Papa Katsu and Valentine's Day Part XNUMX

Hello.Keisuke Urano.

It's almost February 2th.Valentine's day, isn't it?

Monday this year.Isn't it quite a "good day"?


Valentine's Day schedule adjustment

Well, why is Monday a "good day"?

First of all, on weekdays, it is easier to come up with reasons such as “I will be late for work” or “I have a business trip”.In addition, since the last day is Saturday and Sunday, we can use Saturday and Sunday to the fullest to meet the needs of "If you can't give it to Valentine's Day, just before!"date schedule adjustmentis not it.


Oh, it's a story about when I was single (bitter smile).

Most of the time, several people were working at the same time, so at the event, it was hard to make sure that three or four legs would not be seen.Especially when there is only one day, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas Eve, or my birthday, it was difficult to adjust the schedule.

After getting married, on that day, or rather, on that day,home peaceI have to go home forUnlike when I was young, in the case of extramarital affairs, there are many understanding women, so there are almost no problems.You probably have multiple boyfriends without even telling them.


In any case, in the case of "romance" including extramarital affairs, there are weights, but "Chocolate with feeling"is.What if it's a dad life?

chocolates with box on white surface


Rules for Papa-katsu

Dad life is basicallydeal.

I think it varies from person to person, but I'm not good at daddy activities that include elements of pseudo-romance.

I can't go on a date because I'm nervous (bitter smile)


I've never had a mistress, but I don't think this would happen to a mistress.

Dating clubs and dating clubs were originally a service for finding mistresses, and there are probably many people who are still looking for such encounters.


In the case of a mistress, it is a long-term relationship that pays a moderate allowance every month.

Then, depending on the forehead, even if you ask for "feelings", you will not feel nervous.

To some extent, I think it's because I take care of women's lives, and because it's an unwritten rule that men should take responsibility for that.


In fact, decent people who are accustomed to playing around think about the future of the other person and ask them to find a romantic partner who is looking at marriage when they reach a certain age. Thinking about it, I'm giving a few months' worth of money.

These are the promises that have continued since the days of "Omi-san" and "Nigo-san."

However, I don't know much about the rules for mistress relationships between entrepreneurial presidents and investors, who are common in the Roppongi area these days, and mysterious "Minato Ward girls".

I digress, but it's a dad life.

Papa life has no ruleschaotic world.

Image precedes, but it is also considerably different depending on men and women, generations, and individuals.

The common denominator is "A young amateur woman gets an allowance every time and does something’, lol.

For this reason, there are a wide variety of situations, such as "mistress who sells by the piece", "rental girlfriend for uncle", "just compensation dating", and "time rental for young women".Convenience, simplicity, dryness, etc. will be the keywords to reflect the times.


There is another element here that complicates the story.

There are overwhelmingly few men in the Papa Katsu Market.Most of the men in Papa Katsu Ichiba are uncles, as am I. Many are over 40.It's a perverted and abnormal world where ordinary young amateur women, including students, compete for this old man (I don't think this frenzy will last forever, soIf you want to participate in Papa-katsu, now is the timeyou know).


Papa active girl's chocolate

The chocolate you receive in such a relationship,a little surrealIs not it?

It's just that the money I gave you is returned, so it's more like "chocolate I bought myself".


You can get chocolate at night-time shops such as lounges and cabaret clubs, but night-time women, even students who work part-time, "promise", so it doesn't feel surreal.

"Well, you're giving it to everyone, right?" "That's work.Sometimes they give me chocolates that make me laugh.Once, I was given a handmade chocolate that was made using my own breasts, and when I imagined how she was making it, I laughed.


However, about half of women working as dads have no experience working part-time at a night job.real amateur womanThere are many, and I do not understand the promise of that area.


I think the good thing about young people these days is that they are able to think rationally, perhaps because of recent education.That's why, even if they don't understand the promises, they treat me as "since it's just a deal relationship," and often give me cute giri chocolates.

The other day, I received chocolate in a cute French-style can.It was one of the many I bought to give out at work and live houses. I think it's about 1 yen.The type and color of the cans are all different.This is just right, isn't it?I don't get nervous.


But it was before.chocolatebut…….I'm sorry, but it became quite ummmmmmmm.


She was crazy from the beginning.


it continues.


*Chocolate photoO-DAN,Other than thatIllustrated AC's free material.

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