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I don't want to talk anymore... Characteristics of a man who unintentionally loses tension in a setting

Although it is a membership-only club, it seems that there are quite a few strange people, both men and women.

I always get nervous when I'm in a setting, but I'd like to introduce you to the characteristics of a man who, when meeting someone for the first time, feels like "Wow, I don't want to talk anymore...".

On the flip side, if a man does exactly the opposite of what is written here, the favorability of the papa-katsu woman will skyrocket.


An unfamiliar man who has no meal manners

I was clearly confused at the restaurant of the luxury hotel where the setting was set up, I didn't know the flow line to Mitarai, and I didn't know how to use a knife...

If you're an ordinary employee, you'd rather think that it's cute and nice ♡, but I think that the manager who is supposed to be used to dinner is like this (I wonder if this person is okay...) (Maybe it's popular. I wonder if I've ever been invited to such a place without someone), and I'm a total stranger, but I'm worried.

It often breaks the atmosphere of the place, and while I eat quietly, I want to say various things to my mother, "Be careful how you hold the knife!"I won't say it, but...*Not maternal instinct.never.

Also, it will stand out unexpectedly if you are disturbed in a calm atmosphere."Ah, this is the first time we've met these guys."When.

Be careful as it may be subject to ecological observation by daddy couples.

On the other hand, many of the men who seem to be used to this place as if it were their own garden are smart and good at hospitality.

In the first place, I myself am the kind of person who researches various things before going to a place for the first time, such as where the entrance is and whether there are manners. It's hard to believe.


A man who just denies what I say

I'm supposed to take care of my appearance, but for some reason I can't continue with women.Such a man may fit this type.
Because I am the president, and because I am older, there are people who deny what women say with the intention of "I will teach you."

"Don't deny what women say, listen to them empathetically"Why can't you do what even the shoddy pick-up masters around here are trying to do?

At first glance, women who are daddy activities seem to be satisfied with their lives, but they often have eating disorders and trauma about their family environment, and deny it with the intention of showing off their power (laughs). , Repeating sermons may be the worst resentment.

And I can easily imagine that these people are denying what employees say and what they want to do in their own companies, and that they are creating a bad atmosphere.

In fact, when I searched for reviews of companies run by people with this characteristic, I found that "the president's one-man" and "I just listened to what the president said, but what I said yesterday and today are different."What I said yesterday and today is different...Is it sexual desire that remains after losing the sense of management after becoming senile?It's painful.

I deny the content of the story, but I want to have sex at the hotel after this!I feel bad.For such men, please quit dating clubs, which are inefficient places, and enjoy Orient Industry's love dolls that always smile no matter what you say.


On the contrary, I usually act like an older brother,A man who listens seriously when a woman asks for adviceis like a reliable older brother and very attractive.
From what I hear, that kind of person is relied on not only by the women in the dating club, but also by various people in the company.

Even if you read the very rare question in the question box, "I'm really in love with my dad, what should I do?"

To be honest, I don't think there is a goal even if I fall in love with a daddy woman (if the man is married).

So, I don't mean to say, "Let them do as much as they want without any allowance," but there is nothing better than having a positive feeling close to romantic feelings, so I would like men to emulate this attitude. is.


A man who has no sex appeal but has a sense of life and a melancholy that invites even sympathy

Speaking of conversation, he complains about his wife and work, and the content of the conversation invites even our sympathy.

It's very rare, but it makes you feel like you're living like that (I think he's probably showing off his sex appeal) there is a man.

Everyone complains about their family more or less, but even if I hear it on a special "date", I'm confused, "So, what should I do?"

Personally, rather than complaining about people who are currently married, it's worse to hear someone who was married in the past say, "My ex-wife is..." or "Why did you get divorced?" (I'm sorry)

Why did they divorce?

honest,I can't believe I can talk to a woman I just met at a dating club and I don't even know where the horse's bones are..

By playing "I who broke up with my beloved wife" and "I seem to be living a fulfilling life at first glance, but actually I'm lonely"Are you aiming to stimulate a woman's maternal instinct?

The women who take advantage of it are all codependent people, so you should stop using such a painful trick.

Watanabe ZunichiThere is no doubt that the woman in the novel will say things like "strangle me ~ kill me ~" and "I want to die with you...".

I dream of becoming a real wife someday.This is the pattern that is most likely to get bogged down.


A man who loves women too much and is a playboy

Miso is not a "playboy" but a "playboy "pretentious".

I love women, I love sex, but when it comes down to it, I don't really have the guts to play, so my knowledge is mostly adult columns.Watanabe Zunichifrom the novel.

Still, it's not that I don't have a lot of experience, so my past love experiences (*About 20-30 years ago) to the size of a needle and small stick, and say, "women like flirty men', so I'm going to bang bang even remarks without delicacy.'Cause that's what the hottest guys like in me (Yeah

In general, these types have two patterns: the profile sentence on the member page (if it is open to the public) is composed of sentences that are not suitable for the age, or the user is an old man syntax, so if you get an offer, check it.

I wrote a lot in the past that this opposite Gariben type is also a minefield, so I will omit it this time.Everything has to be perfect.



When you write it like this, at first glance it looks like it's full of complaints, but it's easy even for middle and high school students to consciously take the opposite action.

(XNUMX) Do a proper homework and preliminary inspection of the place you are visiting for the first time

(XNUMX) Listen seriously to other people's stories and do not deny them outright.

③ Don't complain when you meet for the first time

④ Have a calmness suitable for the age

I don't read Watanabe Zunichi

Of course, women also need this kind of mindset, so if you take care of it, the quality of your encounters will improve greatly.

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