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The true identity of the sparkling account that was discovered after the girl was arrested...

“Minato Ward girls” live sparkling lives by posting photos of their stays in brand-name products and luxury hotels on SNS.At first glance, they seem to be people of admiration, but are they really living the lives of celebrities? We asked a writer who is knowledgeable about night-types to tell us about the true nature of the "sparkling Minato Ward girls" that are all over social media!

■What is the true identity of the “sparkling Minato Ward girls” who are all over SNS?

・A merchandise store that sells manuals for ``Dadakatsu'' and ``Itadaki Joshi''

The true identity of “Kirakira Minato-ku Joshi” is a merchandise store that sells manuals for “Dad-katsu” and “Itadaki-joshi”.

Recently, there was news that a 25-year-old woman who was active on YouTube under the name "Itadakijoshi Riri-chan" was arrested for defrauding a man of approximately 2,700 million yen using romantic feelings.

``Itadaki Joshi Riri-chan'' created a manual on how to defraud men with little love experience out of cash, and sold it electronically for tens of thousands of yen.A female college student who actually purchased the manual and put it into practice defrauded a man of more than 1,000 million yen, and ``Itadaki Joshi Riri-chan'' is also suspected of aiding and abetting fraud.

・“Placement girls” introduced to adult entertainment scouts

Among the "Kira Kira Minato Ward Girls" that exist on SNS, there seem to be many "placement girls" whose role is to recruit women to entertainment scouts.

Their modus operandi is to post their ``sparkling lifestyle,'' and in response to comments or DMs from women who admire them, they invite them with things like ``I'll introduce you to a good father,'' and then introduce them to scouts.

By introducing them, they can increase their followers and receive a margin for each person they introduce to a scout.By the way, the photos of luxury brands and hotels posted are real, but the money they post is from the money they earned in the sex industry or the photos they received from scouts.

Even if you are able to meet a scout, in most cases you will be introduced to work in the local sex industry or overseas sex work.There is no doubt that you will be in danger.

・Illegal delivery service

Among the "sparkling Minato Ward girls" who are all over social media, there are also illegal delivery companies.A delivery health service provider is a delivery health service provider that takes customers under the guise of subsidized dating or dad-hunting.They mainly use matching apps and dating sites to recruit male customers, but this is illegal as they do not have a license to operate an adult entertainment business.

Their main tactic, similar to that of adult entertainment scouts, is to respond to comments or DMs from women who aspire to a ``sparkling lifestyle,'' by saying things like ``I'll introduce you to a good father,'' and then soliciting them to join the delivery service.

In February of this year, five men and women, including former Forbidden Boys member Morley, were arrested on suspicion of violating prostitution prevention laws.Molly pretended to be a woman, and she was said to be in charge of recruiting customers through a dating app and arranging prostitution for women.This can also be considered a type of support delivery service.

■Don't be fooled by the "sparkling Minato Ward girls" on SNS!

I think there are many women who aspire to the lives of the "sparkling Minato Ward girls" who are all over social media.However, if you believe their words and follow their invitations, you run the risk of becoming involved in a dangerous crime.There is no such thing as a sweet story that will make you earn money easily.

Of course, I think there are some people who are living truly sparkling lives.Everyone, please be sure to distinguish between the real and the fake, and avoid being fooled by the self-proclaimed "sparkling Minato Ward girls."

Over 88000 Twitter followers. A married woman who works as an OL at an IT company and writes mindset guide articles for romance media.

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