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The treatment of condoms is the treatment of the opposite sex.Precautions when storing condoms

NO MORE condom in wallet

It seems that there are more than a few people who always carry condoms, and some people still keep them in their wallets.

However, the inside of the wallet is prone to high temperatures and humidity, and the surface is easily damaged by friction with coins and cards.

Worst case, it can break.
In addition, the deterioration progresses quickly due to the copper content of the coin.

In the first place,It's unsanitary to put hygiene products in a coin that you don't know who touched it.
Be especially careful if you keep your wallet in your back pocket.

Also, "a condom in your wallet" is just an urban legend that has been around for a long time.

Even so, I put a condom in my wallet with a triumphant face...To be honest, I can only see it as a show off (laughs)

Is it a gamer appeal? (Laughs) It's nice to appeal, but it's too old-fashioned! ! ! (smile)

A male member was proudly using a love hotel lighter

(Wow, it's a Love Hotel writer and it's an appeal that 'I can use this easily' www)

(A lighter can be bought at a convenience store for 100 yen, but is that stingy?)

I remembered that various emotions rolled up and withered at once.
The dick is the Sahara Desert in an instant.

Perhaps, I don't think that 100 yen for a convenience store writer is a shame.The answer is probably the former.

I can casually take out a love hotel lighter and use it... A dangerous erotic man, right?appeal.
The proof (?) of having a tattoo is a disappointment.
I'm not against tattoos.It's already painful that middle-aged people who don't look good are putting it in.

As a woman, "Are you going to work now?I want to say "I want to say", but I'm dressed in an outdated flashy flashy outfit, but my hair is dry, my eyeliner is rickety, and my shoes are messy.
I know you're aiming for "something", but it's kind of a pity (and that part is within the range that can be covered with a little awareness), something like that.


Even though it was a condom story, I got involved with my grudge again.

In any case, you who are popular with the early Heisei era of "condoms in your wallet" (roar of laughter) and doing it with your face.for the opposite sexpull-up triggerPlease stop now because it may become


There is no doubt that the durability of the rubber and the favorability of the opposite sex will drop. 5 bad condom storage places

① Deodorants and desiccants are deadly “closets” and “closets”

Chests and closets that are not very breathable, but can store clothes comfortably without being hot or humid.However, it is not suitable for storing condoms.

In fact, the latex material is vulnerable to volatile products, that is, it deteriorates easily when exposed to deodorants, insect repellents, and drying agents.

In other words, not only drawers and closets, but also places where deodorants and desiccants are placed nearby are not suitable for storage.


② “Window” exposed to direct sunlight

You can imagine that direct sunlight is one of the causes of condom deterioration.
However, it is also possible to put it on the bedside without knowing it and expose it to direct sunlight.

Of course, the material deteriorates due to UV rays, and especially in the middle of summer, it will naturally continue to be exposed to high temperatures.
If you do, you should be storing it at home, but when you try to use it, the rubber will melt and you will end up in a miserable situation.


③Summer is a harsh environment..."Car dashboard"

I tend to put anything on the dashboard of my car, but in the summer, the temperature can easily rise.
Of course, if you put a condom in it, there is no doubt that it will deteriorate faster.
Although it is more convenient than keeping it in the room,It is NG to keep it in the car.Leave it in your car temporarily only if you need it.


④ "Refrigerator"

Condom packages often state that they should be stored in a cool, dark place.
For this reason, it seems that some people keep it in the refrigerator just in case, but this is the wrong interpretation of the word "cold and dark place".

"cold =does not get hot"" dark =No direct sunlightBasically, a "cold and dark place" meansSupposed to be stored at room temperature.

In addition, the inside of the refrigerator tends to be too dry, and it is easy to damage in the same way as high humidity.


A special case is recommended for carrying condoms.

Since there is an expiration date, condoms will always deteriorate over time no matter how careful they are stored.
Even soCareless and sloppy storageIf you continue to do so, you will expose the damaged state such as "melting" and "holes" when you need it, and if you are not good at it, you may be rejected by the opposite sex.

So, if you pay attention to the points introduced in this column, you should be able to store it in an appropriate state until the expiration date.

So how should condoms be stored?still the best choicecase for condom.

A long time ago, condom cases used to look like contraceptive cases.

Leather cases are especially recommended if you don't want to be exposed.If you want to show your individuality, a key chain condom would be great.

There is no doubt that people who can pay attention to details like this (obviously) will be quite liked regardless of gender.

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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