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Aren't you going to set up a branch of the Universe club in Kanazawa?

The "anonymous question box" is becoming more and more glorious as the number of respondents increases, but occasionally (about once every six months)
Questions such as "I live in Hokuriku, can I register?" and "Are there any female members in Hokuriku?" 

In the question box when President Kida was still answering vigorously, there was also a question like this. 

You also considered setting up a branch in Hokuriku. 

The Niigata branch is the only branch of the Universe club that can be said to be the only branch on the Sea of ​​Japan side, but it seems to be close to Kanazawa, but it is plain and far away. 
Strictly speaking, if you only need to enter Niigata Prefecture, you can get off at Joetsu Myoko.
If you have to go to Niigata city, which is the center of Niigata prefecture, it will take 2 hours from Joetsu Myoko to Niigata.
So in terms of travel time, Kyoto is much closer. 
My analysis is that this half-hearted feeling is putting a brake on the increase in the number of male and female members in Hokuriku. 

However, in my experience, there are surprisingly many people who come to Kanazawa from places like Tokyo and Osaka on business trips.
(I bet everyone doesn't know) Actually, it's also a "student town." 
If I dare to put it in the worst possible way, it means "there are many female college students." 

That's why, believing that there is a reasonable demand, "the city where North Korean operative ships drift"
This time, I would like to write about the difficulty of living as a dad in Ishikawa Prefecture (or Kanazawa City).Kamsahamnida! ! ! 


Lack of love hotels 

There are very few love hotels in Kanazawa. 
Even though it's the same old capital, Kyoto really has a lot of them... but they're built along the river where tourists usually walk...
This is probably why Kanazawa cannot catch up with Kyoto. (?) 

Moreover, it's bad because the few love hotels have only old-fashioned places with a hint of Showa. 

I have been to "HOTEL EX Resort Kanazawa" twice, but I was worried about the oldness in places.I can't say enough about how comfortable it is. 
The photos of the rooms on the official website look nice, but the pictures of love hotels are generally "too good". 

Even if it is a location, I wonder if Musashi can't build it in Tsuji or Korinbo due to the ordinance.
Most of them are around the station (old ones) or in the suburbs where only locals go (old ones). 
There are hotels near the Nishi Chaya District, but this is the so-called red light district, so you'll get caught by the go-getters. 

If you think "I really want to go to an urban and sophisticated love hotel in Kanazawa!", I'd say "THE TOWER HOTEL Kanazawa" in Hikita... but there's really nothing around (^ω^) 
If you take a step outside the love hotel, you will find a residential area for Jimoty. 
If I usually have business in this area, I think it's about the driving school (laughs). 

If you renovate an old private house in Hashibacho and open a love hotel with the concept of "luxury x Japanese house", it will definitely be popular (including foreign tourists).
Well, it will be impossible because it is normally opposed by local residents.People in Kanazawa are scary. 
Who is this rude person who says, "I want to have a hot outdoor sex in the Asano River at night"? 

By the way, my boarding house apartment is close to a famous long-established love hotel in the local area. 
I'm grateful that the boys laughed at me because it gave me a good idea of ​​what I was talking about (what?). 
There was a robbery there a few years ago, and I thought you could steal a lot of money that you don't know if you touched it... 

It may come as a surprise, but there are more beautiful and stylish love hotels in neighboring Toyama Prefecture.Well, as usual, a car (taxi) is essential because it is in the suburbs... 

By the way, people in Kanazawa get angry when they are grouped with Kyoto.I'm scared. 
If I remember correctly, Kanazawa City was also excluded from the "National Kyoto Conference". 

Strong night work 

I think this is probably the case in most cities other than Tokyo, but the current situation is that so-called "papa katsu" has not penetrated these regions. 

If the composition is that wealthy men contribute to young women, the main battlefields are cabaret clubs and clubs. 
There is also a dating club in Kanazawa City, but I imagine it's probably a night-time older sister doing it as a side job. 

