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Bonobono and life and dad life

This time, I would like to talk about dad activities as if I know them through the quotes from the manga "Bonobono". 

I don't dare to write down who said the word "bonobono" because I think there are people who are completely uninterested in it or who don't know it. 

"When I'm not seeing you, everyone takes off their skin and rests." 

"I'm curious about the dad/girl I'm dating, even when I'm not seeing myself." 
It seems that there are people who say. 

I think that human beings have a side of self-producing to a greater or lesser extent. 
The side you show at work and the side you show at home are different... It's a common story. 
Dating clubs, often called "where women dream" (apparently), are no exception. 

I don't want to say too much, but 
“Because I receive compensation (= money), I treat men kindly.” 
Consciously or unconsciously, I think there are quite a few female members who think this way. 
I didn't think about it that far, but when I meet a man, at least
It wasn't a "relaxing time" but a "tense time". 

Also, there are probably many people who do not want to tell the people they meet here about their work or family. 
You're not getting married, and you don't have to tell the truth about everything. 

Some men may want to meet the old-fashioned “lover” who “looks only at them and cries for them.” 
At least it's unreasonable to ask women in ordinary jobs to do so. 
It starts from looking at their profile, meeting them in person, deepening their relationship, and then renting them a luxury apartment. 
I don't give you time to "take off the skin and rest", so I think you need a suitable compensation. 

"We can't do anything. What do we want to do? What do we not want to do?" 

It's just my personal opinion, but I think it's necessary to set a certain amount of goals and take action in a place like this. 
It can be, for example, "I want to pay off my scholarship" or "I want to buy a car." 
"I want to get offers from 100 men" would be fine.It's interesting. 

The danger is that you're too young now and you're blindly assuming that the offer will last forever. 

Such women, unfortunately, lose their value as they age, and this time they become quasi-woman who assigns young women to men, and are lonely even at forty or fifty... 

I think that a woman who has "a decent job, enough money, and a warm family" can be alone for the rest of her life as a result of spending her free time.Rather, such a woman will enjoy her celibacy until the day she dies.​

If you are a good adult, I think you need time to stop and think about what you want to be and what you don't want to be. 

"I don't like fighting. Why do we fight? Fighting means we don't need it anymore." 

Of all the words here, I like them the most.However, when I thought about whether the people I met at the dating club would fight, I didn't have much of an image. 
Somehow, there may be "trouble", but there is no "fight" in this world. 
Then what is the cause?The allowance was low, they didn't use birth control, the trip wasn't fun, and they said stupid things. 


Don't fight, just leave quietly. 
Even though I fight with my friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. 

If you think about it that way, I feel like I can see the words that follow this phrase, "I don't want all the fights anymore." 

"There aren't many things bigger than you in your burrow, so you might think it's a big deal because it's all about thinking about your 'biggest self'." 

This question has been asked before in the forum. 

According to the questioner, 

“Sometimes I get desperately lonely and feel incredibly sad,
It makes me feel homesick even though I'm at home.And it feels like it's usually going to be a lot of fun, but it's suddenly coming. ” 

Bonobono-chan! ! ! 

It's like "Bonobono", "I've become a scary idea".​
It sounds just like Bonobono-chan in terms of phrases... It seems that the voice in the anime version plays in your head.Was she possessed by this woman? 

And this question continues: 

“By the way, at times like that, when I think about the beginning of the earth and the universe, I don't care and I feel better.”​

I see.That's what happens when you distract "Kuno" by thinking about something much bigger than yourself.

Especially in this day and age, I have more opportunities to think too much alone.​
I don't understand the "Kuno" unique to women who continue to be active in this environment because I took a break at the borderline between whether the coronavirus is prevalent or not. I feel that it is a good opportunity to "turn your eyes on other things". 

"If you're looking for something, don't take the wrong path. If you make even one mistake, you won't be able to find it again. But it's okay if you make a mistake. 
"Even when I didn't find anything, I will always remember it just like I did when I found something." 

2 consecutive shots.​

I was able to register for the dating club.I had a date.But it's not fun...it doesn't go well...I'm always depressed before a date... 

