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Yakiniku with Papa!Advantages and disadvantages that you should know and tips for choosing a store


It's sudden, but what do you think of yakiniku in papa katsu?

I think that yakiniku, which has a strong public image, is a point that divides the pros and cons of Papa Katsu Joshi.


This time, I would like to introduce the merits and demerits that you should know about yakiniku dating in dad life and the tips for choosing a restaurant!


Yakiniku date for papa katsu:3Advantages


When going to yakiniku with dad in Papa Katsu3Here are some advantages.


① It is easy to shorten the sense of distance with dad


Yakiniku entails a joint work of surrounding a net together and grilling and eating the meat together.

That's why the distance between you and your father naturally shrinks as you grill the meat.


It may be a magic unique to yakiniku that you can somehow forgive each other through communication such as being grilled and grilled for you.


Even if you think “Is this yakiniku?” before you go, there is a high possibility that you will be able to have a natural conversation by the time you leave!


② Don't worry about topics


One of the charms of a yakiniku date is that there is no shortage of topics to talk about.


At a Japanese or French restaurant, you may find yourself in silence while waiting for your meal to be served, or it may be difficult to have a conversation in the quiet surroundings.


When it comes to yakiniku, the topic of meat spreads unexpectedly.

Commitment to grilling method, favorite part, redness or fat...etc.


You can spend a lot of time just talking about meat.


③ The menu of a high-end yakiniku restaurant is exceptional!


There is an image that yakiniku is popular, but in fact, yakiniku is also a pinyin.


There are restaurants that offer all-you-can-eat and drink for several thousand yen, and there are also high-end restaurants that offer course meals for tens of thousands of yen.


If you go to yakiniku for papa katsu, you have a chance to eat meat from a super high-end restaurant that you can't usually go to!


You may be able to enjoy high-quality meat to your heart's content.


Yakiniku date for papa katsu:3Disadvantages


Unfortunately, yakiniku dates also have disadvantages.


Let's check it out.


① Easy to smell


Speaking of yakiniku, there is a disadvantage that it is easy to smell various things.


・ Smell of smoke in the hair

・Oil smell on clothes

- Garlic odor in the mouth


And so on, if you spend time with your dad after that as an adult, you will suffer a fatal blow.


If it is a high-class restaurant, it is often the case that measures against odors are taken properly, but if you are going to yakiniku, you can say that advance measures against odors are essential.


② Great enemy for diet


Yakiniku is a great enemy for daddy girls who are on a diet to improve themselves.


If it's a friend, you can say no, but if your dad invites you to go out to yakiniku, it's hard to say no.


What's more, it's human nature to want to eat meat when it's right in front of you, and many dads keep telling me, "Don't be afraid to eat!"


Yakiniku dating itself may be a disadvantage for daddy girls on a diet.


③ Depending on the shop, it may be a miserable result


Even yakiniku restaurants have different systems and atmospheres.


There are many dads, so not everyone will smartly take you to a fashionable high-end yakiniku restaurant.


・All-you-can-eat and drink several thousand yen

・ Popular store mainly for student customers

・A restaurant like the originator of smoky yakiniku


And so on, there is a possibility that a miserable shop will be chosen for fashionable and motivated women.


Points for choosing a restaurant when going to yakiniku with Papa-katsu


When you have decided on a yakiniku date and your dad asks you, "Is there a restaurant you want to go to?"


① Judge from the price range


If you are going to have your dad take you out to yakiniku, why not choose a restaurant with a price range that you wouldn't normally go to?


As a guideline, the average budget for dinner is8,000Shops that cost more than Yen are recommended.


The quality of the meat, the quality of the customer service, etc., should satisfy even papa katsu girls!


② Check smoke exhaust equipment


If you absolutely want to avoid the smell of smoke on your hair, clothes, and belongings, it would be a good idea to research the store's smoke exhaust system in advance.


Some restaurants are equipped with smokeless roasters, where you can enjoy yakiniku without smelling smoke.


This is a personal experience, but restaurants with smokeless roasters have a stylish atmosphere and are perfect for dads.


If you are a woman who feels the smell of yakiniku in your neck, please check it out.


③ Choose from restaurants for entertainment


If you want to efficiently choose a high-class and clean shop for dad activities, it is quicker to look for a shop for entertainment.


Entertainment is a very important part of business, so when it comes to entertainment, the quality of meat and customer service are at a "definite" level.


area where you live×Reception×Grilled meat


If you search with keywords around here, you can find a restaurant with good conditions for yakiniku at Papa Katsu in one shot.




I think there are many women who wonder what yakiniku is like at papa katsu, but the conclusion is that depending on the shop, it is rather an ant at all.


Take advantage of the yakiniku date and try to enjoy high-quality meat while shortening the distance between you and your father.



The incarnation of vitality that was doing papa activities in parallel while being immersed in customs and night work.A life where the truth is stranger than fiction.Now, while retiring in the countryside, I go out to earn money when I feel like it.

Article by Endo

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