Dating memoir #2 2nd time in Osaka


Osaka dating report

Hello.Paparazzi.Today I will report on my second Osaka date.How did you find a woman, what kind of date was it, how was the result?

about the other woman

SPEC of the other woman

  • Name: Kuuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Standard
  • Type: C.
  • Age: Late 20s
  • Occupation: Salesperson

first impression

  • Appearance, Appearance: I felt that she was more beautiful than the web.
  • Personality: Quiet, but the feeling that the conversation will continue

The story leading up to the date

 Well, the first date was a success for me, but I wanted to carry out a nationwide date, which was my purpose for a long time.At that time, I happened to be on a business trip to Osaka at the right time, so I decided to search for women in Osaka first.This is a place where I can't say anything because I have a personal feeling, but I personally think that the average facial deviation value for women is higher in Osaka than in Tokyo.And what I felt while searching was that the GOLD class was better than the STANDARD.It's a matter of course, but I feel like I've realized it.

 At this stage, I somehow felt the limits of the STANDARD class.However, since I've only started dating once, I thought it was too early to rank up, so I decided to look for the STANDARD class for the time being, just like last time.At the same time, I would add women who I thought would be good to my favorites regardless of their class.

 Finally I got my eye on one woman.I don't quite understand why she's a standard.It doesn't look bad, and it might even be in the cute category.Of course, I checked the video as well.It doesn't seem like a problem.I tried to make an offer to her, but unfortunately she said, "The schedule doesn't match."Certainly, I'm going on a business trip, so the time is quite pinpointed.It goes without saying that women have their own lifestyles, and I thought it was almost a miracle that it would suit my business trip.

 So, I will try to make an offer to another woman.And the one who matched the schedule was a woman in her late twenties living in the suburbs of Osaka.She has experience living abroad, so it would be fun if she could talk about foreign countries, and her looks are cute.After all, she reconfirmed that the level in Osaka was higher.She was able to meet the woman during her business trip.She paid her referral fee and was able to get her first date.

Advance preparation

 This time I'm just going on a business trip, so I didn't make any special preparations.Speaking of advance preparation, it would be advance preparation to see the other woman's profile and videos.For the time being, keep your background in mind, such as your occupation and overseas life.Then choose a store.This is a lot of work, but surprisingly fun.I thought a lot about it, but since I was living abroad, I made a reservation for a Southeast Asian restaurant.I thought it would be good to talk about this too.All that was left was to prepare souvenirs and allowances for the day.

and date

First impressions etc.

 During the day, I finish my work in Osaka and wait for night.Both hotels and restaurants are located in the Umeda area, so transportation is convenient.It should have been, but sadly I don't know where the ATM is.When I was looking into various things, the time passed, and in the end I was about 5 minutes late.Here too, I had a habit of being late.

 Kuuko was waiting at the storefront.From the photos on the website, I could see that she had white, translucent skin even through the mask.She naturally apologizes for being late and she says, "Well, let's go into the store."Her first impression was, "Cute. Definitely better than the photo," she thought.She has a relatively quiet personality, but the conversation seems to continue without any problems.

 Let's start with a simple personal story.After all, there is nothing we can do if we don't know each other, so we introduce each other's places of residence and careers so far.She seems to have lived abroad for a long time, and now she lives in the neighborhood of Osaka, but that doesn't mean she's local either.If anything, overseas is probably more local.

 Even so, the effect of souvenirs is outstanding. He said, "It makes me happy," but honestly, I'm not sure how people would be so happy with a candy that costs about XNUMX yen.It's just a good thing to be happy, so I'm going to continue.

 As for the conversation, we both had overseas experiences, so we were able to spend an interesting and meaningful time talking about foreign countries.After all, I once again realize that it is strong to have a common topic and a common genre.After that, we introduced each other's motives and purposes for joining.

a problem occured!

 But I made one mistake here.Yes, it's the pacing.I realize that I didn't tell the store about the pace distribution in advance.The food is strangely slow to come out. . .

 There are many kinds of restaurants, but there are restaurants that know how to deal with a man and a woman on a date, and others that don't.If anything, there are more shops that don't know.Therefore, it is better to inform the store about the operation of the day, especially the type of seat (counter, L-shaped) and time allocation before entering the store on the day.If you don't do that, the restaurant doesn't mean anything bad, but a tragedy awaits you, such as being changed to a private room (face-to-face seat) without permission because of the thankful (annoying) feeling of ``I want you to relax in a large seat.''

 Pacing is especially important.If you order a course meal, depending on the restaurant, it is common that the next dish will not come out at all.Of course, there are various factors such as how crowded the store is, but no matter how you look at it, the store is empty due to the corona disaster. Is it a manifestation of the feeling that "I want you to enjoy your meal slowly"?To be honest, this is also a good thing, but it can be annoying, so it's better to tell them clearly in advance.This store was surprisingly spacious and the time passed quickly.Of course, one of the reasons was that our conversation was lively.

 In the end, two hours had already passed, and as a result, I had no choice but to pay in a hurry.You really have to be careful with this "pacing", especially if you gather late.

Now it's the end of the meal. . . .

 And during that checkout (the checkout is late this time I mustered up the courage to ask at the store.

"What about after this?"

she is smilingShe had a hunch that she could do this.

I'm not used to it yet, so I brought up the topic of money here.

"Should we talk about money first?"

her reply

"How are you doing?"

"Is it about as long as you can't use one hand?"

"Then that's fine."

I received an OK very quickly.I spent a lot of time eating, but I'm glad I stayed near the restaurant.From there it was easy to get to the hotel.In this way, the first business trip date ended successfully, and they were immersed in the afterglow of success while watching the night view of Osaka.

This store

  • Bali Relax The Garden Osaka Umeda
  • Osaka Maru Building 1F, 9-20-3 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
  • URL:

 The atmosphere is full of overseas feeling, and the lighting is not too bright.The taste of the dish is neither good nor bad.There weren't any exquisite dishes worth mentioning, but I don't feel like I'm losing.This timeplatinum gourmetcourse.Perhaps because the atmosphere of the store is Balinese, the staff were relatively relaxed and the time allocation seemed to be rather late.I think it would be better to tell in advance that you want to leave the store by ○ o'clock.

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