Dad's Graduation

It's been about half a month since the new year started, but Ikeda is relaxing in the office without any change.
The coldness increases and decreases, and even in such weather, the teahouse is calming down, so I go to drink tea (Come to think of it, there was no first kettle this year).

Even during self-restraint, the pace of work will not slow down.
I wonder what happened to Hatsudai's cafe, is Kagurazaka's restaurant okay?And as usual, I'm more worried about my meal than my job.Ever since she was in college, her professor has been amazed at her, saying, "Ikeda is so particular about his meals that it's annoying."

From now on, we will have a busy season with Setsubun and Valentine's Day in February, and graduation, joining the company, and the end of the fiscal year in March.I've been thinking about writing it for a long time, but I'm going to force myself into this graduation season and write an article about "Graduation of Papa Katsu" this time. (That's an excuse, I just didn't have the energy to write until now lol)

has a deadline

I want money when I'm young.I believe that if you earn money when you are young and know how to make money, it will definitely become a virtue in your later life.
It's natural for salaried workers to increase their annual income based on seniority, but I want to break down that common sense.It's "now", not the future!I thinkIn order to support such a woman, I have registered with the club.

However, everyone ages, and lifestyles and jobs change.As a dad, I think it's important to let women become independent at a certain age, and I think dads should support women's dreams.I don't want to get old. . . . . . .
I myself have a strong sense of being an investor, and I think that I have become such a character, and there are probably many male members who do not agree with such an opinion.I'm sure there are opinions that such a thing would be beautiful.

In general, you will be able to see how you have grown in three years.I can't help but look forward to what kind of woman she will grow up to be and how she will go out into society.
There is an age-appropriate way to age, and I want women to know more about the world, improve their skills, become “cool women,” and eventually become a presence that drives the economy.
I write with rudeness, but nothing is more stupid than growing old in ignorance.Please forgive me for talking only about my dreams and spending my years without content.
Or rather, should I be careful?

female growth

I have been in a relationship with K-chan (early XNUMXs at the time) for several years now, and when I go on business trips, she follows me everywhere. I got it!" Whether it was a lie or not, they were on good terms.

After graduating from high school, it was a few years ago that I met her who moved to Tokyo from Kyushu to enter university.At that time, the big city of Tokyo seemed completely new to her.She was a girl who often talked about her dreams, and she was always a cheerful girl who said, "It's okay to fail!"

I dated her as a dad for about two years, taught her how to move money (I don't know if my teaching was correct), and learned how to live alone.She held a position in a certain company and became a respectable investor as she juggled her side business.I think she has grown a lot in her dining manners, how to play in the city, how to choose shops, and how to get along with men.

At that time, I suddenly thought, "I wonder if this child's daddy has already graduated."

I thought that this girl had learned how to live on her own, and that she had become an "adult woman" who would continue to play an active role in society.

One day, he invited me to go to Hawaii.Graduation trip
Well, she must have sensed her feelings somehow.
After having a good time, put a word of "Congratulations" and "Congratulations" in a bag and give it as a gift.
The appearance of her leaving without even crying at the time of parting and saying “See you later!” was truly a “cool woman”.

After that, I haven't kept in touch with him, and now I'm sure he's active in various situations.
Although she doesn't appear on TV, you can see her comments and photos in magazines.

How it ends is also important

Even dads who have long-term contracts will break up someday at the longest.I think.That's why I think it's important to have the attitude of watching over women "to the end" as long as you're a daddy.
That said, I also had a terrible breakup.

Two years ago, when I went abroad for work, I canceled my Japanese cell phone without saying anything when I said goodbye, so I lost contact with him.I regret that I did something terrible.
Reflecting on it, I'm still not "strong and new game", but I'm working in the universe again in search of a wonderful woman.

By the way, how long have you been working as a dad for the longest?be on one's mind.
In my case, I think the time to graduate will come in about three to five years.Also, am I the only one who cares about how to break up?maybe
It may not be necessary to be particular about how to break up like this (I still have no confidence in the direction I'm going in 2021 lol)

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