Everyone understands Professor Y's dad life Thank you! ! "I quit the Universe Club."

1. I feel like I was dreaming

Hi! !

I've given up on Ora Universe.

No, it might come back to life again.

I think the last date was in January.

The girls say S, so I met them.

I was forced to buy a great bag.

My spirit is so strong again.

Ora's attacks don't work at all.

Well, even so, she's an S woman, a queen, and even if I've dated her for a little longer, she's still the same guy every time.

I thought that was boring.

On that day, I also loosened my hand.

Then, in the hotel elevator, when I handed him the piece of paper, he made a face like Frieza, and I saw him clicking his tongue behind his back.

At that time, the girls from the universe up until now were running around in my head, and I suddenly woke up.

2, into the dream

Goku is tired. . .

Speak normally.

And then you'll come to your senses, uh, uh, what was I doing?

Why did you do this, is it all a lie?


Among the people I met before, even though I am like this, there are people who still send me messages on LINE, which is an honor, but I'm full.

The year at Universe Club was like a dream.

I am the one who can be with a beautiful young woman.

Of course, there are plenty of people who want to have sex with young women in the end, and it can be said that there are only women who want to help with that.

There are various reasons, such as part-time job feeling at clubs that are not explicitly sex clubs, financial difficulties, and so on.

I also want to have sex, but that's not my goal.

But I couldn't ask a woman who was in financial trouble to take advantage of it, and I couldn't ask a person of my age to do so.

Only 8% of the women were given financial assistance, and they didn't even hold hands.

I lost to the remaining 2% ​​www

There must be people who think that such a guy shouldn't be here.

That's why I quit.

No one is really S when they say S.

A serious child leaves.

I woke up from the dream at the moment I was touched.

In fact, on this day, for the first time, I made help honest with my heart.

That's how much I trusted this woman.

But I was disappointed to see him click his tongue behind his back.

At the same time, presentations at international conferences overlapped. . .Why are you a scholar? . .There is also the fact that I have run out of time to write papers every day.

3, Still, Universe Club

I will continue to write columns.

The reason is that I became able to fall in love with the women I met here.

Please don't think that you're quitting just because you're doing something.

It's just recently.

So I don't think it was thrown away.

I might be deceived again www

I'll take a break for a while and start over again.

However, I want you to be careful, once you immerse yourself in the space of the Universe Club, your senses will become numb.

It's like an addictive drug.

A girl walking on the street, maybe this girl is also a club member?The more I think.

It's just that scary.

Girls will be happy to serve you for your money if the man is a gentleman and cool.

You can also discipline them.

Because you don't know about the world, you can change into the woman you think of because of financial circumstances.

It's not a problem of the forehead, I think that kind of feeling is paralyzed.

It looks like you are having a wonderful time with your idol.

That's why I don't think the Universe Club will disappear.

Also, it wouldn't be strange for me to come back anytime.

Mr. Pierre Taki is not someone else's problem.

You are already addicted.

women too

See you soon! !

I'll train even harder! !

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