A genius raised by a toxic parent

About seven years ago, in early summer, all the regular commuters got their periods, and I had a lot of free time to spare, so I went to a nearby hotel health clinic for the first time in several years.

My partner is a 19-year-old with an H cup, so I write H properly, and the road to the love hotel is quiet and dark. I'm sure you have a lot of bad feelings at work. I heard about it later, but it seemed like they were just forcing me to do it, so I couldn't refuse.

I didn't want to infect the commuter with the disease, so I refused to give her a blowjob, and instead of touching her vagina, I only touched her breasts and butt. Perhaps because she didn't force me to do the actual thing, she gradually started talking more cheerfully. Customers who only wanted a hand job were rare and may have stood out.

I went to the store twice because I was attracted to her chubby body type. The second time I gave her her contact information, she started making small talk every now and then. She was busy with regular work and didn't feel like going to the store anymore, so she sent him 5,000 yen via PayPay.

Four months later, in the fall, I received a LINE message from my girlfriend saying that she had lost her wallet. I've heard about her losing her wallet about 4 times in the last 10 years, but she usually lies to attract customers or money. I thought she was going to say it again, but it just so happened that she was free that day.
"I'll give you 10,000 yen. Will you eat?"
When I invited him, he responded enthusiastically and came enthusiastically.

When I asked him where to meet, he wrote down his home address and asked if I could come by car. She may be a purer child than I thought. I picked her up at the station right next door, which is closer to my house than the store, and we went to a quiet family restaurant.

I was forced to work because I couldn't pay my tuition fees. My parents used up all of my scholarship money. She grew up being beaten unreasonably by her father over trivial things, and she even has small scars on her face. He got cornered and his wrist is also a little bruised.
I was an idiot until the second year of middle school, but I didn't want to be in the living room, so I started studying in my room. She's not that beautiful, and if she continues like this, I can only see a hopeless future. She started going to school at 5 a.m. to study because she was beaten when she was at home. Her sympathetic homeroom teacher started accompanying her in her studies from 5 a.m. onwards. She is truly grateful to this teacher.

After studying for a year, when H-chan took the high school entrance exam, she came in first place in her grade by far. After all, I study for 10 hours a day outside of school. Due to my poor grades at the beginning of my third year of junior high school, I went to a public high school that was about the third highest in the area.

He continued his studies in high school. Since he is not the top high school student but the third highest student, he has remained at the top of his class for three years, an unprecedented feat in high school history. I couldn't rely on my parents to pay for my university tuition, so I worked part-time all the time to save money, but other than those hours, I would study until 2 a.m.
I don't have the money to go to cram school, so when I couldn't understand anything, I asked the teachers at school. Since the school started, the genius took notice of me and kindly taught me things. The rest was self-taught, and I didn't sleep until I understood it.

At this point, I was wondering if I could achieve a score of 79 (as good as Mayor Ashiya's) by studying on my own because I had a hard time studying in high school with a deviation score of 850. Even if you study all the time or read reference books, you won't understand what you don't understand. It seems that H-chan's father is not stupid. Many of his maternal relatives are highly educated. Like thoroughbreds, he probably had talent in his blood. Of course, it goes without saying that her efforts are the best.

I entered the third year of high school with an A grade in science at the University of Tokyo, but not only did I not receive any money for my tuition fees, nor for the cost of moving to Tokyo. Even if they manage to pay for their tuition with scholarships, they won't cover entrance fees or exam fees. On the contrary, her parents had used the savings she had accumulated through three years of part-time work.

Before taking the entrance exam, she managed to earn enough money to pay for the entrance exam and admission fee through a part-time job, and she gave up on Tokyo and went to a regular university that she could attend from home.
Then, he met me in his second year of university. Hotel health is already painful and painful.

Why can't I love such a talented and hardworking girl? I want to beat up the parents of H-chan's girlfriend, who is giving her up to a woman at a Filipino bar. can't believe it. I strongly told her not to see her again and to hide her bankbook. Her father and mother don't get along well either, and her mother's position is too weak to talk back. My father has a considerable annual income. Instead of spending money on his wife and daughter, he spends money like hot water on a woman in a Filipino bar.

