Episode 18: Shopping with L-sama is swayed...

Until last time~


 Makoto Terada, a pen name because he looks like Kokoro Terada, a 31-year-old little boy who is not popular, hits the gate of Universe and challenges dad activities!Mr. L, a blond part-time jobber, was angry at the sparse replies, but he decided to go on a date with Yokohama for the time being.



 After visiting Yokohama Hammerhead and Red Brick Warehouse while taking pictures together, Mr. L


"Is there something you want to talk about slowly?"


and led me to the bench.



(This has happened before, and I wonder if they will ask me something again this time...)


I sat on the bench with her, wondering.



 What was cut out from Mr. L,,,

“I would like to borrow two allowances in advance.”



 (Huh? Even though it's the second time we've met today, are you asking me to do that?)



 I was silent for a while after receiving such an embarrassing request, but I told her.



"Even if I pay in advance and make another appointment, I'm afraid that the money will be taken away with me."



 Without delay, Mr. L


 "Absolutely not! Absolutely not!,,, Absolutely not!!"

 It has been said.



(Who can believe such words...)



 I really thought about it, but in the end, I agreed to Mr. L's request and decided to give him two allowances as an advance payment.



 At that time, I didn't bring enough money for the second time, so I decided to find an ATM and withdraw the money.


 After withdrawing money from the ATM, I hesitated to give her a large amount of money, but finally gave it to her...



 Mr. L also seemed to be sorry about the advance payment,

"Is there a hotel around Yokohama? Do you want to go to a hotel?"

 It seemed that she was actively inviting me.



 However, when we were discussing it from the beginning, it was said that when we went on a date in Yokohama, we would simply enjoy the date without having any physical activity, and that's part of the reason why I had a solid "nude" the night before. Lol, that day I didn't do any physical activity and only went on a date.



 After that, I was really worried that the money I lent in advance would be taken away, but Mr. L met me normally without such a thing.

 Also, since we both love Disney, we had a lively conversation, so we decided to go to Disney this time!



 "When you go to Disney, let's wear matching clothes and go with a pair outfit or a similar outfit ♫"

 L-sama suggested that, and for our next date, we decided to go shopping in Shinjuku and buy clothes for Disney!



 (However, I'm going to buy clothes for both of us, including hers... What if I have to arrange the top and bottom clothes and accessories... I want to keep my expenses to a minimum lol)

 With that thought in my heart, I went on a shopping date in Shinjuku.



 Mr. L also appeared at the meeting place at Shinjuku station and went to a nearby department store!


 Mr. L said that he works part-time in the apparel business, so he guided me to each store with the momentum of saying, "Leave it to me."

 “This one is nice too…it might be cold in winter.

 I couldn't quite decide, and I decided to leave the department store.



 (Hmm, I don't really care about clothes, so anything is fine, preferably cheap...lol)


 While thinking that, I went to a fast fashion store and the next department store and entered various stores, but L-sama said, "Something's wrong..." and "This is kind of lame." There was no.



 As for my image for this Shinjuku date, I was expecting something like shopping first, deciding on clothes, then going to the hotel to work on my body... but to go to the hotel Time was running out.

 I decided to ask her.



 “How are you going to spend your time today…? I was planning to buy some clothes, have dinner, and then go to the hotel and spend some time relaxing…”



 Then, after Mr. L was silent for a while,


 “…I wonder if the hotel is still open. Where is it nearby?”

He said in a fast-talking manner.


 He said that in an angry way, so I didn't feel like going there, and in order to appease Mr. L, I told him,


 "I don't mind just buying clothes today..."


 Then Mr. L


 "I'm sorry, but can I just buy clothes for today? Since I'm going to Disney, I really don't want to compromise, since Makoto-san's choice of clothes is really good..."

 It has been said.



 I was happy to see Mr. L's passion, but I thought he was too particular about it, and I really thought that cheap fast fashion clothes would be fine.



 Then I started looking for clothes again, and looked around the shops around Shinjuku Station, so many different shops, but in the end I couldn't decide on the clothes lol.



 However, when Mr. L saw the men's white down-like outerwear at ZARA,


 "This is really good! This suits Mr. Makoto! I think Mr. Makoto likes this!!"


 I recommended.



 The price is 1 yen.It's a normal outerwear that I don't know what attracted me to it.

 I thought so, but I was worried that if I didn't buy this, I would have to shop again next time.



 However, Mr. L's own clothes have not been decided yet! !I'll tell you what kind of clothes I bought in the next column!

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