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The dignity you should have when working as a dad


Dad is surprisingly concerned

When you're a dad, you're bound to meet men who are obviously of good quality.

To be honest, I've never once thought that any of the men I've been introduced to at a dating club are ``poor.''

Of course, there were quite a few men who didn't agree with me in terms of manners or sexuality, and were a bit pushy, but other than that, I get the impression that only men with the basics are registered in the dating club.

However, when it comes to father-hunting, men naturally look at ``appearance'' and ``age'' when choosing a woman.

And I think women think that as long as that's the case, there's no problem.

This is just my personal opinion, but this is quite wrong.

I often feel that men who become fathers are looking at things other than that.

This may only be the case with the men I've contracted with so far, but it's amazing to me when I'm actually working as a father, saying, ``No matter how you think about it, there are other things you judge other than looks and age, right?''

Also, from what I've seen, the percentage of men who judge women based on aspects other than looks and age is around 4%.

There are surprisingly many.

So what do men look at other than looks and age?

It's the upbringing and behavior of women.

I think it's a matter of dignity.

Of course, just talking about dignity covers a very wide range.

So, I would like to introduce here what I felt when I actually looked at my father.

Of all the dads I've contracted with, what I look for most is the "educational" part.

I think that the education a woman has is proportional to her upbringing, or rather, the discipline she receives from her parents is directly reflected in others.

I think that even just the way we interact with each other can change.

For example, make a contract with a man and treat him to a meal somewhere.

In that case, what kind of education did I receive from my parents? When I say this, they say, ``Never go empty-handed when meeting someone who is indebted to you.''

Therefore, no matter what kind of man I meet, after signing a contract, I generally never go empty-handed.

In fact, now that I think about it, whether it's for my father's life or my private life, as an adult, I have never gone empty-handed.

In other words, my parents disciplined me quite harshly.

In my generation, the number of people who do this and those who don't do this is about 50/50.

However, I think it's definitely better to do it, and I don't think people who receive some kind of gratitude will feel so bad about it.

I feel that the parts of me that my parents used to discipline me for are being put to good use in my life as a dad.

The reason is that my father always praises me.

I'm sure there are many women who aren't able to praise me when it comes to being a dad. That's the impression I got.

Is that why it's all the more important? I try to maintain a certain level of tension, and I purposely choose items that the other party would normally receive.

That's why I am particular about the price.

From my experience, I feel that 2 to 3000 yen is the perfect amount to bring with you.

This is my personal opinion, but if it's higher than this, the other party will be concerned about it, and if it's lower than this, I feel like it's not enough.

The next thing that Dad is surprised to see is the way he uses words.

This also really shows the quality.

Surprisingly, women who are active as dads sometimes use ``dare talk'' to get their dads to think of them as lovers.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, since it's the way the people interact with each other.

However, I never speak in Tame language.

It is true that honorific language can sometimes create a bit of distance between you and men.

This is undeniable.

However, there is a reason why I never speak Tame.

This is something I've thought about for many years as a father, but depending on how you use honorific language, you won't be able to distance yourself from men.

When it comes to dad-hunting, there is a way to use honorific language to honor dads.

This is quite difficult to explain in words.

However, most women are not used to using honorific language, and they start complaining that using honorific language can make relationships awkward.

I think that's just it.

For example, here's an exchange between my dad and me.

Dad: “〇〇-chan, how do you like your schedule tomorrow?”

I think most women would respond like this if this man had already been in a contract for several months.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Dad."

However, if this were me, I would respond like this.

"Dad, there is no problem with tomorrow's schedule. Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing your healthy face tomorrow."

Perhaps women my age or who use Tame language on a regular basis may feel that I'm distant and cold.

However, all the men who are fathers are older.

Of course, depending on the man, it's okay to use ``Tame''. That's what they'll say.

However, being a dad is a business, so I think there are some things that each woman, including manners, should not compromise on.

Also, when viewed from a third person's perspective, my writing may seem dry and distant.

However, what would the person who actually received this message think? Do you feel really cold? None of the men I've had as a father have ever called me cold or distant.

Most men compliment me by saying things like ``I'm polite'' and ``I guess my parents taught me well.''

And if you continue to use polite language to communicate like this, your father will always compare you with other women.

Which woman would you like to have a long-term relationship with? There may be pros and cons to this, but if it were me, I would take the polite approach.

To begin with, being a dad involves a lot of relationships with adults.

Therefore, if a couple with a large age difference speaks in Tame language, the man may start to worry about what others think.

I feel that being able to respond to such situations is important when it comes to being a dad. (Just my opinion)

And my dad definitely senses this, and as long as I maintain my dignity, he will take good care of me.

Personally, I always feel that when I've been under contract with my dad for a long time, he doesn't just look at my appearance.

If you are a woman who is trying to become a father and feel that talking in Tame language is not going well, please try my method.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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