5P (1 man, 4 women) at a city hotel

[How to spend time in the room]

Please see the previous column for the story so far.

It will be the third episode.
After saying goodbye to the guests from the dinner party, (Ms. Nanase is an amazing woman who has plans for the rest of her life...lol), 4 women and 5 of us will move.

During this time, couples and suspicious men and women walk hand in hand in hotel lobbies.
black women
"I'm not losing at all here."

He whispered devilishly as if he sensed my heart.

Even in the elevator, I think other customers could see us, wondering what it was.

When I got to my room,

"Tokyo Tower is beautiful"

"Roppongi Hills is beautiful"→ barely

"You can see the Sky Tree"→ barely

And the night view made a fuss.

Rather than doing 5P from now on, it seems to be just a girls' party.

It seems that only girls are playing.I started taking pictures.

I also hid in the shadows so as not to be reflected in the mirror.smile

We talked about allocating time in a lively place, and it was decided to take a shower early, but the black woman took the lead.

The shower room is quite large.

I was amused and looked into the room, but it was as awkward as if I was stuck in a women's college bathroom. 

So I lay on my bed and waited.

The unstoppable conversation of four women was the background music.

 [Difficulty in negotiating allowances and timing to hand over]

 Oh... your allowance!

I can't give them all at the same time.It will cause trouble!

On a whim, I called the gold lady who was supposed to come to the room for the first time from the shower room.

In the dim darkness, the woman I was talking to with Kyakka just now stood in front of me, dripping water on her bathrobe and body.

The gold woman was showing a luster that suddenly changed.

"I'm sorry. Actually, I was planning to have you go home with a meal, but I got involved. How much should I pay?"

gold women"Umm... at least ○○, but..."

I answered with a little hesitation.

Dating club men will have different views, but this answer gave me the feeling that "I want to keep this line, even if it doesn't last at this amount."

I myself felt it was a fair amount.

However, today is different.it's multiple.Information is always leaked.

When someone speaks to me out of nowhere, I lose my credibility.

"I'm very sorry. Actually, black women are ○○ and platinum women are ○○..."

I can't help but hide it, so I decided to speak honestly.

"I don't want to play until the end..."

I was satisfied with the content.

And when I gave it to her first, maybe because the amount was clear, she naturally got tongue-tied with each other.

In a dim room illuminated by the night view, in a separate room, the water droplets on her body were sparkling while I could hear the conversation of the three girls.

When I put my hand under the bathrobe that was about to fall off, it felt like it was about to start.

Suppressing her feelings, the black woman hid an envelope in her bag.

She basically puts a little on the desired line and gives it.

It's no surprise that I'm getting free advice from other women.

She's a smart woman, so she doesn't cause any trouble, and she leads the whole thing, so she actually makes me think that I have to ride a little more.

By the way, in the universe, she sometimes complains about her "strong setting" from men, but I definitely think that this woman is more than that.

Next, I handed over the standard female and the platinum female.

as a platinum woman

platinum women"How many other women are there? Please tell me so I won't get angry!"

said with a straight face.

It's a study group, so I guess they want to study, and they really wanted to know...

“The black woman was ○○, and she said she didn’t want a standard woman, but I didn’t like it, so I gave her a slightly lower amount than you.”

I couldn't see the complexion well in the dim light.

I decided not to think about what she was thinking.

Well, it's good that everyone took a shower and got on the bed,
I don't know what to do with everyone...

It seems that Standard and Gold are the first to have multiple versions.

When everyone is lost, black women always take the initiative and start.

When I started to hold it in my mouth, the women stared at me.

I explain what's going on in my mouth.

Next, platinum women, gold women, and all the women who follow have their own individuality, and I guess I've been taught by men until now.she smiled.

While doing it, the three women stare at each other and get involved.

If there were 4 of us, we would mess up whose chest, who was kissing, who was licking, and it would be obscene.

I'm not that kind of devil, so I had an adult relationship with a black woman.

She is the main character today.


 [Moving to the 3rd meeting]

 A quick end (laughs)

We all took a shower, changed clothes, and went to burlesque as requested by the women.

It seems that everyone was interested in Show Hub, but they didn't have the opportunity to go, so they requested it.

It's kind of like leading a school trip.

that?contains a line

"I've joined the universe ... tehehe lol"

Ayutthaya“Mr. Saito and Mr. Sommelier were very interested in joining us.”

Was Mr. Oshiro working while we were playing in his room? !smile

?If so, are you still around?

"I'm on my way to Ebisu station with Mr. Oshiro taking me."

"Then let's meet up now."

Because it was hot in the room, the cold outside was just right.

They take pictures with illuminations and have an atmosphere full of girls' associations.

I can't even imagine that I was doing 5P until a while ago.

Women are so amazing...

I was moving while thinking about various things.

It's Mr. Saito♪

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