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A must-see for those who start working as dads this spring.

The continuation of the last time, the second part ♪


④ People around me found out that I was doing dad activities

Actually, there are more girls than I thought who are doing dad activities and compensated dating.

There are many children who are clearly not in need of money, but rather because they seem to be having fun.

As you walk down the street, look out for men and women of different ages.

In some cases, it is a parent and child, but most of them are doing some kind of "compensated dating".

My office is near Osaka Station, so I often see them.

In this way, where dad activities are popular, the market is good, and in addition to the advantage of being able to meet immediately, there is a disadvantage that it is easy for someone to find out.

But you don't want to go out of your way to go far away on a weekday night.I think it's true that I want to meet quickly after work, have dinner, and go home.

But if your friends find out, your relationships will crumble, and strange rumors will arise, so let's quit.

You should avoid working near your workplace, even if it costs you some money for transportation and working hours.

I don't often meet people near Osaka station.Go to Tennoji, or go to Kobe.If you want to continue being a dad in the long run, don't narrow your range of activities.

In the future, other dads may see me meeting my dad...


⑤ I lost my sense of money

Even if 10 a month is plus and there is income, spending money will be rough.And best of all, it has nothing to do with taxes!Because it's a "pocket"!The money I earned from working normally was taken away like an idiot, and I really only got a handful...

So, there are times when you can play freely with the money you get from dad activities.

In fact, there were times when I bought a bag for 2.3 yen without hesitation.

As a student, I felt a sense of superiority in owning brand-name products and the latest products.

I belonged to a group that was originally conspicuous when I had brand-name products and the latest, but I became a conspicuous presence among them.If that happens, like a negative spiral, if you don't have the latest, it will be difficult to maintain your position, and dad activities will become more intense.Somewhere along the way, I started to get tired and quit that lifestyle and started saving money, but some of my friends were doing part-time jobs that could earn more money, and some of them were making money through adult relationships.

The reason why I quit was because I was connected to a child with a normal sense until the end.If you have money, it's more fun to play with a child who plays wildly than a child with a normal sense, and you will play with that child.So many of them, who fell into a negative spiral, cut ties with the children they used to be good friends with.So I couldn't go back.I didn't cut until the end, so I realized that I was out of touch with my surroundings halfway through.So, even if you think it's a little boring, it's better not to cut off the things you've been good friends with.When you go insane, it's the friend who brings you back.


6 things I do to protect myself


Prepare special clothes, shoes, and belongings for papa katsu

This is to prevent fraud.

Your friends won't find out if you're wearing something you wouldn't normally wear.And by changing the clothes at work, it is difficult to be seen widely in the workplace.

Also, most dads want a neat and clean system.Occasionally, she asks for cute Lolita girls, but in my case, I don't have Lolita elements, so I always go for the neat and tidy ones.If you're wearing cheap clothes, it's hard to continue being a dad, so if you have about three decent clothes, you can wear them around!It would be perfect if I could go shopping with my dad and buy some clothes!


That ②

Everything about the company and the house is fictitious

It's obvious, but don't say it.But it's when you're talking privately that the conversation is lively.So, I am pretending to be a fictional character.It will be easier to write a profile if you decide "yourself" when doing dad activities.If you write things that are too far from the facts, you will be in trouble, so please be careful.


Part ③

It's hard to say "treatment", but the day before

It's true that even dads find it difficult to talk about money.I couldn't really say it in the beginning either.A lot of dads give it to me without telling me, but it seems that some of them really say "I carelessly...".So, as a final confirmation, I think there's no problem if you say "I'll meet you at ●● tomorrow, and will I be treated at ●●?"Just doing that can prevent you from forgetting.


Part ④

Screen shot of the other page

There are various ways to meet, but I think I'm in contact with someone.If something happens, you can provide information to other daddy girls, or you may not know who you met, so screenshots are essential to prevent mistakes around that.Probably the other party's dad is also taking it, so there is no guilt.


Part ⑤

Avoid closed rooms

This rule is for girls who don't want an adult relationship.In recent years, the surveillance of karaoke and manga cafes is strict, but there are quite a few dads who invite them.Also, there are dads who will guide you to the car.I don't like it, so I will never follow it.Also, I think private room izakaya is the limit.At worst, if you shout, someone will come (laughs)


Part ⑥

Don't tell me your income has increased

If you are a daddy, your belongings will become flashy.However, it seems that many people do not have a good image of dad life, so it would be appropriate not to mention it.Also, buying things is a good thing, so if you talk at the level of "I changed my part-time job", nothing will be suspected.If I go around and talk about it, it will cause bad guys and people to find out about me, so basically I will keep silent.


I have adhered to these 6 rules.

I'm proud to say that I've never really been scared.

You are the only one who can protect yourself, so don't let money lure you in and ensure your safety.

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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