Universe Oku no Hosomichi Voluntary Daddy Activity Roundtable

Background of the event

Two and a half years ago, I wrote in my column, "Mr. Saito, who inspired me to become a member."In the meantime, I got the chance to meet a certain staff member, and from there I decided to have dinner with Mr. Saito♪.

It was a meal with each woman, but I remember being relieved that Mr. Saito♪ and the women had different tastes.It's rare that someone's tastes match those of a woman, but I'd rather have a peaceful dinner with someone I've gotten acquainted with (laughs).

I remember talking about multiple play with Saito-san♪ and talking about uniform play with CA.As for the story of multi-play, the woman I took with me started with that and talked about her freewheeling life, which made the audience very excited.

Saito-san always used the restaurant for this dinner party, so Saito-san took advantage of the platform and quickly finished the bill.This is not good.very bad.

In this way, it was decided that the next meal would be Saito-san♪, and that the after-party would be at my Bar*sk Tokyo, and we would invite the female respondents, Marika-san and Romanee-san.

XNUMXth party

I called out to Marika and Romanee and gathered in the lobby of a luxury hotel in Tokyo.From there, I headed to the room that Mr. Saito was taking.

The moment I entered the room,
They got me
I thought.

The Romanée Conti of Dom. de La Romanée Conti, La Tâche and the Grands Échézeaux will be there.
I feel like I saw Romanée Conti for the first time in XNUMX years.Apparently Mr. Saito♪, he wanted Mr. Romanee to drink Romanée-Conti.What kind of old man gag

A cup of rushed Romanée Conti.I feel like I haven't had a Romanée-Conti in about XNUMX years.Young but delicious.

There's a reason why I thought it was done.The previous meal and the meal this day belonged to Mr. Saito♪, so I assumed that if I had an after party, I would be able to easily repay the debt.However, such a small plan of mine was crushed by one shot of Romanée-Conti.I wonder if this one can hold a second party XNUMX-XNUMX times.

Well, it's okay, I was convinced that he was just trying to make a joke, so I decided to enjoy the three DRC movies.By the way, I like Latache in this.It is also the name of the first soapland I went to.

In this way, Saito-san♪ and her two companions, Marika-san, Romanée-san, and myself, six people met.

As an aside, I like Chateau Mouton Rothschild.It is famous that the picture drawn in this wine etiquette is drawn by a different famous painter every year.When Alasar was passionate about wine, he collected etiquette every time he opened a new vintage.I have a habit of collecting things, so I tend to do things like this.

First party

I'm already satisfied with just the next party with DRC wine, but Mr. Saito ♪ has made a reservation for the meal.
This time, three bottles of sake, which is said to be a miracle, came out.Bordeaux's XNUMX big chateau wine too.No longer is the value of liquor locally hyperinflated.

I think it is better to set up such a seat with people who have no direct interest in each other.Half of the women are fierce enough to answer.The woman who accompanied Mr. Saito♪ was also a savage.It wasn't a rudimentary talk about an allowance dating, but they were showing off how they were working in different fields.

second party

Rion, Armand de Brignac, Perrier-Jouët, and Dom Pérignon flew about in the second party.
The second meeting is not a discussion meeting or anything.It was just an orgy.

Every time champagne is poured in, a champagne call is made and a commemorative photo is taken.Four bottles of champagne, the same as the number of women, four champagne calls and commemorative photos (laughs)
Being hit by our champagne call, other customers also started pouring champagne little by little.That's right, I felt nostalgic that this kind of store was like this.

I just made a lot of noise and played.

It's your bill.
This is where I learned about Saito-san's astonishing adjustment ability (laughs).
How is the billMr. Saito ♪ The second party of the columnis almost the same amount.
I should have taken a picture of the slip following Mr. Saito's column, but I forgot to take one.


Dissolution time XNUMX:XNUMX.
Cut out the dissolution in front of Bar*sk Tokyo.Ms. Saito vanished into Roppongi at night with her two female companions.Mr. Saito ♪ wemultiple playI wondered if it flowed into the world.
Speaking of multiple play, I sometimes invite a certain male member and multiple women to play multiple play.As mentioned in Saito-san's ♪ column, I think that a woman who leads the entire project is extremely valuable.

I will disband with Romanee-san and Marika-san.Marika-san and I get along well and have fun, but I know from normal conversation that our personalities won't match.I don't want to be awkward by having sex with my valuable club friends of the opposite sex.

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