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The danger of "I want to be beautiful" swirling on SNS

Diversity should have been accepted, but society has become difficult to live in

It's also a bad habit of mine, but when I should have written the main topic quickly, I always try to put a ↑ introduction like this, so it always becomes long and the result is a column that I don't really understand.

In fact, if I kept writing what I wanted to write, I would lose track of what I wanted to say, and I already have about five column manuscripts that have been shelved.

So, this preface will be narrowed down and written concisely.

The point is that we are starting to become a society that accepts various ways of thinking, such as gender, sexual minorities, and other tastes and preferences, but we are becoming a cramped society with too much information.
A long time ago, if you said, "I'm a man, but men are my romantic interests," you would be ridiculed at a vulgar wide show in the daytime, and I think you would have been thrown stones if you walked.
If you think about it, it seems that in modern times, individual “I like this” and “I want to say that” have become quite acceptable, but on the contrary, it has become a tense atmosphere where “I can’t say what I want to say”. is.This is not only a problem in Japan, but also in other countries such as the United States.

If I start writing about why this situation is happening here, it will take a long time, so I think I'll write a personal note that Papwa is doing in a place unrelated to the Universe club.

The bottomless swamp of Twitter's "beauty dirt"

Twitter.When Papuwa was in 6th grade or 1st grade in middle school, he was only working as an anime icon geek or some middle-aged and older celebrities, but now he's working as an actress, model, singer, and even the prime minister. I still can't believe it as a person who knows the blue bird of the time.
By the way, the first reply I sent after starting Twitter was "Hello!" to former YMO Yukihiro Takahashi.Too mysterious.

Such (what?) Twitter, but I think that users know that there is a group called a so-called "cluster".
Romance, men spatula, plastic surgery, anionata, barber shop, dog and cat lover, "self-proclaimed (← here is important)" feminist, parenting mom, janiota, entertainer mania, etc.

I tried to list them roughly, but among them, the "cluster" that always has a strange presence in the Twitter world is "plastic surgery".In the following, we will call it “beauty dirt” including makeup and fashion.

Papua hates beauty accounts

By the way, unfortunately, Papwa's Twitter followers don't have a single beauty stain.
I don't follow it intentionally and if it flows to TL due to some mistake, I will immediately block it.
I am fully aware that there are many people who are seriously distributing beauty information, and there are many people who refer to it. I'm afraid of the pressure of "I'll show you!"

It's not that I don't want to be beautiful, or that I hate makeup, but I think I'm more interested in beauty.
If I ran into an oil tycoon on a street corner and received 1 million yen, I would absolutely want to spend about 500 million yen out of it on esthetics and medical hair removal. (delusion)

But while I'm looking at Twitter, I want to relax my shoulders.In short, the values ​​​​that people who live in the beauty stain area are looking for on Twitter are completely different.
While I want to see the flat profile of a Pekingese on Twitter or a Photoshop image of Shinjiro Koizumi, women in the beauty world absorb all kinds of information about face types, body types, makeup techniques, plastic surgery, and beauty, and make themselves up every day. I want to update the aesthetic sense of
If you have the time to laugh at those boring photoshop images, why don't you try a matching app and try to find a boyfriend?When asked, I said, "Yes, that's right."

The dangers of beauty spots seen in the characteristics of Twitter

Twitter's timeline is, so to speak, your own best nine.
You can immediately block accounts that you don't like, even if you don't like them at first.

When Papua first started Twitter, he used to follow all the celebrities displayed in the "Would you like to follow this account?" But more than that, I follow people on personal accounts who send out things that I think are "interesting" from the bottom of my heart.I'm sure you all feel the same way.

By doing this, you can customize the timeline to your liking as I wrote "Best Nine" at the beginning, but "other than that" information will not be included.
This is because it is in a state of “my favorite or something else”.
When this happens, I feel that it is quite dangerous to follow only beauty dirt.

"Do you like dogs or not?"
"Are you a car lover or something else?"
"Do you like anime or not?"

