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A must-see for those who start working as dads this spring.

Nice to meet you.

I am an office worker in her twenties living in Osaka city.I was doing P activities when I was a student, and I was revived by the corona whirlpool.

It's already March, and this spring, my life has changed a lot, and I want to start!There must be many girls who think so!

I myself started in the spring.

In fact, in the spring, the number of innocent daddy girls increases, so dads are also active.

Papa-katsu is one of the jobs where you can earn money easily, as you can receive money as an allowance when you meet and eat.

My rule is "no adult relations".In fact, if you have an adult relationship, you can afford 30 a month.According to what I heard from my dad, girls in the entertainment business, card hell, and kids who are being chased by debt collectors seem to want to have a relationship right away because it's good to eat and meet.

But my goal is to make money.

Isn't there a lot of people who are reading this and have a purpose like me?

You can earn 10 to 20 a month even without an adult.

It just depends on your technique.

The fact that there is no relationship with adults makes me feel that the merit is thin from the father's point of view.

Among them, the point is how much you want to talk to this child again and make you want to meet again.

I'm the type who enjoys being a dad without an adult, so I'm going to pursue that.

This time, the basics of the basics!

I will talk about the risks and coping methods of daddy activities that girls who start daddy activities and girls who have just started should definitely read and know.


① I don't get money

Papa-katsu is, so to speak, a personal business.To put it in a stricter way, it is "enjo-koko".So, I don't go through the company, so there are no rules or regulations.

The allowance from my dad will be the product price of my time, "I bought this time for you."So, although it is a tough reality, the allowance I received is "your amount".

Sometimes, it seems that the unscrupulous dad won't hand over the allowance, but I can't quite say it from here.Fortunately, I have never failed to receive it, but until I actually received it, I couldn't help but worry and worry.

Not getting paid doesn't mean you're worthless.

A good dad will give it to you as soon as they meet.

A used dad goes to the bathroom before parting and puts money in an envelope that was at today's level.

As a result, if I meet my dad who won't give me money, I have no choice but to think that I'm a failure.

However, there are ways to avoid such dads as much as possible.

On SNS, P-active girls expose and share information about dads who don't give money or don't follow the rules.So, you can search in advance to see if the person's account has been exposed there.However, the number is huge, so if you find one, you should consider yourself lucky.

On the other hand, when you also hit a bad dad, if you expose it, a bond will grow among P-katsu girls, you will be able to share better information, and papa-katsu will be easier to do.


② What if you asked for a physical relationship?

Adult relationships (physical relationships) are also included in dad life.As long as I'm working as a dad, I don't know when the danger is approaching.No matter how much you say in advance, there will be people who will invite you.

In that case, I will do the following:


"Strategy to make the first memory at this hotel"

For now, it's a lie to escape today.

By working in a hotel, girls are more willing to have a relationship with me.So you have a high chance of escaping.However, it is difficult if you do not have familiarity with the area, so you need knowledge in advance.


“I have work tomorrow, so I can’t do it next time?

This is also a temporary stopgap measure.

Since the next schedule is specified, there are times when the talk changes to the next appointment.

Things to keep in mind at this point are:

Don't say outright, "I don't want to be in an adult relationship."If it's before meeting or after receiving treatment, there's no problem.However, there are many dads who will give you a breakup, so if you say it there, the time you have lost will be ruined.

So, let's say "to give the other party expectations" even in the same action of refusing.


③ What do you do if you lean on love feelings?

Daddy activity is not "love".It's close to sales, but there are some dads who really like it.Some people treat me as a daughter or a younger girl, while others see me as a woman.At first, it feels like a straightforward relationship, but gradually I feel uncomfortable with the sense of distance and gifts.I experienced it once.

I didn't tell him my personal information, so I felt uncomfortable and didn't even contact him so I wouldn't see him again.However, in a similar situation, my friend told me where he was working, so he said that he was waiting for me.

If you lean on your romantic feelings, you will receive more benefits and gifts at the same time, but let's cut it off early.And from the beginning, do not give out personal information no matter what.

My friend and I were in a similar situation, but I was able to say goodbye (albeit unilaterally) without any damage.Here, it would be better to take safety without giving in to the temptation of "money".

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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