Date Story #68 How to spend a girl's day date @ Natsuko Nagoya 2nd time

 Hello.Paparazzi.Once again, I was hit with a girl's day problem.However, I would be happy if you could refer to it as a way to spend time like this.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Natsuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: Student
  • Age: Early 20s

History of dating

 Last time, he scored his first goal in Nagoya.Before I started this activity, Nagoya was relatively close to me, so I had many opportunities to come here on business trips. When I said it, I came to the room, but I didn't reach the goal.In terms of activities, Natsuko is the third.The previous two made it to the room, but were unable to reach the goal due to various problems.In such a demonic land, Nagoya, he fulfilled his wish and faced the second time with Natsuko.

 In fact, it was decided quite a while ago that I would come to Nagoya again on this schedule.Therefore, the last time we met for the first time, we had already made a promise.It's been two weeks since we first met.I was wondering what the timing would be like. . . .

 "Sorry girl's day is here"

 That's what I'm talking about.I'm sure it will happen in time.However, this time it can't be helped because it's work.Of course, there was also the option of avoiding it, but is it good enough to meet him?I decided to meet him.

 Natsuko is young, and sometimes she can't keep up with the tension, but the way of thinking about activities is similar and the impression is not bad.To be honest, she has almost no sex appeal, but she was telling herself that it wouldn't matter much because she wouldn't be dating this time.

 On LINE on the day,

 "It's quite painful, so can I go by taxi?"

 If it's so hard, I don't have to force myself, but I also made arrangements to go to Nagoya to meet her.I can't even change my airline ticket now, and even if I don't have a so-called adult, I thought it would be nice if I could spend time on the road and talk about various activities this time.

what was the date

 She is different in many ways.That high tension is the same, but one of the features is that he dislikes restaurants.Apparently she doesn't like the buzz of restaurants and has the idea that she doesn't want to eat at restaurants as much as possible.It's the time of the corona misfortune, and if possible, I'd rather take the ingredients home and drink in my room, and it's also economically helpful.That's why I went shopping in front of Nagoya Station and went to the hotel to drink in my room.

 Even if I say room drinking, she rarely drinks, so the meeting between the two is indescribable and will be held in a hotel room, but for the time being, I decided to have the food I procured as a takeaway.There is no problem even if you take it home.We enjoyed it quite well.The conversation was quite lively.We talked about our thoughts on activities and the current situation.Dating without adults isn't that bad.However, when I think about it calmly, if I think that I will receive an allowance that is almost the same amount as the food and drink expenses just by eating together, I wonder what it means in terms of cost performance.This activity is really difficult around here because people's feelings are involved in how to use money.If you simply cut out only this time, you won't make this choice.After all, the value of this activity lies in the relationship between adults.However, considering that it will lead to the future, or rather that it will hold her heart together, this time's choice is probably not a bad one.However, it seems that he came from his house by taxi. . . .It's pretty impudent. . . .

By the end of the meal

 I bought all sorts of food, but even with that said, it doesn't come easy.Strangely enough, when there is nothing to eat, conversation tends to be interrupted.This is a hotel room.Even though it's still bright outside, you don't have to worry about other people's eyes.The moment the conversation breaks off and our eyes meet is the go signal.

 She doesn't seem to dislike it either.We've already confirmed that our personalities and ways of thinking match each other from the last time to this time, and the compatibility of the body doesn't seem to be bad from the previous experience.The degree of forgiveness is roughly proportional to the depth of the kiss.In that sense, I feel that there is no problem to some extent.

 I can't do it until the end today, but I decided to take off my top while I was flirting with various things from the kiss.It is said that she is always devoted to training and taking care of her body, and she has a young and beautiful skin.And the style is outstanding.Even if she can't do it to the end, she can worship this beautiful body and touch it freely, so her allowance COSPA turned into satisfaction at once. (easy)

 Somehow, we ended up spending as much time flirting as we did eating.She doesn't really have sex appeal, but her body is really beautiful.She had felt it last time, but this time she realized the greatness of being young again.

 If there is no end, it will be difficult to decide where it will end, but by gathering early, it was decided to disband early.The early meeting and early dissolution was a good time allocation for both of us.

Reflection of this time

  • After all, girls' day management is strictly
  • It might be better to cancel than using a taxi

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