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≪Second part≫ What is the ○○ power necessary for a dad active girl?

Hello everyone

In the first part, we introduced the following three powers.

① Acting skills that make a good first impression
(XNUMX) Ability to observe and ask questions to avoid missing information
③ Research ability and memo ability to dig deep into information

continue to think"○○ power necessary for dad active girls"I would like to write about.

You can see the first part here ↓


≪Analytical ability to think about what the other person wants≫

A lot of information has been collected so far.

In order to facilitate communication with the other party,
I believe that a win-win relationship with mutual benefits is the best.

Have you decided what you want?
Were you able to hear your partner's expectations?

Based on the information gathered, what is the best way to deal with it in the future?
Develop your analytical skills to plan your strategy.

How would you approach someone like this?

≪Case ①≫
・ The first offer after joining the club as a dad activity beginner
・ Unmarried business owners in their 40s
・The impression of a shy and serious person who was not very popular
・He was nervous and hesitant, but he went on a proper date.

≪Case ②≫
・Familiar with playing at cabaret clubs, etc., and joined the club in search of amateurs
・Ikeike manager in his 50s who is married and has children
・Since I am used to playing, I have no resistance to spending money on women.
・I feel like I have a bit of a desire to monopolize

Well, how do you like it?

It's just a personal strategy, but I would do it this way.

≪Case ①≫
A strategy to praise and stretch and grow into an ideal man.
"I was happy that you did 〇〇 on the last date."
Say something like, "It's my dream to have you do XX."
Men who haven't been very popular will only get in trouble if they talk about it abstractly.
Anyway, by talking specifically
I think it's very likely that it will work as is.

≪Case ②≫
A strategy to become a woman who wants to chase after who seems to go somewhere.
Taking advantage of the fact that there is no resistance to spending money on women
I strongly endure the feeling of wanting to beg and do not show the attitude of spending too much money.
By doing so, I will produce an "amateur feeling" that is different from the shop children who have been playing so far.
By giving them time to think, "What can I do to make them happy?"
You can make them crazy by giving them time to remember and think about me.

In this way, by analyzing how to interact with others based on their information and formulating strategies,
You will be freed from the stress of swallowing the other party's demands.

Everyone wants to profit.
It is also a necessary skill to make you think that you are getting a profit.

≪Movement of giving precedence≫

As I wrote in the previous item ④, the win-win relationship is the best for dad activities.
It's not good for people to do too much, and it's not good to be too much.

However, as long as it is a relationship of dad activity with money transfer,
From the action of handing money on the male side
It is also true that the awareness of "giving" and "taking" becomes stronger.

so from youIt is important to actively “give”.

I think it's effective to prepare a present for the second date.
It doesn't matter if it's a simple one that you can buy for about 1000 yen.
However, I will prepare something based on the information I got on the first date.

If the person likes alcohol, prepare alcohol and add a word when handing it over.
"Last time I was drinking 〇〇, so I chose something with a similar taste."
"I don't know much about it, so I asked an acquaintance who loves sake to teach me."

There is no merit of papa katsu simply by buying expensive things.
not the amount, but theLet's make the other party happy with episodes and actions.

By always remembering to give to others instead of just receiving,
"I'm doing only this, so it should be about 〇〇"
You can also expect the effect of avoiding overbearing demands,
"I got 〇〇, so let's return it with 〇〇"
You may be lucky to catch a sea bream with a shrimp.

≪Ruthlessness prevention ability to keep being exhausted≫

Well, if you've made it this far, your partner should be worried about you.
No matter how many times you meet and go on dates, you need to make him want to see you again.

You say you don't feed the fish you catch, right?

He bought me presents when we first met, but now, five years later, he doesn't buy me anything.
He complimented me when we first started dating, but now I don't even notice when I cut my hair

What a sad situation, I think it's a common story.
this is actuallyThere are factors that make women do this too.I do not think so.

I used to give gifts because they would be happy, but I'm running out of ideas
When I met you, you came to me dressed up for a date, but now you're completely dressed in dull clothes

What do you mean?

Of course, that may not be the case, but
Most things happen because they are related to each other.

It's a great place to show your skills when you've been dating for a long time and tend to get stuck in a rut.

Try making a reservation at a nice restaurant.
Buy him his favorite food.

It's important not just to do so, but to communicate your intentions.

"Because I felt like the date was in a rut recently."
"I've always wanted to go to 〇〇."
"When I saw a picture of when we first met, it suddenly reminded me of it."

I don't care for such a simple reason.
If he hears it, maybe he will think the same thing and do his best for you?

≪Expressive ability to express gratitude and emotions≫

I'm sure that you who have trained the ○○ power that I gave you so far should be popular.
I hope you are enjoying a wonderful date and company.

Don't you sit cross-legged thinking that it is "natural"?

It goes without saying that your hard work and ability have given us a wonderful experience.
Don't forget that your partner is doing more for you than that.

Always remember to be grateful, no matter how much you take for granted.
By honestly saying "Thank you" and "I'm happy"
The other person may think, "Let's continue forever" or "Let's bring it again."

What do you think?

Do you have an image of the 7 XX powers I have given so far?

I mainly explained the situation of dad life,
I think this is useful in both private relationships and business.

You don't have to be conscious of everything.
By being conscious of one by one, "First, let's be conscious of the power of XX"
It will become a habit and you will be able to do it without being conscious of it.

In addition to the 〇〇 power I gave this time, "I try to do this" etc.
If you have your own 〇〇 power, please let us know in the comments!

See you in the next column.

I will write about how Arasa Papa Katsu Girls met a wonderful man, tips and things to keep in mind to succeed not only in Daddy activities but also in private life.I hope that my article will enrich someone's life as a father and eventually as a woman.

Article by Kazuha

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