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The range that can be tolerated in dad life

Dad life is a service industry, but...

I have already told you that I see Papa Katsu as a service industry.

However, even in such a service industry, I hear that there are many women who put up with various things depending on the woman who works as a dad.

For example, how often do you see your dad?

I think that many women make a decision with their father when they first meet.

That's how many times a month we meet, the amount of allowance, etc.

Therefore, the father and the woman are basically human beings.

No matter what, one of them will have more requests than the contract.

The longer the relationship, the better.

Let me introduce here the pattern requested by the man who experienced it.

Originally, we had promised to meet once a week, but before we knew it, it was twice a week.

Basically, I make a contract with every papa once a week.

The reason is that I want to make a contract with multiple dads.

I might break my dad's dream if I say this, but dad life is nothing more than a service industry in my mind.

So it's pretty split.

Of course, I'm not going to treat Papa inappropriately just because I'm sensible.

That's because I have a theory that you should work as much as you receive a solid allowance.

However, it was more convenient for me to go out with multiple men than to go out with only one man.

Rather than signing a contract with one man to meet four times a month, I could earn more money per month by hiring another man each week.

I think it really depends on the person.

That's just how it was in my case.

If this goes over a special day such as your birthday, the number of presents will double or triple.

In my own way, I thought about various things and stopped narrowing it down to just one person.

However, in the end, the connection with a good papa quickly spans the years.

It will flow naturally.

In the midst of this, no matter how much I take it as a job, I am still human.

Naturally, feelings begin to boil for each papa.

For example, I am indebted to him for this much, he listens to me selfishly, and I have to listen to Papa's requests without saying anything.

So, the most obvious thing for me is the frequency of meeting.

When I think about it now, there are times when we meet four times a month, but there are times when we meet 4 times. (same as monthly allowance)

Isn't it too much service from around?It is often said.

As for me, I didn't have a physical relationship every time, and I was just eating a lot of times, so I didn't care that much.

But now that I think about it, did I endure it?There are many things I think.

If I signed a contract with another dad or met him, I could have earned that amount.

Can you handle this as an acceptable range?When I think about it now, as long as there is a contract, I regretted that it was a part that should not be done arbitrarily.

Absolutely, it's a range that shouldn't be allowed in dad life.

If you allow this, you will not understand why you are discussing and contracting with Papa.

How about a trip with Daddy?

In dad life, most contracts do not include going on trips or the like.

That's why, after signing a contract with Papa, I'm sometimes invited to travel abroad. (Often, depending on the dad.)

We didn't discuss this in the first contract, so what would you do if your dad asked you to go with him?If it were me, I'd say no.

Of course, it's a different story if it's a promise to go to the place where you said so at the time of the first contract.

However, even if my dad talks about traveling on a whim after signing the contract, I still have my private life.

To be honest, if I'm traveling, I want to go with my family or if I have a boyfriend, I want to go with him.

Isn't this something every woman thinks about?

Relatively speaking, I'm the type of person who thinks more strongly than the women out there.

That's why I think dad activities are quite divisible.

So, it would be good to decide on the part that said this at the beginning of the contract, or when you first started dating Papa. (After a few days, you won't be able to say that.)

Papa Katsu Sexual Circumstances

If you have been dating your dad for a long time, you will definitely visit a sexual relationship.

I've never heard of a woman who hasn't had a physical relationship with her daddy for more than a few days, even if it's only a few days after meeting him.

That's why the rate of having a relationship is high.

Is this a bad thing?When asked, even though it's a dad activity, it's a natural flow between adults because they're dating their dad.

However, some dads are quite demanding.

For example, Daddy who uses toys.

Some women really hate it. (Actually, I am one of them.)

In my experience, this toy is usually the entry point, and there are many patterns in which daddy's requests escalate if this is allowed.

I know a lot of women who accept it at all.

Toys don't suit me. (Sometimes it feels painful.)

That's why it's NG, but my dad is surprisingly persistent when it comes to this kind of situation.

I'm sure there are some papas out there who make requests while throwing up the topic of allowances here and there. (I don't have much experience saying that so far, but it's not zero.)

I'm used to being a dad, so when we meet for the first time, I lightly touch on the sexual side of the contract, and try to ask for understanding by saying, "If you decide that you can't do it, let me be honest on the spot."

First, let me say that basically my dad won't make unreasonable requests, and men who have a habit of saying that won't sign a contract with me.

Of course, I also hear from people around me that men who have some kind of habit of saying that pay more allowances.

However, from my experience, I know that if you try to force yourself to answer a question that you cannot answer by yourself, a negative chain reaction will occur.

What do you think?So, basically, no matter how much you look at dad activities as a service business, it is always better to consult with your dad without being patient about the part "I don't like this."

Each woman has a wide range of tolerance and a narrow range.

I may be rather narrow.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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