It's still good around here.Of course, likes and dislikes can lead to things like ``mounting newcomers'' or ``forcing moe-e to people who aren't interested'', but compared to what can happen if you're immersed in beauty dirt. It's no big deal.

Beauty dirt ~ "mass production type girls" born as a result of aiming for "independent strong women"

There is an illustration that a conscious type of beauty dirt often uses as an icon.
Unfortunately, I can't paste it here due to copyright issues, but I think many people will be able to find it if you type "strong female maker" in a Google image search.Have you ever seen this illustration before?

In short, there used to be free software called ``Strong Woman Maker'' that could create portraits for personal use, and it was explosively popular with some women because it was possible to create modern and beautiful female faces no matter what parts were selected. of.It doesn't seem to be available for some reason now, but even now, there are a great many women who use illustrations made by this "strong female maker" as their Twitter icons.

However, it is ironic that all of them look like "the same lack of individuality" as a result of advocating "independent women, strong women".I think this already symbolizes the negative side of beauty plaque.

To put it simply, beauty smear is "a group of women with a high sense of beauty", but among them there are many women whose consciousness has run wild in a strange direction and their common sense of beauty has long since collapsed. Women who check beauty plaque on a daily basis should be aware of this.

After all, the beauty scale area overlaps with the romance cluster, the menhera cluster, and the entertainment cluster.This is because they have something in common in that they are sometimes overly conscious of other people's eyes and often use words such as "plastic surgery", "want to die", and "male appeal" (of course, not all of them are like that).

Excessive "consciousness of being attractive to men" and "consciousness of wanting to be loved by others" kill the heart

I don't want someone troublesome to poke me in the anonymous question box, so if I decline in advance, I think Papua is relatively conscious of male appeal.
On top of that, I would say that excessive "desire to be loved by men and desire to be popular" kills the heart.

There was a period of time when I myself read romance columns, even though I wasn't a beauty person.
"5 characteristics of little devil girls who are loved by men ♡"
"This kind of girl is NG! 3 characteristics of women that men think 'I don't have!'"
"The difference between a popular girl and a non-popular girl is definitely ○○!?"
There's no end to reading this, you can't be popular just because you read it, you can have a boyfriend just because you read it.
Even so, the words "I don't like girls like this", "women that men don't like", and "girls who aren't popular" definitely corrupted my mind.She seriously thought that she didn't have any existence value because she couldn't have a boyfriend.

The same goes for beauty stains.
I'm just meaningfully collecting information in the beauty cluster!Even if you think that, each word you see in it may unconsciously torment you and narrow her vision.
Even just Twitter's beauty dirt (I'm sorry) is aggressive and there are many people looking down.
Don't you try to suppress that kind of feeling by saying, "Wow~ ○○, you're really beautiful and I respect you♡", and send you a persistent reply?

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before trying to flatter a fictional woman who you don't even know if she's real or not.I think that there are some things that can only be seen by calmly looking at one's own face.How far can you cover with makeup?

“What do I want to do?” instead of “What do others think?”

Let's go back to the introduction here.
“The modern world is overwhelmed with information, and it is becoming cramped,” he wrote.
The same is true of cosmetic plaque, and as plastic surgery becomes more familiar and information about plastic surgery becomes easier to obtain, I imagine that many women are conversely thinking, "I have to have plastic surgery, too." do.

Another precaution, Papwa is in favor of plastic surgery.Ultimately, I think he should do as much as he likes at his own risk, as long as he doesn't impose it on others.

However, just like the old Papua who read romance columns and almost lost sight of his own value, just stepping into the beauty scourge area exhausted his mind with words on the Internet, and in his head he thought, "More cute and more." I don't want any women to suffer because they don't understand their current attractiveness because they're all about being cute and even cuter...".

In the first place, just because your face has become beautiful, you can say, "Hey, you've got a beautiful face, so you can be happy from now on~♪".If such a society exists, a disease such as "plastic surgery addiction" would not have been born.

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