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What is the purpose of a man who works as a dad? I asked about the reasons and benefits of meeting PJ

There are various reasons why women start dad activities, such as saving money for the future, improving their own skills, and living expenses.But on the other hand, what is the reason why men start dad activities?This time, we put the spotlight on the man on the dad side and asked him why he started working as a dad.


What is the purpose of a man who works as a dad?I asked him why he works as a dad

① I want to talk to a young woman

It is said that there are many men who start dad activities because they want to talk to young women who they can't usually talk to.Usually, he doesn't have many opportunities to talk to young women at work or in his private life, so he wants to pay for Papa-katsu to have a long talk and be healed.Also, it seems that there are some people who want young women to listen to their complaints and worries that they can't easily talk about in their private lives or at work, because of the simple relationship of being a dad.

② I want to enjoy a pseudo-romance with an amateur woman

It is said that there are many men who start Daddy activity because they want to have a pseudo-romance with a young woman.Daddy activity is a relationship that is connected by money, but only while you are meeting, the woman treats you like a lover. There were also men who said, "I want to feel like I was young even when I'm old," and people who said, "I want to enjoy a pseudo-romance with an amateur woman that women in the bar business don't have."

③ I want to have sex with a young woman

No matter how old you are, it's a man's instinct to want to hug young women.When it comes to dad activities, many people may imagine healthy relationships such as meals and dates, but many men say that they start dad activities on the premise that they will have an adult relationship.In fuzoku, you can only play within a limited time and rules, but with Papa-katsu, you can enjoy your private time to your heart's content.

④ Cospa is good

Hostess clubs, picking up girls, drinking parties... there are many ways to hang out with women, but it takes a lot of time and money to lure them into a hotel.However, it seems that there are many men who are addicted to papa-katsu because they can find a woman who is OK with adults through papa-katsu, and it is a quick and cost-effective way to play.This may be one of the reasons why more and more young men are doing daddy activities these days.

⑤ Because I was interested in dad life

It is said that many men have become interested in papa-katsu because of the increased media coverage over the past few years.I think that one of the reasons is that there are more tools that can easily start dad activities, such as dad activity apps, in addition to dating clubs and parties in Minato Ward like a long time ago.It seems that there are many men who have actually started dad activities and are addicted to the casualness.

What are the benefits for men to start dad activities?

① You can get acquainted with young women casually

The number one benefit for men to start dad activities is that they can easily get to know young women.If you use the Papa Katsu app, you can meet a lot of young women with just a smartphone without going out.You can find the ideal woman who perfectly suits your requirements without going through the process of getting to know a woman, buying her a meal, and persuading her.

② You can play at your own convenience

The good thing about dad life is that you can easily play at your own convenient time.In the case of a married man, he may be able to feel like a lover even if he has an affair, but there are various risks such as taking care not to find out from his wife or having to play while hiding the fact that he is married.Daddy activities are very convenient for men who are busy with work and married men because women will make it convenient for them to some extent.Also, if you use apps and dating clubs, you can quickly meet new women, so it is also recommended for your free time.

③Since romantic feelings are not entwined, it is easy

Daddy activities that generate allowances do not involve romantic feelings, so there is little worry about conflicts between men and women.Therefore, it is perfect for people who want to play secretly without telling their family or men who want to play with an adult relationship.Papa-katsu apps and dating clubs do not require you to share personal information with each other, so even those who don't want to find out can play with peace of mind.


It seems that more and more men are starting daddy activities because they feel the benefits of being able to play with young women casually.Papa activities are cost-effective for both men and women.There are many ways to meet dads and women in Papa Katsu, but there is no doubt that dating clubs have more quality dads and women than apps.

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