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≪Part XNUMX≫ What is the ○○ power necessary for a dad active girl?

Hello everyone

Isn't there a lot of people who have started a new life in April?

I think that there are probably some people who want to make a debut as a dad, so
today i think"○○ power necessary for dad active girls"I would like to write about.

Actually, I had several wonderful encounters in quick succession since last summer.
To be honest, I met a high-spec man with strict conditions, and moreover, outside the club.
For example, played by Richard Gere in the movie Pretty Woman
He is such a nice man like businessman Edward.
I am in a good relationship with that man, and I am living a happy life.

"Why was I, an ordinary Arasa girl, able to capture such a wonderful man?"
The result of thinking about it suddenly leads to the contents of this column.

Now let's talk about ○○ force.

≪Acting skills that make a good first impression»

I'm sure many of you have heard or seen
It was published by the famous psychologist Albert Mehrabian.
According to the psychology law "Mehrabian law", in communication between people,
7% verbal information, 38% auditory information, 55% visual informationis said to affect the weight of

What you say as words only affects 7%.
Rather, I think we should make good use of visual information, which accounts for more than half, or 55%.

Since this is a column in a dating club, let's assume a dad activity situation.

On the first date after receiving an offer from a male member,
Because men look at women's profiles and make offers
In most cases, you have an idea of ​​your appearance and personality, but
I think most women have little or almost no such information.

"What kind of people will come?"
"I hope I'm not bald and fat."

What an anxiety I come to the appointment.
Isn't that anxiety on your face as it is?

In a world where being late is said to be bad manners,
You should be at the meeting point 5-10 minutes before.
It's not the meeting time yet, but I'm already at the place For those few minutes,
You may be seen by the other man.

The date starts from the moment you arrive at the meeting place.
Don't think that "it's not time yet"
Let's switch the daddy switch to ON from the moment we arrive.

Stand up (sitting) with your back straight,
With a dignified feeling like "I'm a beauty that everyone recognizes"
Isn't it better to wait for the meeting time?

That way, at the moment of joining,
The impression your partner has of you is bound to be a positive one.

It's okay, you acted a little.
(Of course, big lies are not good.)

"What a lovely lady"
"I want to see you again"

Because it is the world of Nambo when you think so.Right?

≪Observation and questioning skills that do not miss a small amount of information≫

It's the first date that we met like this,
I think most of the cases will be disbanded within 4 hours according to the rules of the club.

Even if we divide our time fairly to share information with each other,
Listening to others and talking about yourselfonly two hoursIt will be said.

Well, how much information can you get in those two hours?
I think that the information you want to obtain on the first date is roughly the following.

・Name, age, and living area
・What kind of work do you do?
・Conditions for dating
・ What you like and dislike, such as hobbies and interests

But it doesn't mean that the other person will speak well.

Not to miss any information,
Observation skills are required to see clothes, belongings, facial expressions, etc.

Whatever it is, just observe it and ask questions about it.

For example, if the other party's clothes are simple,
“Simple and fashionable, do you like simple style?”
On the contrary, if it was a branded product that everyone knows
“That clothes are from 〇〇, do you often shop at 〇〇?”

It is good to keep in mind the set of "praise + question".
If you just praise it, it seems like you're selling flattery,
If you just ask a question, you will be bombarded with questions that you do not understand.
When men think like that, they start thinking, "Why?"
My mind turns to the direction of the day after tomorrow.
You may not be able to answer well before long, or you may be bombarded with questions.

If you do, it will be a disappointing date that you will be tired of listening and talking for 4 hours.

No matter what the opponent is, the first time will end in 4 hours.
First of all, let's take an interest in the man in front of you for 4 hours.
It might turn out to be surprisingly fun.

≪Research ability and memo ability to dig deep into information≫

By the way, when you came back from your first date, you had a certain amount of information.
How will you use that information?

It would be a waste if you just listened to it!
Use that information to get more information.
Also, keep a record so you don't forget.

If you have time to complain on the way home from a date, "I was a XX person today too",
First of all, you should leave a note while looking back on today's date.
There is no need to prepare a separate notepad or template.
A note-taking function on your smartphone will suffice.

・ Appearance image such as name, age, height and weight
・Date, time and place to meet
・Why did you choose me?
・Things I like/dislike
・ What kind of dad life have you been doing so far … etc.

I think some people will give you a business card.
In that case, I always do an internet search.
What kind of company do you hold a position in?
If you are a manager, you can read the person's way of thinking from the management philosophy.

Information is an asset with value equal to or greater than cash.
Just earning (getting information) will disappear someday, so
The key to success is to have them work (utilize) like asset management.

So far, I have told you about three major powers.
It's been a long time, so I'm going to continue to the second part.

You can see the second part here.


I will write about how Arasa Papa Katsu Girls met a wonderful man, tips and things to keep in mind to succeed not only in Daddy activities but also in private life.I hope that my article will enrich someone's life as a father and eventually as a woman.

Article by Kazuha

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