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What was missing in my dad life in 2023.


Future growth born from reflection

Recently, my dad said something that made me think.

“Is there anything you want to do other than being a dad?”

As expected, this one word was a wake-up call for me.

I view fatherhood as a business.

Certainly, I think all the dads with whom I have contracts understand that, and I'm sure they understand ``my thoughts on daddy life.''

That's because I think I've faced every father and had a dialogue with them.

However, when I was told, ``Other than being a dad!!!'', I couldn't say anything in response.

After all, now I am able to work as a father as a sole proprietor.

But will we be able to do it the same way 10 years from now? If you ask me, it's quite doubtful.

The reason is the degradation of women.

Unlike men, women cannot be sold if they deteriorate.

However, when it comes to being a father, the changes in appearance become quite serious.

This means that as you get older, it becomes a matter of life and death.

And the bad part about this is that no one can prevent it and it is a natural phenomenon that everyone goes through.

At daytime jobs, you don't have to worry about that because you don't use your appearance as a weapon, but when you're a dad, it's a big deal.

With that in mind, what about me who hasn't made a contract for several years in advance? That's what I started to think.

So, I thought about various things in my own unique way.

Start earning money as a dad now and retire in your 40s.

Sure, this might work.

However, once people experience luxury, they find it difficult to lower their standard of living.

Therefore, unless you start saving and earning a considerable amount from now on, it will be impossible to achieve the above contract.

Also, I'm working as a father, so I can't see it now, but I want to have children and start a family in the future.

If that happens, the time when you will have to quit being a dad may come sooner.

However, even if you have a boyfriend who is about to get married, you cannot say, ``My job is to be a father.''

How should I explain this to the other person's parents? I don't understand, and I can't even explain it to my parents.

It's not that daddying is bad, it's just that it's still not well known in the world.

This is not a problem that I can solve on my own.

Maybe the kids who earn a lot of money as dads are thinking about that? I wondered about this, and when I asked my close friends, none of them had thought about the future that far.

Then, I remembered something very important from a conversation with my dad.

“Was being a dad really meant to be my full-time job?”

Actually, the reason I started working as a father was through modeling.

I didn't have any talent, including acting, so I was introduced to a school-like part of that specialty through the agency I was contracted with at the time, and I went there.

However, if you join an office and go to school, the money just won't last.

The reason is that even if you have time to work part-time, if you suddenly have to take portraits, you have to choose between the two.

I had chosen photography, but if you behave like that, you'll get fired immediately no matter what part-time job you have.

In that case, the only job that suits me is the fishing industry.

However, water business is prohibited at the office.

That's why all the kids working at the same agency were from rich families and didn't need to work. (My family was in the intermediate class, but I couldn't tell my parents that I wanted money.)

Then, a friend in the same industry told me about Papakatsu.

Then, he started working as a father as a way to connect him with future jobs.

Nowadays, it's more like a business, but when I started out as a dad, I had a completely different mindset.

Perhaps, having been a father for so long, I had forgotten those old thoughts.

And because I continued to work as a father without thinking about anything, my plans for the future changed midway through, and I think I ended up in a state where I forgot why I started working as a father.

That's what my dad said to me, and it reminded me of something like, ``In the first place, I never thought I'd live as a dad for a long time.''

I personally believe that it is impossible to live as a father for the rest of my life, and I fully understand that although it may help young women with their daily lives, it will not help them for the rest of their lives. are doing.

This is exactly what I want women who are about to start working as fathers to understand.

Of course, there are many things you need to learn about professionalism and etiquette when working as a dad, so it's very important to think about it as a business.

Because if we don't do that, we won't be able to provide services that will please the dads who have contracts with us.

But being a dad is not something you can do forever.

Maybe I forgot this important part all the way through 2023.

Yes, I reaffirmed that ``Dad life = a bridge to my next growth.''

That's why, with the hunger I lacked in 2024, I wanted to do a lot of things now that I can be a father, and look for a different business that I can do for the rest of my life.

If you don't use dad-hunting in that way, you'll end up asking, ``Why are you meeting dads?''

Indeed, such a child is my friend.

Taking advantage of her father's time, she started running a restaurant.

There is also a friend of mine who used Papakatsu to make his debut in the entertainment industry through his father's subsidiary company.

I wondered what I was doing as a dad.

What did I lack in my life as a father in 2023? It really stood out.

To be honest, there are quite a lot of dads who have contracts now, so it should be an easy environment for me to try out a job that will help me make a living in the future.

Through so-called dad activities, you may be able to ask your dad to invest in the form of an allowance.

Lately, I've been paying a lot of attention to my dad, so I remembered that I'm a little hungry, and based on the above, I decided to appeal more than ever through my dad activities.

I don't want my dad to see my anxious face, and if I show my face like that when I'm a dad, my business won't be viable and everything could end up being half-finished, so I have to be careful about that as well.

These thoughts may be what I lack in 2023.

It's important for everyone to use their fatherhood activities in a variety of ways.

For women, youth is a weapon.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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