Bloomers and sailor suit (not sailor suit and machine gun)

It has been a while.It's Oshiro!
I always keep in mind that impact is important in everything,
I made it a title and a picture like this!
As usual, the content is vulgar, but I hope you can get along with me a little.

bloomers and sailor suit

Brucella shops became popular when I was a teenager.
I can't go as far as dating, but
I wondered if I could sell underwear and loose socks.
It is an impression that high school girls used it.

I can't go as far as a lover who has a physical relationship,
I think it's a similar feeling that it would be nice if it was just a meal date.
I made a group inside and bought a lot of cheap underwear,
Let the child who is the leader put on underwear and make it used (stained),
There was also a clever way to sell it with a Polaroid attached.

The manager of the Brucella shop also seemed to acquiesce.

Human pattern

At that time, Oshiro was busy talking to women in the city from morning until night.
I saw various human patterns in such a way.
Working at a night shop to contribute to the host,
Because I want branded items, I do compensated dating on the telephone club,
There were various episodes, such as losing sight of myself and running into drugs.
I can't keep quiet and watch, so it may be a meddlesome,
It was also common for me to reach out to women and get them into trouble.


I will write only one episode that I remember.

Standing on Fire Street in Shibuya as usual,
When I was calling out, the legs of the woman who called out to me for the first time stopped unusually.

Oshiro: “Hello, is your sister a student?”


Oshiro: I'm advertising a beauty treatment salon, but could you help me with a little questionnaire?

Woman: "... (tearful eyes)"

Oshiro: What's wrong? Is there something you don't like?

Woman: “My boyfriend, who I was living with, had another woman, and he took all the money I had saved so hard…”

Oshiro: That's a terrible story...Does your sister have a place to go from now on?

Woman: "No, I'll do anything, so I want money right now."

Oshiro: I understand.

After all, she decided to work at the shop and became a popular lady,
Later, when I happened to meet him in the city, I was astonished at his completely changed appearance.
Wearing branded clothes, walking with about two guys, going to clubs every day.

She was from the Tohoku region and was a naive and non-sexy woman.
It's amazing how much has changed in just a few months.
He was a person who often appeared in magazines read by kogals.


On a different note, there have been many types of compensation for sex as times have changed.
Among them, the one that Oshiro couldn't understand was [Onami].
Men and women who met on SNS meet up and enter toilets in commercial facilities and parks.
You can get thousands of yen just by watching men masturbate.
I think it's a good story because it's just a look, but you need to be prepared for the risk.

Lower the hurdle at the entrance

Even if you don't have a physical relationship like this,
Some women say it's okay if it's up to here.
For example, hand reflexology, ear cleaning with knee pillows, body washing in the bath, etc.
(All of them have specialty stores, but...)
Keep the hurdles low at the beginning of the entrance, and gradually get used to it,
If you gradually raise it higher, there will surely be some women who will forgive your heart.
Recently, there is a boom in interviews that make mistresses prepared,
Oshiro thinks that there is a lot of fun in persuading a woman who is not prepared.

What I want to say in the end is that I didn't mean to
Even if you are a woman who thinks, if you step through the steps and gradually enter the other person's pocket,
Is it to say that the secret garden can bloom (lol)

Of course, it is necessary to give up and depart as we go through the stages, but...

Since the way of persuading differs depending on the type of woman,
I would be happy if you could give me a consultation!I can't give good advice (laughs).

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