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Dad has changed over the past three years. Vol.3


This might just be my contract dad.

I've been talking to my dad more often lately.

When I say talk, I mean that I have more opportunities to speak my mind.

In the past, I generally didn't express my true feelings that much.

Of course, when we talk about contract terms and other things, or when I really need to ask my dad something seriously.

Unless such a situation arises, I generally respond with a smile, and even if I think, ``Huh? This is wrong,'' I generally don't say it on the spot.

If I needed to convey something, I would invite my father to create a suitable venue.

However, since the coronavirus pandemic, I have had a lot more time to talk honestly.

No, now when I meet with my dad, I spend a lot of time talking honestly.

It's true that there are many things I can't honestly say in conversations with my dad.

For example, there are stories about dad's ex-wife, and that's the person his wife is now.

I'm sure every woman has had the experience of talking about something like that when she's been drinking and her mouth slips and she ends up talking about it. In the past, I had gotten into a lot of trouble with my girlfriend's dad by getting into a lot of trouble with her about this topic, and I had made her dad feel bad. (Her contract with this dad was subsequently canceled.)

From that experience, I listen carefully to what my dad has to say, and I am careful not to touch on any of the topics he mentioned.

When I kept this in mind, I naturally responded with a smile and didn't touch anything or say what I really thought, which made it easier for me to respond.

Besides, it seemed like that kind of response would make daddy more happy.

Certainly, from a father's point of view, he would say, ``Why should I pay an allowance without hurting my feelings by being hit where it hurts?''

I think that's reasonable too.

I was satisfied with that style, so I continued to do so without changing it.

However, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there were some changes in her relationship with her father.

Those are the words of my contract dad.

First of all, to explain how it all started, it all started when I was talking to my dad on a video call.

I brought up these topics.

"Right now, there's a risk of coronavirus no matter where you go. Besides, I can't do anything for you, so I won't need any medical attention until the coronavirus situation subsides, okay?"

That's what I told my dad.

Then my dad told me this.

"Are you sure that's true? Are you forcing yourself? I mean, 〇〇-chan has a life to live, and if daddy doesn't give you an allowance, you won't be able to live, right? I want you to tell me the truth."

And so, a game of catch began on this topic.

I am confident that I need an allowance because I have a living.

But even though I haven't been able to fully satisfy my dad, don't you feel that you're being small if you continue to receive the same allowance as before? No, I already felt that I was indebted to my father.

So, if I was going to at least get an allowance, I wanted to satisfy my dad.

This was my true opinion.

However, there was one thing I was trying to show off.

That is the part that says, ``I don't need any allowance until the coronavirus subsides.''

Am I honest about this? When asked, I thought it would be different.

This part is directly connected to my life.

Then my dad told me this.

"〇〇-chan, are you telling me the truth? I guess it won't work unless I understand beforehand. There is a limit to how much I can understand beforehand. I'm 〇〇-chan's father, right? I can't force it. I don't want that to happen, and as for the money part, I think it's a different issue from not being able to meet, so I want you to tell me clearly.Especially now with the coronavirus pandemic.There's a solid reason for it, and I can understand it. I mean, that's the way the world is now."

I had no reply.

I wonder if my dad could see through my true feelings? I thought.

When you think about it, do dads who have separate contracts feel the same way? When I thought about it, I was slightly horrified.

I felt like I didn't dare to say what I really thought.

However, behind the scenes, my dad may have been able to see through my true intentions.

Isn't this a pretty embarrassing situation for me? she honestly felt.

So, I honestly told the dad I was talking to, ``While I can't see you, I'll do my best to make you feel less lonely through video calls, etc., so I'm happy that your allowance will remain the same as before.'' He smiled. And my dad said, ``Okay.''

To be honest, before the coronavirus outbreak, I had a dark history in the past, so when it comes to daddy activities, I thought that my true feelings were bad.

But depending on what you're talking about, should you really speak your mind? I thought.

However, I had one thought about this part.

If I had had interactions like this in my daily life as a father, I would have definitely shifted to my current environment several years ago.

But it hasn't done that.

why? That's because this topic didn't come up.

In the first place, the reason this topic came up is probably because the number of people talking to their dads on video calls has increased considerably during the coronavirus pandemic.

Having said that, my dad isn't the same generation as me.

For that reason, even when we talk, I mostly talk to my dad.

However, in my daily life, I was at a time and environment where I had never had the opportunity to talk to my dad on the phone.

That suddenly changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and my formula for being a dad changed to ``meet each other and communicate as much as possible.''

Of course, it would not be unnatural for the father on the receiving end to change in some way.

I wonder if that has some influence? Nowadays, she has started to express her true feelings to her father.

Of course, this won't cause any major changes, such as things getting worse or things getting better.

However, I think the big changes are that she has started to speak her true feelings to her father, and that her father has come to accept her feelings.

When I look back on the past, I really think that the way I interact with my dad has really changed between before and after the coronavirus pandemic.

To be honest, I'm not really good at it anymore because sometimes it can sound like a game when I just speak from the truth.

However, if Dad wants it, it is my important job to try to make it come true.

I'm wondering if you have experienced the same changes as me.

I think it would be good if dad life continues to change, in a positive way.

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