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The story that my life became peaceful when I was active as a dad

Hello everyone

I'm graduating from dad life that I've been doing for about 5 years.

Sorry for starting with a sudden shocking confession (laughs)

This is because things that I thought were impossible and false for a long time,
Because it really changed my life.

"I'm living a comfortable life in the tall mansion my dad signed me up for♪"
"Get an allowance with an obi (in units of 100 million yen) ♡"
"Sha*l, you did some shopping at V*tong★"

The Kirakira PJ account that tweets like this on Twitter
"Yes, yes, it's a lie of a trader or a show off, thank you for your hard work," I looked at him with cold eyes.
The same thing is happening to me!

I will refrain from stating the details of the event itself to avoid revealing myself,
A high-spec man I met about half a year ago, and my relationship progressed in the blink of an eye...

My life changed all at once.
To be honest, the current situation is that my feelings have not caught up yet (laughs)

Unfortunately, I didn't meet him through Universe Club.
There is no doubt that dad activity at the club worked positively
I would like to give you the tips on how a former dad active girl caught a wealthy boyfriend.

my specs his specs

◆ My specs

・Rural origin, living in Tokyo
・A typical around XNUMX-year-old woman with no particularly glittering background
・ Papa activity history is more than 5 years including apps etc.
 Shi*gardaddy → Pet*tars → Universe Club
・Experience more than 20 offer dates at Universe Club

As I introduced in my first column article (spring makes me want to try new things),
I was a so-called “ordinary OL and daddy girl”.

【reference】 /female/spring_newone/

◆His specs

・Reluctant cool
・ Former sportsman and tall macho
・Owns more than XNUMX million homes in Japan and overseas
・A gentle man who spoils me earnestly

Why was I able to shoot a high-spec man like that?

The secret to attracting high-spec men...

“Because I was used to meeting wealthy men.”
“Because I knew how to make people like me on my first impression.”
“Because I had the mental and financial energy to pay attention to beauty.”
"Because the strategy to shoot him was a perfect match."

Thinking back on it now, there are many, but I suddenly realize.

“Isn’t this all cultivated through papa activities…!?”

That's right, really, all the experience, knowledge, and money I got from dad activities were useful.

If I weren't working as a dad,
Even if I met a wealthy man, I would have been nervous and tempered.

My first impression was the worst because I was temperamental.
I should have thought, "I'm..." and didn't think of a strategy to shoot him.

The culture of Papa-katsu, the Papas who have been dating me,
And I will never be able to thank the Universe Club for introducing me to such dads.

Thank you papa katsu! ! ! ! !

what i was actually doing

・Cut, color and treatment at the beauty salon (about 20,000 yen per month)
・Gel nails (about 10,000 yen per month)
・ Eyelash perm and eyebrow care (every other month, about 10,000 yen)
・VIO hair removal (about 10,000 yen per month)
・Whole body beauty hair removal (completed, total 50 yen)
・ Daily home training (about 1 minutes a day)

◆ Other
・Take a lesson to make your posture beautiful (about 10,000 yen)
・Read a self-development book about the beauty mindset
・Both men and women subscribe to fashion magazines

I used to spend about 5 yen a month on beauty products.
It was an amount that I could cover for about one date with my dad.

I lived with the goal of becoming a woman who can make 5,000 yen clothes look like 10 yen.
Instead of dressing up in branded clothes, I focused on making myself look and act beautiful.

So, in fact, the clothes I wore on the day I met him,
It was a dress of about 2,000 yen from a certain fast fashion store (laughs).

Also, even though I had a financial surplus in my dad life, I couldn't spend an unlimited amount of money.
Training at home, as well as cooking and eating healthy meals
I kept spec 115 without spending too much money.
(spec = height in cm – weight in kg)

I have been interested in fashion since I was a child and read fashion magazines regardless of gender.
I could see through the simple but high-end watch he was wearing on the day we met for the first time.
It may have been that my experience and knowledge came to life.

my future

I used to spend a few days a month doing daddy activities, so now I have all that free time.
In addition, I was able to purchase a variety of convenient home appliances, so I was able to save a lot of time doing housework.

Yes, that's right, I have nothing to do ... (laughs)

He told me, "If you stay beautiful for the rest of your life, you don't have to do anything else."
As expected, I feel intimidated, so I'm thinking of starting a new study or hobby,
I am aiming to acquire qualifications for finance and real estate investment for future asset formation.

Of course, the writer of the Cinderella column will continue even after graduating from Papa-katsu!
I hope that my experience as a dad can help someone even a little.

See you in the next column.


I will write about how Arasa Papa Katsu Girls met a wonderful man, tips and things to keep in mind to succeed not only in Daddy activities but also in private life.I hope that my article will enrich someone's life as a father and eventually as a woman.

Article by Kazuha

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