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Real Daddy Activity Case Book XNUMX [Ton Demo Dating with Papa Activity App] Volume

There have been countless times when I got into trouble as a dad.
Even so, Endo, an innocent woman who continues to cross dangerous bridges, tells an old tale today.

A dad app that is becoming the royal road of dad activities now.

This time, I would like to talk about a shocking date with a man I met on an app that I experienced before daddy apps became so popular.



Papa-katsu app that had few users yet

A certain dad activity app that now has a considerable number of registrants for both men and women.

However, like everyone was a kid once, this app wasn't all that lively when it first launched.

Papa activity app that is still freshly born.
I myself have been making money like that before the word “papa-katsu” was coined.

It's the first time I'm working on an app,

"Isn't it a derivative of the dating system?"

I hesitated to get my hands on it, but it was only for a moment.

"What if a really rich person registered?"

The moment the thought crossed my mind, I took a photo of my passport to confirm my age.



A man in his 40s was soon matched

"Like" and "thank you", I had never done anything related to SNS, so I didn't really know what it was, but the matching was completed mysteriously.

Nowadays, there are many sites that offer very useful advice such as XNUMX recommended message examples when matching with an app.

At my time, when I searched for the first message when matching with the app,

"What kind of message should I send first on a dating site so that I can quickly turn it into a celebrity!?"

I could only find articles for hungry men like this.

So safely,

"Hello! This is my first time registering for this app. Thank you very much."

And so on, it's the first time for everyone because it's an app that has just been released!I sent a self-styled message that would make someone laugh with their nose if they were a little smarter.

"I am also new to this app. Nice to meet you."

…Yeah, now that I think about it, it looks like you matched with someone on the same level as you.

That's how I started exchanging messages with a man in his 40s (annual income of 1000 million, no proof of setting), and after a few days, I got a date appointment.



Introducing the background of a man in his 40s and the contents of a tonde date

This is the first time I've dated a man I matched with an app.

What I am concerned about anyway is

"I wonder what kind of person you are♪"
"I'm glad you're cool♪"

What a cute thing.


This is all I have in my head.

A man in his 40s who appeared in front of me, a stiff prostitute who finished looking like a pure and innocent school, without even showing off such an obsession.

Hairstyle and fashion like a host from a long time ago.
The ¥ mark in my head was rudely blown away.

The moment we met, my brain changed gears with the idea of ​​"How can I go home quickly?"

"○○ isn't it?"
"Seriously ○○"

Nori is a former host, thank you very much.
Why have I been dating a gyaru man (in his 40s) for decades until I submit my age verification documents?

And if you don't hide the date with this 40-year-old gyaru man and introduce it in a nutshell, it's like this ♪

・Join in front of the station
→ perfect outside

・Walk around aimlessly
→ No shopping, just wandering around

・At lunchtime, go to eat-in at a convenience store.
→Experience eating in Fami 〇 for the first time☆

・You can share cup noodles for lunch
→ Shall we share one normal size? Not BIG! (not there)

・After lunch, you will be taken to a general hospital at your own expense.
→The hardship story of "I treated such an intractable disease at this hospital" is told on the bench in the hospital

It takes about 4 hours from leaving the general hospital to dissolving on site.

It's badass to say the least.
My mental strength to go out with this is dangerous.

"Huh? Allowance? Seriously what is that?"

This is what a 40-year-old gyaru man said to me when we broke up.

I insisted on the purpose of dad activities and the app, and tried to pull out some.

"Well, I bought lunch at a convenience store, so it's fine! That's a lot of money."

A gal in his 40s running away.
Her light brown permed gray hair fluttered in the wind like a horse's tail.

Income statement for the day.

・Round-trip transportation fee for meeting...-800 yen
・Round-trip transportation to general hospitals…-1000 yen
・ A family restaurant that stopped by on the way home because of hunger ... - 800 yen

It was supposed to be a dad activity, but it was a mysterious 2600 yen minus, happy luck.



There are many mines in the app

Here's a phrase... It's like a glue, but this is the truth that every woman who has used the Papa Katsu app will know at a relatively early stage.

Even if it's an app that's only for dad activities, the price men pay is a level that can be paid normally even if you're not wealthy.

The market price is less than 1 yen a month, so it's just a matter of enduring one drink.

Even a mysterious man like the one in this episode has money to sign up for an app, even if he doesn't have money to pay me.

Papa-katsu can be a waste of time, money, and mental strength if it fails, so be careful!

Well then.

The incarnation of vitality that was doing papa activities in parallel while being immersed in customs and night work.A life where the truth is stranger than fiction.Now, while retiring in the countryside, I go out to earn money when I feel like it.

Article by Endo

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