Of course, there are women with various personalities and thoughts, so I think there are many things that "match" and "don't match" in dating clubs.It's hard for me to continue thinking that it doesn't suit me, and above all, it's rude to the man who offered me the offer and the staff who set it up. 

As usual, in Wakuwaku Twitter Land, there are a lot of "women's girls" who smirk as if to say, "Papa-katsu is the must-have for a beautiful woman like Ateshi," but it's better not to take that seriously.Don't stick your neck in your smartphone and withdraw quickly. 
Why do women on Twitter's dad account, plastic surgery account, and night job account look so great?It's like I understand life quite a bit. 

Anyway, it's important to know what kind of action to take next after realizing that "dating clubs are not for me". 

"Is there something you use for after the useless thing is over?" 

Let's not say it's a silly thing, and let's relax in moderation in the daddy life. 
Just to be sure, there is a difference between "relaxing power" and "relaxing hands". 
On the other hand, there are occasional women who ask questions in the question box and say, "I want to raise my class further ☆ I'll do my best to get used to nice women." Yo, what?" I want to say. 
Women like this tend to believe the advice () written on the package of sanitary napkins, like "Let's do our best while shining!" 

“Why are you in trouble now for being in trouble later? 
If you're in trouble, you should only be in trouble when you're in trouble. ” 

In the question box, the most frequently asked questions, especially by young women, are 
"I want contraception, but I can't tell you." 
"The promise of the next date has become inconvenient / I really don't want to go, but I'm too scared to refuse." 
Something like that. 

"I was taken to the hotel by force (>_<)" 

What I think about this kind of question is, "I don't want women to become dolls without intentions." 
It's okay, it's a little harsh, and I end up saying words of refusal. 
If you're a decent person, he'll understand if you tell him what you want, and even if he gets mad and ends up dissolving the relationship, that's about it.Good thing you didn't have another bad date experience. 

Furthermore, at the end, it wasn't like I was "forced" to be carried by a wrestler or pointed at a gun, so what are you pretending to be a victim?I can't help but wonder. 

I'm not a person with a strong heart, so I remember the above words when I feel like I'm going to give in to my timidity. 

"Anyway, do what you like, but let's stop having fun." 

Papa-katsu has a strong reputation in the world, but I think that women were more than a little excited when they registered. 
What is the ``There is a love that only adults can do'' on the Universe Club website?Like. 

In the first place, he must have been at fault, but he skipped out saying, "Yeah~ Worst~ I shouldn't have signed up for a dating club~ You guys are doing well~ Pooksukus". A pitiful person who can't. 
Of course, if you've been the victim of a crime, or if the staff and men are really the worst, then there's nothing you can do about it. 

Well, I don't want to say things like, "Thanks to Papa, I've improved my femininity ☆ I've been able to live the life of my dreams ☆ I don't want to quit." As for the line, "what was hard: what was fun, what was happy" = "6:4 or 7:3" (what line of sight?). 

Quitting something that you should have started with excitement, not just dad activities, but thinking, ``I've become somehow stupid'', ``Why did I say that, why did I do it?'' There is nothing more sad and frustrating than that.​

This is a digression. 

Bonobono is said to be a treasure trove of quotes and philosophy. 
I also started reading manga after seeing many quotes on the internet. 
If you are interested in seeing this, please read it. 
If you've read it with even a little enthusiasm, I'm sure many of you know who said each of the words in this column. 
I think it's an amazing work that hides a heart-touching philosophy in healing. 
It's a series of questions like "Tension and relaxation (relief of tension)" advocated by Shijaku Katsura II. 

Volume 36 is recommended.There is a story about Chipmunk taking care of his mother, but I can't read it without crying. 
In the early days, his vocabulary was limited to the famous "Ijimeru?" Bonobono-chan is out of alignment.It's a very sad story with a very interesting dialogue between these two people. 

Reader: “Isn’t it Papwa-kun, a tropical boy? Why Bonobono?” 
Papua "" 

・・・The ending theme "Moshikasutto Nonsense (Daily MAN Brothers Band)" of the anime "Nangoku Shonen Papuwa-kun" is a hidden masterpiece. 

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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