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How to avoid landmine dads and enjoy being a dad

When people ask me why I choose to work as a father, I answer, "Because there are potential fathers out there."

British mountaineer George Mallory was asked, ``Why do you climb mountains?'' He answered, ``Because the mountains are there.''

Just as a mountaineer wants to climb a mountain when he sees one, I also want to take on the challenge when I see a man who looks like he could become a father.

Being a dad is a hobby for me.
I guess you could call it a hobby that also has some practical benefits.

It's fun to talk with my dad, eat delicious food, and go out with him.

I have never had a normal relationship since my divorce.

I'm comfortable with my relationship with my dad, who isn't too close to me because of money.

My dad is my pseudo-romantic partner and also my friend.

Therefore, I have absolutely no interest in the relationship between money and the body.

The premise of a relationship is to receive some pocket money, but if money is your only goal, being a dad will turn into boring work.

In order to have a good time with your dad, you need to find a dad that you feel compatible with without compromising.

However, there are a certain number of landmine dads among the dad candidates.

If you choose a landmine dad, you will suffer mental and physical damage, so be careful.

Eliminate potential mine dads and avoid risks by meeting and dating before entering into an adult relationship.

I will list some characteristics that you should be careful about in such a man, so please use them as a reference when choosing a father.

Rough driving
Be careful if you are driving aggressively.
Honking the horn over the slightest thing, going much faster than the legal speed limit, complaining to other drivers, etc.
People who drive aggressively tend to be short-tempered and selfish.
If you think that the lives of the people in your car are in your hands, you wouldn't drive recklessly or roughly.
A man who drives roughly even when he has a woman in his car can be said to be self-centered and without consideration for others.
be careful.

Bad attitude towards store staff
It is often said that ``the attitude you have towards the store clerk is the same as the attitude you will have towards your lover a year from now.''
Men who behave in a bossy way towards people who are weaker than themselves may initially be nice to you, but once they get used to it, they will say things from above, or become extremely displeased if things don't go their way. I will.
Be wary of men who act bossy towards people in weaker positions.

say bad things about your wife
It's okay if it's just a little bit of complaining, but a dad who unilaterally blames his wife for things that don't work out and speaks ill of him is no good. I'm sure you liked your wife too when you got married.
As the years have passed, PJ has become just like his wife.
Even if your wife is a little dissatisfied, the people who care about you will take good care of PJ for a long time.

He may seem like he would make a good dad by wearing branded items and luxury watches, but a narcissist dad is the best at himself. I can be extremely harsh towards people other than myself.

I fell in love with you from the first time we met
I can't trust a dad who keeps saying he's cute and likes me the first time I meet him.
Once you've done what you're supposed to do, you might lose interest and lose touch with them.
Replace it with "I like it = I want to do it" and respond calmly.

To avoid having a bad experience with a landmine dad, carefully observe his behavior on a date before entering into an adult relationship.

However, even if you have a good personality and meet the requirements for spending money, when you go to a hotel,Sexual compatibility is not compatibleThere is also a thing.

In fact, I once met a father with whom I was not sexually compatible.

The father was a gentleman who was generous, kind, and clean.

After going on several dates with my children, I received a month's allowance of 10 yen in advance and went to a hotel.

However, when I try to have sex, it hurts.
Is it because of the way I touch it, or is it because I'm touching it too strongly?Anyway, everything hurts.
I finished having sex for the first time in pain, but my partner seemed to be very happy and said, ``We're a perfect match for each other physically. It was great. I look forward to working with you forever.''

After thinking about it, I asked him to just have tea with me on the next date, and at the end of the date I told him that I couldn't go out with him and returned the 10 yen.

Dad quickly stepped back and said, ``You didn't have to give the money back. Sayuri-san is very polite. If you have any problems, please contact me.''

I was able to say goodbye to my dad without any trouble, so I have no regrets at all.

Next, all you have to do is find a father who is physically compatible with you.

Even if you think you've managed to avoid being a landmine dad by meeting face-to-face or on a child's date, you may be rejected on your final adult date.

You won't know until you try this.

When you think about it, instead of going on five, six, or even ten or more dates with your child like I did, it might be better to check for sexual compatibility at an earlier stage.


In real estate terminology,thousand and three” There is a word.

This means that out of 1,000 properties, there are only 3 that are successful (profitable properties), or that even if 1,000 properties are negotiated, only 3 will result in a contract.

I feel the same way about being a dad.

If you receive 100 emails from the site, you will exchange emails with 10 people who look good, and some will end in the middle of the email, so you will meet with 5 father candidates.

When we actually meet, it turns out to be different from what we imagined, the conditions don't match, or the other person turns us down.

Is there one person who goes on many dates, has no problems with adult relationships, and ends up in a relationship?

If you're a young girl, I think your chances of finding a good father are higher, but if you're around 50, you're in luck.

Even if it's a pain, we need to exchange emails regularly and have face-to-face meetings.

PJs, please avoid landmine dads and have a fun life as a dad with a dad who feels the same way.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.


I'm working as a father around XNUMX.Oldest dad ever? (lol)

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