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Can it be used for daddy activities?LINE techniques to send to older men - NG examples

What do you keep in mind when talking on LINE with an older man for fatherhood or love?Some women may feel that if the person they're dating is older, they can't just chat on LINE as easily as men of the same generation.We will introduce LINE techniques and NG examples that can be used when you are a father or dating an older man.

LINE techniques to send to older men

① At first, use honorific language, but as you get better friends, add formal language to the mix.

When chatting with an older man on LINE, use honorific language at first to give the impression that he is polite.There are many men who withdraw if a younger girl starts to talk to them.However, once you have become friends to a certain extent, if you start talking to each other occasionally, it will be easier to get closer.


There are no men who would feel bad about being complimented by a younger woman.It's fine to praise someone in a casual conversation, but sending them in a message adds credibility and is even more effective.When complimenting someone, using polite language rather than honorific language will deepen the relationship. It would be better to say "Cool!" rather than "That's cool!" and "Wow!" rather than "That's amazing!"

③ Be pampered

When a man is pampered by a younger woman, he feels that he wants to protect her.An effective way to win over an older man is to show your weakness at random moments and try to be nice to him. A good way to be nice to someone on LINE is to talk to them about any worries or troubles you may have at work.If you're a caring older man, I'm sure he'll be happy to help.However, the other person may be busy, so be sure to check the timing and be kind to them.

④ Ask someone to teach you something you don't know

Women who can honestly ask things they don't know are admired by men.Even if you feel like you can't talk to older men, I think it's easy to ask them to tell you something you don't know.Also, by asking him to teach you, you can deepen your relationship with him.If you have any questions about things you don't understand, such as advice on delicious restaurants or work, it's a good idea to ask.If the conversation expands from there, the distance between the two of you should become much smaller.

Is LINE with an older man NG?

①Use young people's words and abbreviations

Young people's words and abbreviations are okay for men of the same generation, but older men may not understand them.If you send words that you won't understand unless you look them up, you will make the other person think, ``I'm tired of being on LINE with this girl...'' so you need to be careful.When talking to older men, be sure to use polite language even on LINE.

② Respond at the other person's pace

Conversation is only possible when you can play catch with each other.Therefore, some men may get tired if you send messages one after another without matching the pace of the other person's replies.Also, be careful not to introduce other topics in the middle of a conversation, as this may give a bad impression to older men.

③ Continuous stamp posting

If you are a couple or friends of the same generation, even meaningless exchanges such as posting stamps repeatedly can be fun.However, as many adults grow up, many people view LINE as just a means of communication, so it seems meaningless when someone sends messages with only stamps.If you have requirements, try to communicate them in words rather than stamps, and avoid sending anything that may embarrass the recipient.

④Think about the time of day when you send LINE

For those who work, there is nothing difficult about LINE without considering the time of day.Also, being asked to reply when you are busy can be a burden to the other person. It is good etiquette to send messages on LINE at times when the recipient is most likely to reply, such as weekday evenings or weekend afternoons.

in conclusion

Many women may find it difficult to communicate with older men on LINE, but in general, it's best to start out with them just like you would with your boss at work.Once you get along well with each other, gradually shorten the distance by talking to each other.Whether it's a conversation or LINE, your progress will depend on how well you can extract information from the other person.If you ask questions if there's something you want to know, and also share some information about yourself, the conversation will expand more easily, and the older man will be more likely to take the lead.

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