Surprisingly, local women are good


go out to the countryside in search of a woman

If you are registered with the dating club, you can meet women from various lands.

I live in Tokyo, so the woman I have a basic contract with is from Tokyo.

Why is it limited to women in Tokyo?It's easy to meet, and above all, it doesn't take time to meet.

Honestly, I can't go to the countryside just to meet a woman.

However, sometimes there comes a time when you want to get along with a local woman.

That is the case when the woman who newly signed a contract in Tokyo was originally from a rural area. (Honestly, the tension rises.)

Of course, the women themselves live in Tokyo, but they speak Kansai dialect or Hokkaido dialect.

When I hear such dialects in Tokyo, I feel very fresh and I feel like I'm getting a good deal.

That's why, when I first met him, when I was spoken to in a non-standard language, I think I became a little more lenient than when he said "Huh?" in standard language.

I think I'm lucky to meet all kinds of women in Tokyo, but as I said earlier, sometimes I'm interested in women from rural areas.

So, really, once every 1-2 years, I sometimes go to the countryside.

I say to the other woman, "I'm doing my job," but that's a bright lie.

I'm just here to hang out with women.

So, how was it when I made a contract with a local woman?I would like to tell you here.

Okinawan women are the best

Actually, I met an Okinawan woman in Tokyo.

However, by the time I met her, it had already been decided that she would return to Okinawa.

So, I wasn't sure if I should sign a contract, but when I thought of "Okinawan woman", it sounded good to me, so I signed a contract.

Of course, she returned to Okinawa about two months later, and I went to see her a month later.

To the other party, I said "business errands" as promised.

In the first place, women from Okinawa have beautiful features that are different from Japanese.

This is my impression of Okinawan women.

Of course, she also had all those wonderful elements.

Actually, what is the difference between meeting in Tokyo and meeting in Okinawa?

The atmosphere is a little different, isn't it?

Simply put, when you go to a public bath in the countryside, there is something unique about it, and there is a difference compared to a public bath in the city.That's how it is.

I don't want to be there every day, but sometimes I want to go.

That's exactly what I had the impression of meeting an Okinawan woman in Okinawa. (I would appreciate it if you could feel the nuance)

Occasionally, the dialect spoken by a woman seemed so wonderful that I didn't know how many words to say.

Okinawan women are very caring and men don't work.

There was information about this in the media, etc., but when I actually went there, I really got that impression.

I have an image of a woman doing her best, and the woman I had a contract with actually did her best for me.

However, how about bringing this feeling to Tokyo?If you ask me, I have a question.

It's only because I'm in Okinawa that I feel that way.

As a result, the contract was canceled after about two months (because it became difficult to go to Okinawa to see him in the future), but I realized one thing.

That is, even if I meet a local woman in Tokyo, I will actually set foot in each woman's hometown and find a lot of fun there.

From there, every year, he made contracts with women from various places such as Kyushu and Osaka. (There was also Nagano Prefecture)

Rather than making a contract with a hostess in Tokyo and having fun in Tokyo, you can actually go to that place and enjoy it.

I enjoyed it every year, just like going to a hot spring.

However, in the end, no woman lasts long.

Even if it's long, it won't last half a year.

Maybe it's just me, but once you get used to hearing dialects, you lose your excitement.

If you don't go to the land, you won't be motivated.

That said, it's not like I can go to the land several times a month.

On the contrary, most of the places are satisfied with just one visit.

When I lived in Tokyo, I felt the inconvenience of living in the countryside, and even staying for a short period of time was painful for me. (2 nights is just right)

Even more so when it comes to traveling with a woman.

I don't care about the money, but since I'm in Tokyo and I can't meet him, the other woman is pretty dependent on me.

But what is it?

It's fun to have fun with local women in rural areas, but I didn't like the idea of ​​paying attention to the other person and playing with them.

Perhaps the reason is that there is someone who does not want to take care of themselves even if they go out.

For example, if you eat seafood in Tohoku.

However, in Tokyo, you can eat everything at Tsukiji.

So if you want to eat the same food as Tsukiji in Tohoku, you'll want something more than that.

I think it's probably similar to this principle.

Just what?But in my mind, I think it was a woman and the identity of a woman.

However, once you get to know and experience the other person to a certain extent, the identity of that woman becomes normal and you don't think it's necessary every day.

So I get bored.

Did you feel that way?and self-analyzed.

In the end, Tokyo people are women who meet in Tokyo and spend a long time in Tokyo.

I've gotten used to this.

Having said that, it still doesn't change that I sometimes want to make a contract with a local woman.

However, the sense of security and the depth of trust that we have with women will change considerably between long-term women and short-term women.

Can I say the concentration of affection?

So, as an opinion born from my playing with women, I felt that it would be better to think about it as "just a snack in rural areas."

If I put too much into it, I thought, "I can't maintain happiness."

However, this is not the case for all men.

It's just my personal opinion.

But if you want to hang out for a short time, local women are more humble and individualistic than Tokyo women. (Because I was killed there too)

So, for a woman who works as a dad, if you live in Tokyo, Tokyo.

I thought it was important to have a good balance between how the local women and the local women play.

By the way, I currently have a stable contract with a woman in Tokyo.

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