How to have a long-term relationship with a woman who is a wonderful father Vol.2


Don't ask for everything from the beginning

Many men who become fathers sometimes mistakenly believe that women who are fathers will accept everything about them.

Not only that, but I've also heard of people making a lot of demands from the beginning and putting women in trouble, and I've actually done this to women as well.

For example, SEX is easy to understand.

Young women who are working as dads are basically doing it for the money.

Therefore, I think most women start out as fathers without fully understanding that each man has different tastes in the content of sex.

I think I'm basically normal, but even if I think I'm normal, my partner is a young woman.

There is sometimes a considerable difference between "adult sex" and "young women's idea of ​​sex."

Of course.

Since we adult men have information that young women with no sexual experience don't know, it's only natural that there should be a difference in opinion. (Of course, there are some exceptional women, but I will not mention them here.)

What would it be like if a much older man, even though he is a father, asked for play from a "young woman who has little sexual experience" based on his "own yardstick"? Of course, it goes without saying that it's shocking, and it can be said that it's a natural sight.

Moreover, there is a possibility that women may become ill.

I have a friend who is also a father.

The first thing he wanted from the woman he signed with Daddy Katsu was to play tied up.

I'm sure it's a normal play for people our age, but would you ask a young woman to do it and get her to accept it right away? That would be a good thing if the child had experienced such a play before.

Nowadays, ordinary young women are becoming fathers.

Therefore, not all women have a wide capacity for sexuality.

My friend was extremely dissatisfied with the content of the play with that girl, but I thought, ``Isn't the bar too high for young women?''

When it comes to sex, I don't seek out that weird play, but I'm currently under contract with several women.

And all the women I contract with say this in unison.

``Depending on the father, there are times when he wants you to play in such a way that it turns him off.''

A friend of mine actually told me about it, so I thought it made sense, but she also said that it was tiring for a young woman.

Honestly, I thought I'd reconsider it a bit.

When I say I want everything from a woman, it doesn't just mean sex.

For example, you need to be careful when going out with a woman.

There are many women who follow me wherever I want to go, and I'm sure they are paying attention to me.

In particular, people like me who love alcohol tend to choose restaurants that focus on alcohol.

Of course, I don't think there is a problem as long as women can drink alcohol as well.

However, there are surprisingly many young women these days who cannot drink alcohol.

That's exactly why 3% of the women I contract with cannot drink.

And most of these types of women say, ``I like seeing my daddy drinking.''

Also, I think there are many cases in which people say, ``I don't drink, but as long as the other person is drinking and enjoying it, it doesn't bother me.'' (I wonder if there are many men who have become fathers who have experienced this?)

However, please think carefully.

The woman who said that is the type who cares about men, right? In other words, isn't she a very "good woman" and most men would like to have a long-term contract with her and not let her go? I am.

So, what if you accept the other person's words and only go to bars that sell alcohol, even though they don't drink? As expected, women may also become tired.

She's a daddy, so the better she becomes, the more she'll let go of her own opinions and adjust to yours.

However, I think this is something that we need to be careful about when signing a long-term contract with a woman.

In particular, even though we are paying allowances, Dad's position.

Don't forget that you are an adult.

However, he forgets that part and only expresses his desire to drink, which attracts attention from women.

What if this relationship wasn't about daddy life? Isn't it okay to be seen as just a ``self-centered'' person who won't be accepted as a friend? So, does such "self-centeredness" apply to women who are working as fathers? If you say so, there may be a woman who will let you pass as long as you have the allowance.

However, as an adult man, don't you think he's asking too much of a young woman? And do you think an adult man who behaves like that can be in a long-term relationship with a young woman? I don't think so.

After all, even though he is a father, if he is going to be in a long-term relationship with a woman, he must have the capacity to listen to the woman's needs to some extent, even if it means suppressing the man's wishes to some extent.

Of course, I think that each man who has become a father has various ways of enjoying it.

What I'm talking about is just one way to feel good and have a long-lasting relationship with young women, and it doesn't work for all women.

However, I don't think many women who are working as fathers feel bad when a man asks them, ``○○-chan, are there any restaurants you'd like to visit?''

I have also developed the habit of asking women first.

Then, when I listen to the woman's request, saying, ``Dad, I'm interested in this store,'' the woman is very happy, and I also feel relieved.

That's why, if my father said, ``Let's go to a restaurant that he wants to go to,'' I would choose a restaurant that serves alcohol as usual.

Sometimes just the effort of asking a woman first can change her mood. (in a good way)

To be honest, this method basically applies to any woman, and I think there are very few women who would have a bad experience with it.

Isn't it cheap if just that one effort increases the possibility of a long-term relationship with a "young, wonderful woman"?

If there are any men who have not tried this method, please try it.

I'm sure the women who signed the contract will be happy.

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