[extra!! ️ I found an aphrodisiac] If you don't date online, you're an idiot...

Today (this is the date I'm writing), April 4rd, on the blog of representative Kida

"If you don't date online, you're an idiot. 』

And the beginning writing begins.

An online addict who made 3 online offers in 18 daysKouki.

I nod.

I nod over and over again.

I strongly, strongly agree. 

Exactly, Exactly Yes!

Kida's blog continued

"I know.I know what you mean very well.

In a room with no good food, no alcohol, and no atmosphere, I wondered why I was so sad that I didn't want to look at my smartphone and talk.

"Nice to meet you, what are your hobbies?"

I wondered if it was possible to bargain with "Do you have time after this?"

That's not what an uncle in Minato Ward should do.

I know how you feel, but maybe youIsn't it the system that snapped the flip phone until the end?

Somehow I don't like smartphones, so I say something like that

The point is, I don't have the courage to try new things.

Ask a familiar waiter for wine at an expensive restaurant in a BenzIf you don't, you can't talk to women. 』

And it is beautifully tightened.

But what about actual online dating?

Do you have any resistance?

Actually, I am a paper plane,To be honest, I didn't want to write too much, but when the corona shock becomes so big,

Also, looking at Mr. Fukunaga's blog,When I hear that online usage is less than I thought

Online appreciation for not turning ass to Universe in last columnAs I, who wrote the thought ofI would like to help you even just a little.

I want Mr. Universe to continue to prosper for my own ten years and beyond.It is my sincere hope that


Here, I would like to introduce myself briefly.

A self-proclaimed love sex explorer.

No drinking, smoking, gambling, or golf.

Without looking at these, the energy is just,Keep pouring in love for women earnestly.

The theme is "eternal love"

So basically, there is almost no parting


Spread love that lasts until death.

Currently, the woman is still alive and active until the eighth generation, and the frequency of meeting varies.

Recently, the XNUMXth generation is trying to manage it by naming it "Ooku" without permission.

The second and third generations don't even know if there are other girlfriends.

I tell the young girlfriends after the fourth generation that they are here.

Passion for women,
The amount of tax I have paid so far is about to reach 10 digits soon.る…

My passion for women is about half that...

Now the XNUMXth generation who has become a master has trained karaoke,Despite being super tone-deaf, he overcame his weak points

Use "suddenly karaoke date" as a weapon.

The songs they sing are "Lemon", "Pretender", and "Yesterd".ay" and pretends to be young.

He is also good at driving dates, and makes short encounters for once-in-a-lifetime chances.

If you talk for 5 minutes with the instant skill that won't miss the once-in-a-lifetime chance, she will be infected.

No, it's not, (^^;;

If you talk for 5 minutes, you can bring it on a date and become her

Zetsu who reigned at the top of the industry that the column writer wrote that he would goWorld's most beautiful Mai-chanI used to go out with Mai-chan, but I got a chance to meet Mai-chan, and I experienced a romance that will be the best memory of my life.

Last year, with Mai-chan's retirement from the industry, that love ended.

The best encounter I've ever met (appearance-wise)

A woman who thought so.

However, she became a memorable woman.

The type that women can't leave,It was a big shock for a paper plane who didn't know how to say goodbye...

Is this the first time in 30 years?broken heart

Pokkali, there's a hole

A lonely space has been created,,

At that time,A beautiful woman who looks like Yuko Araki in the same industry who is dating another person is datingI told you that I joined the music club

What the hell is that? ?

club? ?suspicious? ?

pay? ?

eh,Can you pay money and meet such a beautiful woman like Tacchan?

Eh, are you serious?

Are you lying? ? ?such a thing? ?

But, as Tatchan said,I have no doubt that we will meet.

So, let's see what it's like, without telling Ta-chan,I started searching for clubs.

And hit the universe.

I didn't ask which club it was, but apparently there are many dating clubs.

I didn't understand it well, but there is a fact that there is a child like Tacchan

Yay!without hesitation

First of all, I entered the universe to enter for the time being.

At that time, she was already the XNUMXth generation, so there was no particular need for the number of people...


The shock of my broken heart with Mai-chan hadn't healed.

So when you enter the club, the space

I was trying to fill a big hole.

