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I got pregnant with my daddy's child ②

last time(I got pregnant with my father's child ①) is a continuation of


detection of pregnancy

About four months after that day, something strange happened to Chika-chan's body.

The hot days continued, and I no longer wanted to eat my favorite yakiniku.

At that time, for the first time, I heard about the past events and suspected that I was pregnant.

It wasn't a medical-related job, but I was familiar with the field, so I could easily imagine what kind of obstacles I would face in the future if I was pregnant.

"Positive" if you take a pregnancy test

It is said that it is difficult for people with irregular periods to notice that they are pregnant, and this was a typical pattern.

When I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department, I was 20 weeks pregnant and was on the verge of having an abortion.

At that time, there was also a partner called a boyfriend, but as a result of counting backwards from the pregnancy period, Chika's boyfriend did not dare to go on a long business trip for a month.So, fortunately or unfortunately, it was decided that Mr. Otani was the father of the baby in his stomach.


I was the first to know about this incident.

Of course, I couldn't tell my parents, I couldn't tell my boyfriend, and Mr. Otani was also following up on medicinal charges, so I couldn't tell him.


think of suicide

Chika-chan couldn't easily decide to have an abortion, saying that she couldn't tell anyone.

I also have a teaching license, so I had a lot of knowledge.

Parents may enter facilities for selfish reasons, or have difficulty raising children due to financial problems, etc. On the other hand, there may be people who are working hard on infertility treatment.

I was objectively against "procreation".

I understand painfully the feeling of not wanting to have an abortion.

The result of my selfish behavior is one of the reasons I don't want to have an abortion.

On the other hand, it is also a big problem to say, "What will you do after giving birth?"

If I told my boyfriend, it would probably be a catastrophe. If I told my parents, they might support me, but I had to say painful things such as "I was doing 'papa katsu'" and 'Mr. Otani's existence was known'. .

So Chika-chan began to think about taking her own life, along with her child.

At that time, she met me, but she didn't think that she had such thoughts, and she didn't even tell me about her confidence.

Such a state continued, and it happened in a blink of an eye until the abortion period ended.Having come this far, I already needed the power of an adult.

During that time, Chika-chan continued to keep in touch with Otani-san, so I decided to tell him the next time we met.

However, the day before we had planned to meet, Mr. Otani contacted me saying that he had a job and canceled it. .

At this time, I came to think that "suicide" was the best way, so I took a large amount of sleeping pills at home that day.

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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