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What is the difference between being a dad in the past and being a dad now? interview

The term "dad-katsu" has been around for a long time, but its definition and market have changed significantly in recent years. What is the difference between dad-katsu in the past and dad-katsu now? We spoke to writer Yumi Kawano.

■Evolving dad market! There is such a difference between now and then!

Ayumi Kawano

-First of all, when was the term "dadakatsu" first coined?

Yumi Kawano (hereinafter referred to as Kawano)
“The term “daddy-katsu” was born around 2014.It was derived from paid drinking and lounge girls, which were popular among girls in Minato Ward at the time.

As you may know, "Gyara-nomi" refers to a situation in which company managers in Minato Ward and other areas give pocket money (Gyara) to women and drink with them. On the other hand, "lounges" have become popular since around 2010, and are also known as "canvas clubs," and are shops where amateur women serve customers.

The lounge is mainly staffed by female college students, and is similar to a cabaret club where registration is required. The difference from a cabaret club is that if you like it, you can take the female cast member home with you for a fee. However, some lounges did not have permission under the Entertainment Business Law, and some of them were arrested.

These "paid drinking" and "lounges" were linked with "dating clubs" that already existed in the early 2000s, and young women went on dates with men who could afford them and earned allowances (pocket money). The act of receiving has come to be known as "daddy-katsu."

- It's been 10 years since the word "Papa-katsu" became popular, but what's the difference between Papa-katsu then and now?

Kawano: Ten years ago, dad-hunting was centered around Minato-ku girls and women who were registered in dating clubs, and there were many high-level women such as young aspiring talents, gravure idols, cabin attendants, and office ladies.

However, recently, as the number of women who are working as fathers has increased, there are a wide range of women in dating clubs, from ordinary female college students to housewives in their 40s, and women who are chubby or average in terms of body shape and appearance. I am enrolled.

For this reason, it has recently been said that women who are more amateurish are more popular with dads than Minato-ku girls.

In addition, the range of men who become fathers is widening: 10 years ago, the majority were company managers, company executives, doctors, lawyers, etc. in their 50s and above, but recently it has become common office workers in their late 30s. There are various types. My personal impression is that company managers mainly use dating clubs, and general office workers mainly use dad-katsu apps.

-I hear that the market price for dad-hunting has changed significantly, but what is the reality?

Kawano: The market has fallen significantly due to the large number of women who have lost their jobs due to the effects of the new coronavirus entering the market. Compared to 10 years ago, tea (meetings) used to cost 1 to 2 yen, but now it costs about 5 to 1 yen, and meals used to cost 3 yen, but now they cost about 1 to 2 yen.

Also, 10 years ago, the market price for adults was 5 to 10 yen, but now it has fallen to about 3 to 5 yen. Of course, it depends on whether you meet at a dating club or on a dad-katsu app, but I have the impression that the overall market for dad-katsu is stagnant.

■Girls who are active dads are scared because of the incident with Riri, a girl who drinks money and receives money!?

-Just the other day, there was an incident involving Riri-chan, a girl named Riri-chan, in which Riri-chan's designated host and the store owner were arrested for having her spend a large amount of money at a host club, knowing that the money was fraudulently obtained. . I hear that this is currently causing a stir in the father-hunting industry.

In the first place, the reason why host clubs have become such a problem is that they force women to work at stand-up shops or sex shops, shouldering the burden of high-priced sales.

A long time ago, in host clubs, it was said that if you had monthly sales of 200 million yen, you could become number one, but now there are over 1 hosts who are known as ``1 million yen players.'' The reason behind the rapid increase in host club sales is that father-hunting has had a big impact.

Riri's case is a scam and is different from Papakatsu, but there are many troubles in Papakatsu where people try to steal money. With such problems on the rise, there is a possibility that father-hunting activities will be subject to even stricter scrutiny in the future. It is thought that.

In addition, in 2022, there was a case in which the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau imposed an additional tax of approximately 4,000 million yen on a woman who earned approximately 1,100 million yen through free drinking.

Most of the men who engage in father-care activities and pay-based drinking are high-income earners, so they tend to be subject to tax audits. Therefore, if a man withdraws or transfers cash for which the use is unknown, the woman with whom he is making the transaction may also be investigated.

I've heard that recently, in order to avoid this kind of risk, more and more fathers are making their daddy girls write receipts.

■ Summary
We found that both the women who are working as fathers and the men who are their customers are becoming more diverse.

However, due to the effects of the recession and an oversupply of dad-hunting girls, the market price of dad-hunting has fallen, and only a small number of people are making money.

In addition, there are cases where some people who earn a lot of money are subject to large additional taxes due to tax evasion.

Wisdom is also needed to successfully navigate the world of fatherhood and pay-paying.

I thought that Mr. PJ, who is currently active, needs to think of ways to deal with problems so that he does not get into trouble.

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