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A story about a woman who is working as a father

Why are all PJs working as dads?

Use it to pay your tuition fees, add to your living expenses, pay off your debts, have things you want, want to have luxuries, etc.

For many people, the main purpose of working as a father is money.

Of course, some women who are working as fathers may have reasons other than money, such as wanting stimulation or expanding their network.

This column is about a woman who is working as a father.

Why is she active as a father?

In fact, she may not even know.


It has been over 20 years since my ex-husband and I divorced.

Since my divorce, I have worked full-time and my ex-husband also pays me monthly living expenses.

We didn't break up because we hated each other, so we talk on the phone and our children go out to eat together.

I married my ex-husband when we were in our 20s.

We first met when I was walking alone in the city when someone asked me about my shop.

My first impression was of an old man standing next to me wearing a jersey.

“Do you know a restaurant called ◯◯?”

"Sorry, I don't know."

"This restaurant has a reputation for delicious food."

"I don't come to the city much, so I don't know much about it. I'm sorry."

“It seems like it’s near here.”

"do not understand"

“It’s close so let’s go.”


It was a pick-up (-_-;)

I didn't go to the restaurant, but he kept asking for my contact information, so I gave in and gave it to him.

At this time, I was in my 20s, but the only relationship I ever had was with a boy who confessed to me when I was in high school and we rode our bikes home from school together.

I was naive and naive.

My ex-husband tried to have sex with me from the first date and I was shocked.

I cried and refused, saying, ``I can't do that until I've been dating someone I really like for about three months.''

I seriously thought so.

My ex-husband was surprised to find out I was a virgin.

From then on, he took good care of me and came to pick me up after work almost every day to see me.

In the end, after about a month, we had sex in my ex-husband's small apartment.

When it comes to sex with your ex-husband, just let it in.
There's very little foreplay.

I never thought it felt good, but since I only knew my ex-husband, I thought that's what sex is like.

We got married after dating for about 3 years.

I decided to marry my ex-husband because I thought that even if a major disaster or war were to occur, he would be able to provide for my family even if he had to run a food stall.

He was an amazing person in many ways, with extraordinary energy and vitality.

I still respect him.

The company was small when we met, but it has grown rapidly.

They had a child and lived a normal and happy married life.

However, they divorced within a few years.

There were good reasons for breaking up.

My ex-husband remarried soon after (currently living separately from his wife and children).

My ex-husband invited me to eat the other day.

A certain Chinese restaurant.

My ex-husband ordered a large serving of gyoza with plenty of garlic, double-pot meat, sweet and sour pork, and rice.
Great appetite.
I ate ramen.

"You haven't changed at all."

"You look as energetic as ever."

After we finished eating, I was taken home to attend to some business.

The house my ex-husband currently lives in is a mansion with no idea how many rooms it has.

When I entered the room, I placed the sealed bundle of bills on the desk.

"Congratulations on my daughter's graduation from college. I'll keep it. If you have a photo from the graduation ceremony, please show me."

When I showed her a photo of my daughter in a hakama on her smartphone, she pulled my arm and made me sit on her lap, saying, ``Let me take a closer look.''

A surreal scene of an aunt sitting on an uncle's lap.

I panicked a bit.

Even after my ex-husband and I divorced, we never left each other, and we were like family and friends.

Of course, we haven't had sex since we got divorced.

But now, you can't imagine having sex, right?

No, no, no.

But when I put her on my lap, I felt my chest.

I casually move my hand away.

But her hands were inside her knitwear and inside her bra...

picture? Are you going to do it? ?

I'm already doing this.

In the end...I did.

Why did he want to embrace his ex-wife who is around 50 now?

Just a whim?

I don't know what men think.

The problem was that I was asked to stay the night.

I desperately refused, but he refused, saying, ``It's dangerous to drive this late at night.'' (The entrance is guarded by a security guard and I can't open it myself.)

I have never had a sleepover with my parents.

Because I can't sleep with anyone.

When I was married to my ex-husband, we had separate bedrooms.

Now I was in the same bed, and I couldn't get any sleep until morning.

Finally, in the morning, I woke up my ex-husband and went out to the garden where my car was parked.

There are camellias in full bloom shining in the morning sun.


It was dark yesterday so I didn't notice.

"It's beautiful. It's blooming beautifully this year."

"Really beautiful"

"I was thinking of showing this camellia to Sayuri. I don't need to go home in such a hurry. It's cold outside, so let's go home and have some coffee."

"I have work to do, so I have to go home."

"I see. Then come see the camellia again next week."

"It'll be dry by next week."

"Even if the camellia dies, other flowers will bloom. I'll take this with me."

My ex-husband cut the camellia branches for me.

A fiery red camellia.

"The camellia's flower language is 'You're a flame in my heart.'"

"Can you say it in Japanese?"

"I don't know."

“What’s that? (lol)”

Her innocent smile was the same as when we met.

No matter how long it takes, it will capture my heart and never let go.

Since my divorce, I have never had a normal relationship with a man.

After getting divorced, all my relationships with men have been as daddy activities in exchange for pocket money.

Why can she only have relationships with men in the form of daddy activities?

In fact, she may not even know.

However, I feel that the bright red camellia I received is prettier than any present I received from my father.


This was a unique column, but next time I will write about dad life.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.


I'm working as a father around XNUMX.Oldest dad ever? (lol)

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