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[On Twitter] Characteristics of ``landmine girls'' that men do not approach [mass population]

There are quite a few women who want to say "Wow, this guy is not good".

In particular, many such women live in Twitter's Papa area.
I don't know what's fun in interacting endlessly with men and women who are doubtful that they're really dads or pjs, but people who are unwilling to act as dads have only outlets like that.
This time, I would like to introduce these “characteristics of land mine girls”.


"Young harm", not "old harm" ~ There are many stories of boasting and hardships

One of the hated traits of middle-aged and older people is that they often talk about their boastful stories and past hardships.
Surprisingly, some women do it too.
And not only middle-aged and older people but also people of the same generation are not very interested in talking about bragging or hardships.How are you all doing?
Moreover, if a woman you don't know well who you met at a dating club suddenly starts bragging about her, it's only natural for a man to think, "It's not fun to talk about all the bragging."
Just as an old man who boasts a lot is disliked, naturally a child who boasts a lot is also disliked.

On the other hand, if you are in a dating club, you will be amused and excited when you talk about other people you meet, so it depends on where you cut it off and who you talk to.
"It was fat daddybutThe inside of my wallet was filled with JAF member discount coupons! ' or 'I'll give you a million yen allowancebutIt stinks of sweat so much that I feel like throwing up when I'm having sex! ”, so as not to be overly braggingdisappointing episodeIt is recommended to include .
Of course, it is essential not to say something like you are really angry, but to say, "There are people like this ~ I'm in trouble ~".


Complains right away / Loves backbiting

Women who complain about other people are naturally hated.
As I mentioned in the column "Academic Completion and Misunderstood Papa Katsujo", just hearing complaints and backbiting consumes energy.Even if there is a fault on the side complaining, it is lightly hell for men to have to agree with "Yeah, yeah, that's right."
Moreover, "I guess I'm being told behind my back,"Fear Bonus付 き。
Such a person has few friends and many enemies, but he himself is a loner and is very troublesome.
On the other hand, such behavior is a manifestation of the feeling that "I want everyone to understand me", and such a lonely type of woman will follow when a man who gently listens to her story appears. Isn't it?
Of course, no man wants to get along with such a girl, so if there is such a man, it is usually a jerk or a marriage scammer.

I don't say it in real life, but I do say it on Twitter.Even if you don't intend to say it in real life, the negative information on Twitter will eventually form your thinking habits.It's a dangerous sign when things that didn't bother you before start to irritate you.Eventually, people around me will start to show anger by thinking, "What, that's what it is?"

Well, back in the day, Twitter used to be fun to mutter about silly things.Crucible of Insidious HumansIt's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time.
Of course, there are men and women who send out useful information, but there are many who write bluff for the purpose of mounting and stress relief, so it's useless just to look seriously.

In addition, 5ch has a Ochi thread for Papa Katsu male and female accounts, so it's better not to write bad things.You may be unknowingly being tricked too.


It's too liberating sexually just for a little bit

Women who immediately lift the ban on dirty jokes and extreme acts are surprisingly landmine girls.
To be honest, when it comes to dating clubs, I have the impression that the boundaries are quite ambiguous for each individual, as to how much dirty jokes are acceptable as women.There are people like 〇Kuk.

So, I can't say that this is the case, but the least you can do is to say, "I'm going to talk about sex from myself (it's better if I can't see the embarrassment, such as talking loudly x)", "First adult in a relationship withSuddenly Anal OK (French Shoin's erotic novel?)', 'I'm familiar with the mystery of the love hotel system and prices (may be suspected of being a prostitute)', etc. (Mr. 〇Kuk would rather be amused and make an offer ... lol)

It's a dating club, so I buy enthusiasm that I have to do my best in adult things, but that's the limit, and sometimes I go too far with "hard work"."I'm desperate for dirty jokes to connect."and sometimes“I wonder if I’m already an old member of the dating club.and sometimes“It must have been taken care of by a cheesy man who knew a lot about love hotels in the outskirts of town.”It seems that there is basically no good feeling.

Also, just being a little friendly and willing to talk about things that you wouldn't normally say to people"The sense of distance with people is strange" "The tongue is soft" "There is no delicacy"It is considered to be a landmine person at once for experienced men.

Being happy with excessive adult appeal is like taking you to a cheap izakaya with a settingskinny skinny daddyThat's all... Because they are happy with easy sex with a much cheaper allowance than customs.
In addition, if you welcome adults too much, you may be set up to play unexpectedly radically, and you may suffer a painful experience.
The lifting of the ban on adult material is strictly male-led.It is recommended that you share your own experience episodes while asking about the man's aggressiveness.


in conclusion

By the way, if I were a man, what would I hate most?Complains right away / Loves backbitingis not it.
First of all, it seems that it is a useless act as a person, and it seems that I am doubly disgusted with the mysterious confidence that "I am allowed to complain all the time".
Also, to be honest, complaining right away seems lighthearted... I'm going to talk about the dating club with someone... I'm going to say bad things about me... I'm going to write it on Twitter...There is no merit to go out of your way to date even though your worries are endlesshand.
Boasting and struggling stories, well, youthfulness?Expandable if interested.Being too sexually liberated"Funny guy" frameI might look at it asI don't think I can take you to a fancy restaurant.

So, this time, I would like to introduce the characteristics of "Jinmine Joshi".

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