Of course, college students and office workers can also register. 
However, Hokuriku's wealthy class is frankly limited, and the office district is limited to the area around the station and Korinbo. 
Even if it is a different industry, the Hokuriku financial world seems to be indirectly connected. 
I think the risk of being found out is higher than joining a dating club in a normal urban area. 

By the way, in Kanazawa, TV commercials for cabaret clubs are played late at night, but is this the case in all prefectures? 

There are few places to eat and date 

It has neither body nor lid. 
This is exactly what President Kida answered in the question I introduced at the beginning. 

"It's hard to run a date club in a city with less than 5 variations of date meeting places.
Everyone is a local celebrities, so they can't play flashy in their hometowns, so they end up going to cabaret clubs in Roppongi.Then Tokyo would be fine. " 

Yeah yeah, that's right.
Speaking of places in Kanazawa city, there were two patterns, "Hotel Nikko Kanazawa" and "ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel", or rather, there are only these two places (laughs)
Well, with the tourism bubble, there are new fashionable hotels, but there are no teppanyaki restaurants or French restaurants where couples with age differences can go. 
If so, I'm sure I'll go to Nikko or ANA. 

It's not just limited to night work, but at night in Hokuriku, it's almost 100% Katamachi, so there are rumors that the president of some company will do something at that bar or eat at that restaurant. I think it will spread really quickly.

For some reason, even though I had no connection with him, I knew that a monk from a famous temple in Fukui was coming to Katamachi to play. 

Conclusion: Not enough vitality to open a branch (sorry) 

To be honest, although Kanazawa is certainly developing now, it is doubtful whether this momentum will continue. 
There are no large companies based in Ishikawa Prefecture (Komatsu and I-O Data), and the current situation is tourism and traditional industries that sell "compact cities that can be toured in a day". 
In the tourism industry, we had been focusing on inbound marketing, but I can't tell you how it paid off. 

With that in mind, it makes sense that it wouldn't be profitable to expand the dating club to Kanazawa at the branch level. 

Dear Questioner,
“If we have a base in Kanazawa, we will be able to fully follow up from Fukui to Toyama.” 
You write as if everyone is eagerly awaiting it. 

In Toyama, well, there are quite a few people who work in Kanazawa during the day and return to their homes in Toyama at night. 

Yes, Fukui... 

Excuse me, Fukui Prefecture, in this era of Reiwa, the radio waves are generally weak, and only 3 commercial stations can be seen,
No matter where people live, there are only mountains and rice fields, and I feel like Kyoto is closer than Kanazawa, so I doubt it in terms of demand (´・ω・`) 

Also, the snow is amazing. 

However, the universe club has already started "online dating", and if women living in Hokuriku are willing to go on business trip dates, they will get a relationship.

Opportunities do exist.In fact, 85% of my settings were from Nagoya, Kansai, and Kanto (in descending order). 
If you are tired of going out and only want to receive offers from people in Hokuriku, please do your best at Sugar Daddy and send messages. 

Speaking of places, there was one time called Shiga. 
This is a place where there is really nothing but Lake Biwa (excuse me), and when I got off at Maibara Station at night, I was almost crying in a world of darkness, but it was fun to stay at a membership hotel on the banks of Lake Biwa. 
In the morning, the view of Lake Biwa from the hotel window was beautiful. 
Shiga is a place I personally want to go to again, not just for dad activities. 

A Final Word 

I've written a lot about it, but men, when you go on a business trip to Hokuriku, I think you should make an offer to a female member who lives in Hokuriku. 
If you find a wonderful woman full of vitality like Ms. Papua who will respond to sudden offers on the day, please let us know in the question box or column. 
Since I will be leaving Hokuriku in the spring of 2021, I would like to pass on the name of the current Kanazawa Tourism Ambassador to someone else. 

Not only Hokuriku, but also women who live in prefectures without branches and are hesitating to join, just go to the nearest branch for an interview. 
If it's OK to go on dates outside of the prefecture, I think it would be fun to go to various places. 

The end 

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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