Club Activities for Adults [Don't show off at interviews-You've already been caught! ! ~]

Let's go to the interview venue

The initial interview appointment wasDue to my poor physical condition, which can be said to be summer fatigue,The day before, I had to ask for a reschedule,I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused to the staff.


The meeting on the day was at the entrance of a city hotel in Tokyo.

After arrival, contact the mobile phone number provided in advance.

I said, "I will take care of you.I'm Seikou Uyokumin, who has an appointment for an interview. ”

Staff: "I've been waiting for you. Now,Are you the one at the entrance wearing a navy blue polo shirt? ”


From the sofa seat at the entrance,A plump young man stood up and walked towards me.

Staff: "Hello,Thank you for your hard work in the heat. ”


The young man's wonderful smile was the "tension" and "It was enough to remove anxiety.

If you think about it carefully, when you let me know the meeting place,At the hotel entrance where there are many people,It was clear that there was no need to be intimidated by the interviewer.


After a brief greeting at the entrance, we moved to the hotel lounge,I had an interview.

the interview had already started

I said, "The other day,I apologize for suddenly canceling my appointment.Moreover, I was able to reschedule according to my wishes. ”

Staff: “No, no, we were able to contact you in advance, soThe fact that the people who read Haruko and Ume are the right people,I also knew this beforehand.Are you feeling better than that? ”


The polite words of the staff made me feel a little better.

yeah?wait a minute?

I was worried about the staff's words.

"The fact that the people who read Haruko and Ume are the right people,I also knew this beforehand. ”


Looking back on this, from prior exchanges, e-mail texts, etc.,Seeing my personality...

Furthermore, the text of the inquiry,The choice of words had already been seen.


Come to think of it, at work I alsoWe value first impressions,It is natural to judge whether a person can be trusted or not.

After all, peopleThe attitude taken when the relationship between each other is not built isBecause you can see the personality of the person.


For the staff whose face you can't see,People who behave inconsideratelyHe must show the same side to women.


I'm usually careful when it comes to work, but like this time, "When placed in the position of "customer",It makes me uneasy when I think about how much sincerity I was able to respond naturally.


I looked back on the conversations we had so far,Considering the experience of the staff who have interviewed many members,A person like me, even if it's just a matter of fixing it up now,I thought that I must have an idea of ​​what type of person he was,In this interview, without overstretching, without lying,I decided to answer honestly.

Choose your class carefully

I thought they would ask me a lot of questions, but they exchanged business cards,Just a little question about ID confirmation and occupation,


"Where did you hear about the Universe Club?"

"Why did you choose the Universe Club?"


There were no deep questions such as,Explanation of the system from the staff and filling out the admission procedure documents are mainlyoccupied time.

The most time-consumingConsidering the club name to be written in the profile and the occupation column.


In my daily life, I had no connection with my stage name or Genmei.Even if I was told to give myself a new name,I had a hard time coming up with it.

This time, I used anagrams of the names of my favorite athletes.It takes time to come up with the idea, and until the end of the document entry,carried over.


if,I think that those who are going to be interviewed for admission should think about it in advance.You.

As for my occupation, because I have multiple jobs,The reason is that I was at a loss as to which one to write.

According to the staff at that time, "IT"There are many women who are unexpectedly shunned by the word...


On the other hand, what I didn't spend much time on wasSelect your membership class.

Universe Club includes Standard, Gold,There are four classes, Platinum and Black.In my case, Gold orI was thinking of either Platinum.


I received an explanation that I can upgrade the class later for an additional fee.,Choosing a lower class with a slight amount difference is also unsightly,This time I chose Platinum as recommended.

However, when I carefully looked at the member site after joining,My favorite cute and naive type is, rather than Platinum,Isn't there a lot of gold! !


It's all up to you, soI don't know until I see the member site after joining.

Class up after joining!
It's a better stem than I thought, so please take advantage of it.

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