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The Real Daddy Activity Case Book XNUMX [The True Identity of Futoshi & the Excellent Daddy for the First Time] Volume

There have been countless times when I got into trouble as a dad.
This is Endo, an innocent woman who continues to cross dangerous bridges.

This time, it will be a rather hard “Really?” level episode.
Unfortunately, I only write stories that really happened.

It's okay to read it and pull it off, but you can also be a teacher by being careful yourself.
Let's start.

Encounter with a former public sports player

Shortly after I started working as a dad, I got to know a former player of a public athletics through an app.

*Publicly managed sports: Horse racing, bicycle races, bicycle races, etc.

It all started when he sent me a message saying that he was interested in the content of my profile that I had set up at the time.

For a while after we met on the app,

"I'm worried about meeting suddenly, so I want to exchange messages for a while to see if we really get along."

Having said that, we really continued to have a mel friend (old) relationship.
In the midst of a trivial exchange, I learned that the other player was a former public sports player.

Moreover, that person seems to have achieved a certain level of success in the competition at the time and was quite famous.

“So you’re saying that you’re a celebrity in a publicly managed game…!!”
"He has it."

And my eyes are on the ¥ mark.
Yes, I am that kind of woman.

If this happens, I can't let this person go, and I'm going to take a fierce approach.
I continued to send messages every day, choosing words that the other person would want me to say and words that I thought they would be looking for.

The effort paid off, and we actually met and built a relationship.

First Fat & Excellent Daddy

In real life, he was exactly the person we were exchanging messages with.

・Slightly timid
・I do not have confidence in myself
・Type you want to lead
・Do M

Here's a quick summary of him.
I'm the complete opposite of his personality, so I think we got along.

He seemed to like me quite a bit, and he would buy me a lot of expensive things on dates, and he always gave me an allowance on his way home.

The hotel was always a luxury city hotel, and when I had a relationship with a socci system, I was given an allowance in double digits.

"Isn't it a dangerous habit to give so much?"

… you think?
Unfortunately that is not the case (laughs).

Playing with him was very normal, SM play.
*He is M.

Well, even if you dig down here, it's anyone's advantage, so it's around here.
In short, for me, he was a super fat and excellent dad.

Suspicious clouds...

Well, it's been a few months since I met this good dad.

We kept meeting once a week, and our relationship remained the same as it was at the beginning.

One day, a change will appear in this excellent dad.

"Where are you? Who are you with?"
"I want you to be the only one"
"Endo-chan, I want to see you now."
(XNUMX o'clock in the middle of the night)

Come on.
The men are getting tired of it, aren't they?
What happened to this person?

At first, I was his selfish partner within a reasonable range, but...
I'm slowly getting tired.

Papa's True Identity and Fierce Dash

And the day has come for him to end his life.

Unusually on that day, he

"Today, why don't you come to the room after having dinner at ○○ hotel (a pretty luxury hotel)?"

I sent him a message with an emoticon that seemed to be in a good mood, so I happily went out.

A lovely dinner in the hotel lounge.
A calm atmosphere that you can't imagine from the recent instability.

“Perhaps we can mend our relationship!”

What a highball, I was tipsy, and I was in a happy way of thinking.

After dinner, he went to his room.
I usually take a shower and feel like I'm in the middle of the day, but when I came here, he said to me with a straight face.

"Endo-chan, there's something I want you to ask me."

What is it, this feeling that even a tipsy head can understand.
It's generally a bad way to start a story like this.
Now let's hear more.

He said, "I think you've had a relationship with me up until now that was based on money."

I said yes (Honestly)

He said, "It won't be like that from now on."

Me: "What do you mean? You can't see me anymore?"
 (Summary: Are you out of money?)

He said, "No, let's be together forever."

I said "yes???"

He said, "I don't have money anymore, but I think we've built a relationship to the point where it's not like that."

This guy is crazy (laughs)
A highball will draw the blood out of your drunken head.

From here on out, he's on his own.

"Actually, I'm not particularly rich."
"It's true that I was a public sports player, and I had money at the time."

"But after my divorce three years ago, I was unemployed and addicted to gambling, and my savings ran out."

"I've been in debt all over the place, and I'm heartbroken... when I wanted some kind of healing, I somehow registered for an app and met you."

"I've piled up debt to the limit so that you can take everything."

What a coming out.
So, what I've been receiving as allowances and buying things up until now...is that the money I've borrowed?

"I've reached the limit of being chased by debt collectors, run away with me."

Why this person was attracted to my profile on the app.

[I want to accept everything about a man who has built a good relationship♪]

I'm pretty sure I wrote something like this.
In my head eroded by fear, I vaguely remembered such a thing.

No, no, I can't accept things like running away from debt! !

After regaining my composure, I left the room with a furious dash and ran as fast as I could, got into a taxi and ran away to my best friend's house in the next town.

He didn't chase me...I managed to escape.
At this time.

That's all for this story.

Well then.

*This story is non-fiction including some fakes to avoid personal identification.

The incarnation of vitality that was doing papa activities in parallel while being immersed in customs and night work.A life where the truth is stranger than fiction.Now, while retiring in the countryside, I go out to earn money when I feel like it.

Article by Endo

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