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Real Daddy Activity Case Book XNUMX [The story of how Ikeojipapa died on his first date] Volume

There have been countless times when I got into trouble as a dad.
Even so, Endo, an innocent woman who continues to cross dangerous bridges, tells an old tale today.

When I'm working as a dad, I meet a lot of uncles.

There are ordinary old men who pass each other when walking around, old men who make you want to run away the moment you meet them, and cool guys who make you wonder, "Is there really such a person!?"

This time, I would like to talk about the reasons for the shock that decreased on the first date with Ikeoji Papa I met in the past.

Encounter with Ikeoji

The encounter with Ikeojipapa, the main character this time, is a bit special.

Because this Ikeoji is the director of aesthetic dentistry that I used to go to for dental maintenance in the past.

Yes, he and I met as patients and doctors.

At the end of the treatment, which was divided into several sessions, the director stole the attention of the dental hygienist and handed me a piece of paper.
And the director puts his hand on the mask's mouth with a "see" gesture.

With the ability to sense the feelings of the other person, which was honed through working at a brothel, I quietly put a piece of paper in my pocket.
Then, after finishing the payment in a dashing fashion, I opened the slip of paper just as I was one step out of the dental clinic.

Now that I think about it, I'm like, "Would that be a doctor?" But this piece of paper had his personal line ID and phone number written on it.

And when I think about it now, I wonder, "Is that true for a woman?"



Ikeoji and setting up a date

I call him Ikeoji Ikeoji, but in fact at this time I still don't know his true face.
Dentists always wear masks, don't they?

Certainly, his hair was always set tightly around his eyes with long eyelashes, and he was wearing perfume that smelled good enough to not make him feel uncomfortable, and he had a good-looking atmosphere.

However, I didn't have any particular hopes because the mask magic would do as much damage as I expected.

Well, in my case, even though I said that, the moment I thought, "Isn't a dentist in private practice quite rich?"

The speed of development after sending a stamp along with the name "I'm Endo!" was astonishing.

30 minutes after the start of line exchange, it was a flow of dating in a few days (lol)

My agility... or rather, my lightness of footwork is something to behold.

Well, after all, he's the director of a hospital, so I was confident that he wouldn't do anything dangerous when I met him in private.



Ikeoji's real face

On the day of the date, the meeting place was a convenience store a short walk from my house.

He said that he would pick me up by car, so I accepted his offer.

"No, it's dangerous to suddenly meet in the neighborhood + car for the first time in private."
(Reader's voice)

So when I was waiting at the convenience store at the specified time...
A J* sports car, which you can tell at a glance that it belongs to a rich man, has invaded the parking lot.

The driver's seat is... Oh! !
My eyes lit up when I saw it.

Because, surprisingly, he was a cool guy who didn't betray his eyes without a mask.

If I were to use an actor as an analogy, it would be like I made Ryohei Otani a little tired.

It's too cool to be so cool and rich! !
I don't think I've ever been in the passenger seat of a car as excited as I was at this time.

For a while after I sat in the passenger seat, I couldn't even look at the driver's seat because I was so excited like my first love.

"No way, I didn't expect you to contact me like this and even go on a date."
"I thought it would be impossible, but I couldn't stand it."

And so on, Ikeoji speaks with lines that appear in the textbook of persuasion.

"From now on, I want to get along little by little and shorten the distance with you."
"I'll take you wherever you want to go, and if there's anything you want, don't hesitate to ask."

How accustomed to dealing with women.
Time to get drunk on your own luck.

"Hey, since we're meeting in private, turn over here and show me your face."

Ikeoji whispers sweetly.
Well, I'm feeling a little less nervous now...
With the most shy expression among myself, I glanced at the driver's seat.

My heart pounded when my eyes met at a close distance.
After all, he's cool like an actor...


Okay, if you're a man reading this column, please promise me.

No matter how handsome, rich, or sweet-talking you are, never forget to trim your nose hair.

No matter what kind of plus factor you have, within 3 minutes of meeting her, she kills your fluttering girl's heart.

A voice in my heart "I may have let my guard down because I always wear a mask at work, but if you think it's a date, can you check my nose hair at the end?"

A voice in my heart "Such a missing part is cute ♡ It's not a relationship that can be thought of as cute, but rather it can't be helped that it's missing, but please pull out your nose hair."

My expression is now Kenshiro, and my soaring heart is completely extinguished.

I tried my best to enjoy my first drive date, but every time I saw my face, my nose hair grew.
I look away every time my eyes meet with them, who have their faces peeking out one by one from both holes.
The dentist misunderstands every time that he is embarrassed and cute.

It was a chaotic drive date of about an hour, but I prayed that next time I would have my nose hairs treated, I decided to continue the relationship for the time being.
(*Because they gave me 2 yen when I left.)

As for this nose hair dentist, various incidents will break out later, so I hope to talk about it on another occasion.

Well then.

*This story is non-fiction including some fakes to avoid personal identification.

The incarnation of vitality that was doing papa activities in parallel while being immersed in customs and night work.A life where the truth is stranger than fiction.Now, while retiring in the countryside, I go out to earn money when I feel like it.

Article by Endo

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