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stingy dads

This time's column is "Stingy Dads."

While working as a dad, you may come across some stingy dads.

There are people who are stingy even if they have a lot of money, and there are men who are generous with their money on women even if their annual income is not high.

Income and stinginess are not proportional.

The important thing in daddy life is not how much daddy has, but how much he uses it.

When it comes to being a dad, there is nothing more stressful than a stingy dad.

First of all, please take a look at a brief introduction of my dads and their ``stinginess''.

① Grocery store dad
Relationship history: 7 years
70 fee
self employed
generous simple
Good-natured wealthy person

I don't spend money on myself, and I don't care about clothes or cars. He looks like a normal old man.
However, my father took care of everything, including my living expenses and my children's private high school and private university expenses.
In addition to your monthly allowance, they will give you a lump sum of money when you need it.
In the spirit of give and give, we don't ask for anything in return.
He is a divine father who has nothing to do with being "stingy".
Stinginess level 0%

② Weird dad
Relationship history: 3 years
60 fee
Self-employed (small factory) investor
take care of friends and family
Good-natured Smart Weird

They give you pocket money irregularly, not monthly.
He was talkative, and when we met, I thought he was trying to solicit network business.
He's a nice person, but he's basically a weirdo. He lives in a small one-room apartment and has a frugal lifestyle. Just like the greengrocer's dad, he doesn't spend money on himself.
But he is not "stingy" towards me. They also provide comprehensive support when needed.
Stinginess level 30%

③Art dad
Relationship history: 1 years
60 fee
self employed
cheerful and friendly
Well-bred and easy to talk to

We started talking from the moment we met, and I thought it would be great if this person became my father.
But I was “stingy”.
More about the stingy episode later.
Stinginess level 70%

④Supervisor dad
Relationship history: 3 months
Self-proclaimed 63 years old (probably in his 70s)
Pension + investment

He's a bit of a shady dad.
We haven't entered into an adult relationship yet. I haven't decided whether it will happen or not.
He says, ``I'm not stingy'' and ``If I fall in love with him, I'll take good care of him,'' but that's suspicious.
I have a stingy story that made me sad, so I'll tell you about it later.
Stinginess level 80%

⑤Clown Papa
3 months of relationship
Age unknown (probably in his 70s)
Company executive? Pension life?
serious quiet
I'm not used to dating

I spend generously on meals and souvenirs, but I haven't received any pocket money yet.
This person is probably not a "stingy" person.
I haven't decided if I want to have an adult relationship.
Stinginess level 50%

Now, let's talk about the cheap talk between the art dad and the director dad.

First of all, art dad.
This dad is the epitome of "the richer the stingier"
・When choosing a love hotel, choose the cheapest room without hesitation
・Use love hotel point cards and discount coupons every time
・I walked the 15-minute journey to the love hotel for the sake of my health (← the taxi fare was a waste)
・When I went to a sushi restaurant that looked a little expensive, I lied to the staff and said, ``I forgot my wallet today, and I only have 1 yen in cash.'' I paid 5 yen.
・When I went to buy a Christmas present, I saw a coat worth around 6 yen, and I said, ``I don't have cash today.I'd like to buy it for you, but (←I have no intention of doing so), but if I use my credit card, my family will be suspicious.'' The clothes cost around 3 yen.
・The most surprising thing was when my art dad was buying coffee at a convenience store, he asked, ``Do you want something to drink, too, Sayuri?'' and I said, ``I'd like some water, please.''"I've got some water. I'm only half-drinking it."What was said. I was hesitant and said with a straight face, ``I'll buy it myself,'' and as expected, he bought it, but I lost my nerve when he saw my father skimping on water worth over 100 yen⤵


Next is the director dad.
・I have owned a car for over 20 years
・Despite saying, ``I'm picky about alcohol,'' I choose a restaurant that offers cheap all-you-can-drink meals and drink about 10 drinks.
・I was asked if there was a restaurant I wanted to go to, so I requested a yakiniku restaurant that costs around 5 yen per person (excluding alcohol), but the one that made a reservation for me was an izakaya that costs around 3 yen.
・When you go to a restaurant with semi-private rooms that doesn't have all-you-can-drink options,I brought alcohol that I bought at the supermarket, poured canned beer into draft beer glasses, and drank whiskey secretly.

I was scared that someone at the store would find me and warn me.
It's impossible.
Are you stingy or have no common sense?
They gave me 1 for transportation expenses. . .

In a normal relationship, it might be okay for the man to be a little stingy, but this is because he's a father.

Being stingy is a fatal flaw when it comes to being a dad.

When I see my dad's stingy side, my excitement goes down.

If you want to have a good time with PJ, don't show your stinginess and treat him with a relaxed attitude.

I recommend giving up on a stingy dad early and trading with a generous dad.

(My art dad is stingy, but he gives me a good monthly allowance, and other than being stingy, he has a good personality, so I've been working with him.)

Please be a generous father and live a stress-free life as a father.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.


I'm working as a father around XNUMX.Oldest dad ever? (lol)

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