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I got pregnant with my father's child ①

* This story contains harsh expressions such as pregnancy, abortion, and suicide.

There are various papa active girls, and it is also said that not all are good things.

But if there are people in the same situation, even a little bit of this experience

I thought it would be a step towards a solution, so I decided to write it down.

If you are not good at such expressions, please make a U-turn.


I think everyone knows that there are many types of papa activities.

I don't have any "adult relationships" except for meals.

However, many girls who are active as dads have an “adult relationship” with their dads.

Rather, it may be less for meals only.

While I am working as a dad, there is a big difference between the market price for meals and the market price for adults.


This story is a story that a dad active girl who has an adult relationship actually experienced.

Names and other information are provided as fictitious characters for the purpose of identifying personal information.



Chika (Mid 20s)

my friend who used to be a daddy

He is the main character of this story.

During the day, I was working in Kansai as an office lady, and I was doing dad activities once or twice a week.


Mr. Otani (early 50s)

A veteran dad who has been Chika-chan's dad for three years.

Company officer service


Kyohei-kun (Mid 20s)

Chika's boyfriend

office worker in the city


Chika-chan and I have been friends since school days.

What happened now was before the corona vortex.

With Chika-chan's permission, I wrote this time because I want to help if there is a girl who is working as a dad and is suffering from the same problem.

Now, it's an event where you can say, "This kind of thing happened too~", so it's okay if you read it half for fun, half for curiosity♪lol


About Chika-chan's dad life

Chika-chan was a dad active girl with an adult relationship.

The troubles and risks are big, but the chances of being able to continue with your treatment and daddy will also go up.Of course, I had an adult relationship with my dad (Mr. Otani) who appeared this time.

Chika-chan and Otani-san have a relationship called “Monthly”.

Monthly is a fixed contract with "10 month 〇〇 yen", and the allowance does not change even if you meet 1 times a month or XNUMX time a month.

Many Papa-katsu girls aim to become a monthly contract with Papa.


The day things changed

That day, Mochika-chan had dinner with Otani-san and went to the hotel as usual.

At this time, Chika-chan was dating a man who was considering marriage, so I thought, "Let's graduate from Papa-katsu."So instead of creating a new daddy, she was in the process of trying to cut ties with her existing daddy.

On this day as well, I thought, "I have to tell Mr. Otani soon."

Immediately after having fun with Mr. Otani at the hotel, I noticed that the contraceptive had been torn.

Of course, Mr. Otani didn't do it on purpose, so after apologizing, we talked about going to find medicine.

However, Chika-chan had plans after this, so she only received the medicine fee and broke up with Mr. Otani.

To tell the truth, my boyfriend and I had gone without contraceptives several times in the past, and I didn't get pregnant at that time either, so I wasn't that upset.

It seems that Chika herself didn't think much about the calculation of ovulation days because of her irregular menstruation.

I went to the next schedule as it was, so I decided to spend several weeks with the image of adding the medicine fee from my father to my allowance.

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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