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Ossan smell of a woman walking with crab legs

Surprisingly many women walk with crab legs

I usually walk to work and commute to work, but sometimes I see women walking with crab legs.

Occasionally, if you walk in the same place at the same time every day, the people you see will become fixed (let alone here in the countryside).2I'm here w

One of them said,An old woman in her 50s is walking with a crab crotchI thought, and looked at her from behind, and when I got closer, she turned out to be a woman a little older than me.

TooThe way you walk is too old, I never thought that you were such a young person.

The other is in her 1s or 20s, and her hair is always dry, so I'm like, "Oh...".I think she's probably a total jerk. (Omai)


On the other hand, women who I think walk beautifully usually have shiny hair, are fashion-conscious, and are without exception sophisticated, making a good impression.

Anyway, I've always had bow legs, so when I let my guard down, my legs tend to open.If you have the same bow legs, I think you'll understand, but it's certainly easier to spread your legs and walk.
That's why I'm curious when I see a woman walking with a crab crotch.

In the first place, there are few men who walk with crab legs these days.
Old men who drank in Yokohama Chinatown, Keisuke Kuwata, etc.A Showa-style imageThere is only one.

In such a situation, a woman walks with her legs... To be honest, it's fine.HazukashiiI think.

Ten years ago, a man who broke into a women's bathhouse dressed as a woman said,Crab crotchThere was also news that it was found out because of ".

Yes, you can enjoy Okesa Persimmons in the form ofCrab-crotch is a man, a person who walks with a crab-crotch is a manWhat is it?


Which is better than walking inside your thighs?

Well, in conclusion, the "better" is the inner thigh walk.

I wrote that there are surprisingly many women with crabmata, but overall, I think there are more women with uchimata walking.

Overseas, it is said that to see if a woman is Japanese, look at how she walks (because Japanese women tend to walk inside their legs).

It's a personal feeling, but I pose with black leggings and high socks with inner thighs.Feeling of 2010.

It's cute if it's slightly tucked in, but it doesn't give a good impression if the toes are sticking together.

If you think it's cute and still do it, it's a relic of the Heisei era, so please throw it away.


The reason why uchimata seems old-fashioned is because Korean culture has become popular among young women in recent years, and along with that, the sense of value that ``uchimata is cute'' has faded.

I recently learned that there are many Korean women who have crab legs.

Among the professionals of manipulative treatment, it is said that walking inside the thigh is not good after all.When it becomes a cause of lower body weight.

but.Originally bow legs, people who walk with crab legs,Conscious enough to walk with a feeling of inner thighsOtherwise, I don't think I can walk beautifully.The point is to put effort into your legs when walking.


A rough cure for crab legs "Wear clothes that attract attention from the surroundings"

If you look at women who walk with crab legs, they seem to be less conscious of being watched by others.

It's okay if I somehow dress like that, I'm always conscious of that, so my walkinguglyHow oblivious.

There is no particular demand for glamorous fashion in the workplace, there are no events of any kind, and when it comes to people of the opposite sex, there are only people who are much older... Well, I can understand that you can't help but lose your mind in such a workplace.

However, if you go to a dating club with that tension, you will be defeated.She's a woman who cares more about beauty than she thinks she does.

Also, since men have seen only such women, is it a crab crotch because "no one has seen it"?I think it's pretty out of the question.

Again, this is an old story, but around 2010Even if you can see the black heat tech from your cute clothes, even if the false eyelashes on your eyes are a little messy,Well, that can't be helped, can it?There was a certain sense of ambiguity.Like making up for the glitz of other parts.

On the other hand, the current trend is based on “transparency”, and with the spread of information tools such as SNS and beauty medicine, women with messy hair and makeup are less common than in the past.That makes it harder to deceive makeup failures,It's a tough time for a woman who doesn't mind walking with a crab-legged leg.Has become.

So women with crab legs need to start by changing their consciousness.

Specifically, wear clothes that are easy for everyone to see.

It doesn't have to be flashy or unique.

When it comes to current fashion trends, loose-fitting clothes that don't show your body shape are the mainstream, but you can take the plunge and wear tight clothes that show your body shape.

I've never been to Korea or China, so I don't know if it's true or not, but women who like China and Korea often say, "Chinese and Korean women have good style and beautiful legs." I think it's because people tend to like nice clothes.

Tight clothes emphasize femininity, as the body conscious says, so the expectations for visuals will rise significantly.

If you're in your teens or early twenties, you can wear mini skirts.

In other words, being refined or sophisticated cannot be achieved simply by wearing beautiful clothes, and it is essential to always be aware that someone is watching you.

I want people to think that this woman is popular, but everyone thinks that her gestures are beautiful besides her facial features.


The reason why I can't keep up with men may be the accumulation of ruggedness

Occasionally, there are women who worry that "even if there is an offer at a dating club, I can't continue with a man."Accumulation of ruggednessIt may be in

Walking with crab legs, laughing out loud with food in his mouth, showing nose hairs, etc.

Conversely, women must have experienced it too. "At first, I thought you were a nice guy, but your bad breath is terrible." "My teeth are yellowish."

I think it's the reverse version of that.how you make others feel uncomfortableI think you get it.

Assuming you are a man, what makes you sad?A woman like an old man with a crab crotchwould you like to walk with

I think that people who are aware that they are rough will change considerably if they are conscious of exaggerated modesty in their gestures.

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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