I have a very calm expression and personality

It's strange to say it myself, but it's gentle and kind 

Serious looking type

the voice sounds really good

In the past, I hated it and couldn't help it...

Your voice is calm and gentle

the skin looks beautiful

Would you be more comfortable if you weren't handsome?

It seems that there is also a sense of security

So what a perfect daddy in the club

I thought so.

Arafif is just right for age

If you don't use up your life, time and money,It's time to shift.

It's something you have to enjoy,This means a change in priorities in terms of how we spend our time and money.

That's how the activities in the universe began.

What is an aphrodisiac?

back to online 

The online fruit effect is already an aphrodisiac.

eh?What is that?don't you understand? ? ?

If you are that kind of person, just think that you have been deceived and try online dating!

I have to do it, I don't know.

Honestly, it's a loss if you don't do it.

Even if something is delicious, if you don't eat it, you won't be able to taste it.

What the heck is an aphrodisiac?What is it? ?

In other words, when we met on the first date, it had the effect of making me drink an aphrodisiac.

Lie?Really? ?You think I'm kidding, right?

To tell the truth, it's already far from an aphrodisiac

The state where the foreplay is over,,,

Are you lying?

no, but

It's a state where plenty of foreplay is working,,,

Until foreplay?

yeah?Foreplay? ?

This is amazing! ! !

Encounters like I wrote in my first and second columns

Unless you're probably online dating,I don't think it would have blended in.  

I may have missed it,

Don't miss a precious encounter with one or two people in your life,The only thing that caught my attention was online dating.

Online, we already knew each other before we met

Maybe my heart was broken,

Because it already had a lot of aphrodisiac effect

So, as if we were playing foreplay with each other, and with a thrill that I have never experienced in my life, I already heard the voice, saw the face,They also confirmed their facial expressions realistically.

That's why.

Can you get past the aphrodisiac and even do some clever foreplay? ?

Let's date online!

Let me explain a little bit about that online dating scene.

Smoothly exchanging contact information, switching to the phone and the voice is close

[Very close! ]

seems to be right next door

A phone is good too!
(Usually, I don't call her anymore)

so it's easy to talk

talk about anything

Requests for allowances are also heard in advance

> "Do you have time after this?" bargaining

>I wonder if I can't do it.

"Do you have time after this?"

"Eh? After this? Ah, I don't have any plans!"

(Ooooh, what a good boy!)

“Would you like to go to ◯◯◯◯ after this?”

"Eh, from now on?"


Let's invite on the day without prior consultation or pre-swinging!Let's listen!

With a high probability, you can go on a date as it is.

A child who can meet immediately as it is is easier to progress and continue

That's right.

And, "Suddenly!!" is more surprising for women! I'm happy with ️!! ️

And you can even give your allowance!

Since we met online once, it was easy to hit it off right away.

If you ask online, "Are you okay with this face?"


"He's handsome! He looks kind!"

(Actually, I've never been told that, so it's different)come.

Even if it's flattering, I'm happy!
(I don't usually say it, so I'm happy lol)

Once you meet face-to-face, it's safe to meet.

Humans have physical appearances that don't suit everyone.

So if it's a setting date, I'm worried that you might think so.
(The woman has never even seen a picture of this face)

Once I get to know him, that worry is considerably relieved, and I feel a little relieved.

Then, we can meet on that day, and even if we can't meet, if we don't mind,The promise of the date of the date can be done smoothly.

Now is the time!

And the closing of Mr. Kida's blog

"And now, an ordinary beauty who has never joined a date club before.OLs and CAs are coming to register one after another.

She is a "normally beautiful woman", which is very rare in the industry.There are restrictions on going to work and there is no money.But I can't because the bar in the nightclub is also closed.That's why.
I don't think such a chance will come even if I wait another 500 years. 』

That's right!

Now, this timing! !

The number of women's re-uploads in the last few days is a tremendous number.

It seems that there are many new ones.

Also, I feel that the beauty rate is higher than usual!

In addition, both continuing women and new women are in trouble.


The number of such women is increasing.

Stocks are also a once-in-a-lifetime chance

Online date ️ too!

This month seems to be the time.

After seeing the blogs of representative Kida and Mr. Fukunaga,I wrote about online.

online dating is usedI hope that you will have more meaningful encounters.

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