It seems like her body and mind are starting to deteriorate, and she's thinking about dropping out, so I want to make her a full-fledged girl. The night I came home after hearing her story, Seattle cried as I remembered it.
Even if it's a made-up story, it doesn't matter, even if it means throwing away money. Isn't that all the money you've earned for times like this? If we make her a full-fledged person, she will surely contribute to Japan's GDP and contribute to society.
I decided to become H-chan's father.

There were many firsts for her. First time on a trip, first time in Hokkaido, first time on the Shinkansen, first time eating out properly for my girlfriend, first time picking strawberries for her, first time at an amusement park, first time traveling overseas.
I'm sure he's not just a healthy dad, but I think he was able to enjoy a lot of things in his father's place.

Below is the LINE that my girlfriend gave me when I was 20 years old and a third year university student.

***** Financial support is very helpful, but just knowing that there are people who have expectations for me is a great motivation, and it provides emotional support both when I study and when I look for a job.
It's not just money-related, I really respect Seattle-san and I'm learning a lot from him!
Although our relationship is a bit ambiguous, we are neither girlfriend nor daughter, but I love Seattle as a person.
I look forward to working with you. *****

It wasn't a mistake that I supported him. I'm very, very happy.

Two years later, I decided to lend him the rent for the apartment he had come to live alone, his tuition fees, the cost of short-term study abroad, the cost of a car to get to school, and how to invest.I decided to lend him all of the money as part of my promotion. The total amount was 727 million yen.
She obtained her real estate license at the age of 990, and even passed the more difficult real estate qualifications, and decided to pursue a career in real estate from among the many offers she had received. She also holds Eiken Level XNUMX and Chinese Language Level XNUMX qualifications (Level XNUMX is the most difficult level). She also has a perfect score of XNUMX on the TOEIC. She also has a lot of travel qualifications, like Ryoko Shinohara's dignity.

One day, I wanted to introduce my boyfriend, so he brought me to my house to say hello. Apparently, she agreed to confess on the condition that she doesn't stop being a dad with me. Without Seattle-san, I wouldn't be alive today, and it would be impossible for me to live even now, and I want you to acknowledge that with me.
"You and I will support H-chan. There is no other woman as talented as her."
The man and dad hit it off when they met for the first time, and a strange relationship continued. Something like this happens.

I had always said that he was the type of man I liked and that I could make him a househusband, and he was a kind man who fulfilled that condition.

She soon married him as a student. I want to get rid of her parents' (only token) support as soon as possible. I don't know how she feels. After she got married, she stopped having an adult relationship with H-chan. She always wore a silver, cheap, and thoughtful engagement ring.

I never told my toxic parents that I was married. He doesn't even teach the house. Her parents were cut off by her talented and wonderful daughter. She has no right to enjoy this with her parents.

22 years old, 4th year university student. Since I won't be transferred, I don't want to pay rent, so I want to buy a house.
Since I was a student and couldn't get a loan, I decided to lend him 4,000 million yen using my special promotion payment.

Now that H is 26 years old, what is going on now?

I have an energetic 3-year-old son who looks exactly like H-chan, who is about to go to kindergarten. Her husband is a stay-at-home dad and takes care of all the housework.
"H-chan, you don't do anything for me other than taking care of the cat and rabbit. I want you to listen to me talk about babysitting, but you say you're too noisy because you're tired from work. You sound like a power-harassing husband who doesn't care about the family."
Seattle is a shogi friend who listens to her boyfriend's complaints.

She quit her real estate job after two years and started a company that arranges real estate and imports for Chinese people. In the blink of an eye, she wanted to write that she had received 4,727 million yen back three times the value with interest, but that didn't happen, but she has already repaid nearly half of the loan in advance.
It is a big deal that the company has been running with a large surplus since the first year.

H-chan is physically weak. He often catches colds, and even though he is young, he has a stomach ulcer. If he had been a doctor, I think he would have collapsed during the rigorous training period.

What do you want to do in 10 years? When I asked,
``I would like to increase the amount of income-generating real estate I have and get to a state where I can live off the rent.My ideal would be Seattle.I would like to live a leisurely life surrounded by cats and rabbits.Then, would you like to take a trip to Guam without telling your husband? ”
Because. I'm sure you can list your stock if you put your mind to it. I think you'll be much richer than me.

For the rest of my life, I think it would be a good idea to meet three more girls like this, lend them money, and then die. My final goal before I die is to take 10 daddy girls on a trip to Okinawa at the same time.

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