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[Fine XNUMX yen! ? ] Damage from smartphone hitters

Smartphones are an essential item for dad life.

Nowadays, the search for dads for dad activities is overwhelmingly more mainstream than apps and SNS such as Twitter.

And I keep in touch with my dad every day to build a relationship of trust, which leads to better allowances and presents.

This time,The story of the damage that I actually experienced.

It was a world that I had seen on TV, and I was shocked because I thought it was someone else's problem.I would like everyone to be careful so that this kind of damage will disappear even a little.


What is a smartphone hit shop?

If you hear the word "hit dealer", you might think of a criminal who suddenly jumps into the roadway and crashes into a car on purpose to defraud them of medical expenses or settlement money.However, recently, "tailgating" has become a social problem and drive recorders have become popular, and the number of car hitters has decreased sharply.

And instead of that, “smartphone hit shop” is increasing.

The modus operandi isColliding with someone who is using a smartphone while walking or walking, and falling or dropping a high-end wristwatch, smartphone, or other fragile item, breaking it and paying for the repair.That's it.

Many of the broken products are said to be "using broken products", and it is said that they are using junk items that are sold at a discounted price.

The way to hit is to turn your back in front of a person who is not looking at the surroundings at all with a smartphone while walking, stop and hit from behind to make the front careless.If you hit me from the front, I will be at fault to some extent, so I will hit you from behind in order to make it zero fault.


Event summary


Around noon in November 2022, an event occurred in Osaka city.

I was planning to have lunch with my regular dad on this day.

I wandered around Osaka for a while until the meeting, and I thought I'd ask my dad for something good...

The incident happened when I was walking in a certain commercial facility.

A woman (Mr. A) bumped into me from behind.

And Mr. A dropped his smartphone on the ground and said, "Please compensate me."

At that time, I was in contact with my dad, so I was in a so-called "walking smartphone" state.

Of course, it was my fault for walking and using my smartphone, but I felt uncomfortable with Mr. A, who bumped into me with more force than necessary on a street that wasn't so crowded.

When I apologized and asked him to show me the broken smartphone, Mr. A was silent for a while.

Then, two men (Mr. B and Mr. C) in their 30s suddenly came out saying, "I was watching the moment they collided, but it's your fault. I happened to be filming, so I have proof."

I was stubborn and didn't accept compensation, so we argued a little.

This trouble happened in front of a certain store, and a store clerk (Mr. D) came out and said, "I'm in trouble at the storefront. Please come inside and discuss it."

To be honest, I thought that I was involved in strange people, so I felt that I was saved.It's just a guess, but I intuitively felt that Mr. A, Mr. B, and Mr. C were actually acquaintances, even though they were pretending to be strangers.


When entering the store...

When I entered the store, Mr. D said, "I don't want this kind of trouble at the storefront."I said, ``Would you like to call the police?

Then Mr. A furiously said "Don't touch the mobile phone".

I felt a little unsafe, so I did what the other person said.

Mr. B and Mr. C said, ``I have proof.

I didn't quite understand, and I was good at law because of my job, so I talked about that field, but it was already a mysterious one point of "I'll take you to the office."

To be honest, I didn't know what the office was referring to, but I thought it would be bad if I was here.

I didn't fall for it, but I chose "compensation" with the highest priority on being released from this place.

I thought that no matter what I said, these people wouldn't understand.

One thing I found out is that XNUMX people other than me say guru.

There are many things that an expert can get into, but I thought that if I got into it, I would be involved in guaranteeing my life.


Compensation amount...

When I said "compensation", Mr. D suddenly came out with a person who said "written oath".

The reason was, "I don't want you to tell me that there was such a trouble in order to protect the defamation of the store."

When they came this far, they seemed desperate to ignore their relationship settings.

The content of the oath"Don't tell, reimbursement amount, no entry to all stores including affiliated stores in the future"It was that.

I remember being very scared because it was a store that everyone knew.

Compensation amount is about the size of a Chanel pouchis the amount of

It's not cheap by any means, but when I thought that it was already open, it even felt cheap to me at the time.

I don't think this is the best way, and I think there are those who say, "For the police!?"

However, there is no "evidence" when reporting.Above all, it's a famous store, so I think it's more difficult.

I think that failures will also become experiences as "study expenses" in life.

I decided to think so too, and I learned to refrain from walking around with my smartphone and to hold down the evidence if I get into trouble!

A smartphone is an essential item if you are doing dad activities, but everyone please be careful!


I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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