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Long time no see.
This is Nozaki from Marketing Unit.

Recently, Universe Club has been introduced by various media.thank you!
In this article, we would like to introduce the publisher.


Guide to Osaka Uetoko


Media that introduces famous places in Osaka.
You can get to know a wide range of Osaka, from places that can be used for dates such as night view spots to detective offices (!).
Universe Club also debuted as a famous spot in Osaka✨
When I go to Osaka, I will enjoy USJ, Takoyaki, and the Universe Club!



We are putting together how to use the universe club without fail.
Was the article easy to understand even for beginners?
In addition to the article on dad activities, there was an article about drinking money, so if you are interested, you may want to take a look at that as well.



Matching application introduction media.
We handle a wide range of reviews and reputations of matching apps, not only for love and marriage purposes, but also for play purposes, mama activities, and sister activities (is there such a thing?!).
It is a very helpful site not only for dad activities, but also for those who are looking for encounters other than dad activities!



This is a site specializing in dating, such as dating parties, matchmaking parties, hobby parties, and information on parties limited to married people.
This e-venz has posted about the Universe Club on the introduction page about dating clubs and daddy activities ♪
If you are looking for a meeting, I think it would be good to see it once.

matching app school


It is a site that introduces from both men's and women's perspectives.It is very attractive that not only the app but also the dad activity site is posted.There is also a chart of each medium, and it is a very convenient site because it writes which medium you are suitable for.



It is a site that specializes in live chat and dating apps as well as dating clubs.
There are plenty of impressions and recommendations from real activists who are interviewing famous influencers.
It is a very useful site for those who are just starting out and those who have trouble with activities ♪

love match


This is a site that introduces services that allow you to safely live as a dad.
It was introduced at the top of the 16 recommended dating clubs in Tokyo✨
The reviews are very detailed for each club, so this site is recommended for those who are concerned about their reputation.

how to walk dating sites


It is a site where you can find matching sites that suit you by scene, from teens to 10s.
It is introduced as a direct hit interview article on the page of Papa Katsu / Dating Club ♪
Please take a look at the measures we are working on.



From dating clubs to fortune telling, it is a media that disseminates useful information for women's lives.
Ranked number 1 among many dating clubs.
またSeparate articleDetailed information about our company is posted on the website, so even beginners of dad life can rest assured.

dating tiger


It is a media that introduces a wide variety of sites and apps about dad activities.
While there are many judgment criteria, we received ◎ in all items and received the first place in the ranking.
There are also reviews, so you can see the real voices of current members.

Night job recommended ranking.com


It mainly deals with information on adult entertainment and social clubs, and provides easy-to-understand explanations of tips and advice for women to earn money!
This time, our company was introduced in an article about the dating club.
You can see the usage fees, membership conditions, and number of members for each social club at a glance, so please read this if you are having trouble choosing a social club.



This is a comparison media for dad activity apps and sites that feature user reviews.
This time, he wrote an article explaining our company.
Information that is useful for everyone who is interested in dad activities, such as the pricing system and the quality of members, is listed in an easy-to-understand manner, so please check it out♪
*This is not "cinderella", a column site operated by Universe Club.




We are a media company specializing in love.
The site is full of everything from romance to erotic content, and it's divided into women's and men's content, so you can enjoy both.
This time it's my mistressIn the articleWe were introduced to our company.
It is recommended for people who are tired of ordinary romance, so please read it♪

Sugar Daddy Shockers

Sugar Daddy Shockers

[April 2024] I want to be an adult in sugar dating! Here's the conditions for being an adult and the average allowance!

This is a media outlet that publishes rankings of information on sugar dating, paid drinking parties, and dating clubs.
This time we were introduced to Universe Club and PATOLO.
If you're looking for the pros and cons of each service, be sure to take a look.


Universe Group article

 Universe Group

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