance. Work is hard and I'm bored."
 From there, I talked about my life and invited him, "Let's have fun drinking after a long time!?"We promised to go out for a drink three weeks later.


 Four days before the appointment, just in case, I sent a message saying, "It's almost here! I've booked 〇〇! I'm looking forward to it."


 "I'm sorry. I thought you were a Japanese girl who was on good terms with you, but to be honest, the message disappeared and I don't know who you are."


 I see.


"I'm Shigo, who I met at the guard in Yurakucho. Do you remember going to the red lanterns and eating yakitori in Shinjuku?"

"Ah, I just remembered! You're from Yurakucho. You invited me to have sex with you in Shinjuku, right?"

"Oh yes"

"Honestly, I made a mistake and it's OK, but I don't want to have sex with you, so I think you should cancel."

“I didn’t ask you out because I wanted to have sex.

"Will you promise not to have sex?"

"I'm sure you'll try to persuade me, but you're the kind of woman who says no when you don't want to, and you know I'm not the type to force things, right?"

"Yes, lol. I don't think I'll go to the hotel, but it's been a while since I've had a drink, so that's fine. Let's go."


Somehow, the crisis was over and the promise was fulfilled safely.


Reunion with Meg


Promise day.Meg showed up in a more feminine look compared to her previous riding coat.

 "I promised by mistake, but it's really been a long time."
We met again in a cheerful mood.


 I did my best to entertain Meg that day.

 We sat side by side at the counter and ate at an ethnic restaurant and talked a lot.


 The second was at a bar where foreigners living in Japan often gather.Various men got involved, but he calmed down, but when he messed with her, he treated her with a resolute attitude and appealed.At times like this, a man who flirts with other men is unpopular, so I was careful about that.


 It got quite crowded, so I went to the shisha bar and chilled out.The last train is gone.


"Meg, let's go."

"How about some karaoke?"

“There is a love hotel where you can do karaoke, so let’s have a drink and chill out karaoke there. Take off your shoes.”

"You're not going to have sex, are you?"

"I won't force myself"


I thought there would be resistance, but I went to the hotel easily.


 When we arrived at the hotel, we had an unexpectedly serious conversation for about an hour, but at the end, we slowly soaked in the bathtub and had a passionate fellowship for about two hours.


 We talked about many things while hugging each other on the bed.

 In it, we talked about past love.


"I was surprised at how few people Meg has dated."

"I know I'm a Caucasian who likes Japanese people. I'm petite, delicate, and thin, so I think I'm close to Asian. If a Canadian man sees my breasts and buttocks, People think I'm childish without it.It's not popular in Canada."


What Meg Taught Me


When we see a woman, we create various "selfish images" and apply them to the other person, even if they are Japanese.


 I thought "Meg" was a very popular, smooth sailing, used to love, and full of confidence.

 However, during the 20-odd years I lived in Canada, I was not popular, lacked confidence, and lacked self-esteem.As such, there were worries about my appearance, and it seems that I was never good at love.


 Even with a Japanese partner, if she has straight black hair and "normal" fashion, she'll be treated as if she's an obedient, timid woman who should be protected. It's something that makes selfish assumptions.


 In order to be popular, it is important to face the other person without having such an image, and if you do not have such an attitude, you will hurt the other person.


 I think that the male readers will also meet various women in papa-katsu, but the reasons for starting papa-katsu are different for each person, and the appearance, inside, and background can no longer be patterned.

 I believe that if we can build a pleasant relationship with each other by having a dialogue with the other person and facing the “truth” of the other person, that would be happiness.



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