The day I became a "woman"

Before joining the Universe Club, "Papa Katsu"It is an episode with a woman who became a chance to know

meeting a mysterious woman

The reason I met Mari-chan (a pseudonym) was through an app.

A very ordinary neat and clean system,Such a girl who looks more calm and mature than her age.

I, who had a scary experience with the app encounter,I have a very relieved memory just by being an ordinary girl.

Since we had exchanged the conditions in advance, I briefly introduced myself,After a brief chat, we moved to the hotel.

At that time, I never thought that this girl would have such a long relationship.did.

At the time, I wasHe believes that Papa-katsu is an activity in which he receives an allowance just for eating,I was paying Mari-chan an allowance, but it was commonly called "I didn't really understand that it was "papa katsu".

Now that I think about it, it's scary to me that I did that without really knowing.

At that time, she was a mystery to me.

In the first place, I don't pry into the other person's private life,I have no choice but to connect the keywords in the conversation

・ Living alone in a relatively good place in Tokyo
・I'm not working right now
・I spend a lot of money on beauty
・I know a lot of luxury shops

Honest to me at the time

"I don't understand"

It was such an existence

The day I learned about the existence of “papa katsu”

However, it is easy to talk,The sexual compatibility was also good.

We meet XNUMX-XNUMX times a month before we know it.

I had a relationship like that.

somehow from the conversationAre there many other men like me?

Men who are doctors, professionals, or business owners come up from time to time in our conversations.

What's going on?

I got curious and looked it up on the internet,For the first time, I learned that adult dating is also a dad activity.

Of course she has support from her parents, but other than that, "It was a girl living in Papa Katsu Ippon.

Come to think of it, she always suggested ⑤ and ⑮ on the month,At that time it was the XNUMXth monthI only thought that it would be more profitable to meet as many people as you want.

After entering the universe, "Oh, is this a rough market rate?"I found out later.

If I hadn't met herI may not have even reached the existence of the universe in the first place.not.

"Papa Katsu Joshi" is also an ordinary girl

I vaguely remember that it was about half a year after we met.

After we had sex, she started telling me some pretty heavy personal stories.

I sympathized with her story and spoke kind words to her, but at that moment, tears filled her eyes and she started crying.

Until now, honestlyI thought I was a professional daddy girl, and my heart kept a certain distance.

Besides, other dads (probably doctors, managers, lawyers, etc.)I, who is inferior in terms of income to"I guess it's about.

I took a step back on my own, thinking that I would be a low priority for her.

After all, you're weak against women's tears, aren't you?

About Mari-chan

"A normal girl with weaknesses"

It was the first night I felt that way

The day I became a male friend from a suitor

As long as I'm giving you my allowance, I'm keeping a certain distance.

However, because of the tears from the last time, for some reason "I want to get married"It will be said.

"I want to get married."

"Huh? With whom?"

"You and"

"I'm no good (laughs)"

At first it was in casual conversation.

Is it just lip service to please?

I didn't take it seriously at first,Every time I see you, I'm told, and I gradually understand.

"Oh, this, you're serious."


However, it is a relationship that is giving allowances.

What is this?

By the time more than a year has passed since we met,Marriage proposals from her escalate more and more.

Gradually, I began to be asked for a “proper answer”.

I felt that it would be difficult to continue the relationship any longer,For the first time, I decided to talk seriously, including about myself.

"Let's talk properly next time we meet."


Until now, I've been deceiving myself by avoiding it.

I myself think that he is a really cruel man.

tell her about it beforehandI made a serious interview opportunity without allowance.

So for the first time, I honestly convey my own things and feelings,I said goodbye.

"That's right.. yeah yeah.."

and she bursts into tears while backtracking.

I am filled with so much apology.

I thought we were going to say goodbye, but she cried and said, "From now on,I want to meet you, even if it's just as a friend.

Otherwise you can't do it.

I beg you.

I'm weak to tears, but I reluctantly agreed, saying, "As a friend...".

While I've been handing over my allowance,I pretended to be myself and didn't show my true feelings.

So,What should I do in order to face each other normally as a friend from now on?

And from now on, "no allowance"I met him as a friend.

As a result, nothing strange happened, so it was good, but now that I think about it,A wrong move could have been a very dangerous choice. . .

The day I received a marriage report from her

At first, the relationship continued as before, but eventually, while I was taking off my pants on the bed,

"I'm not good today"

When asked, I made a U-turn on my pants around my knees.

I've been getting more and more to return it to the original and put it back on (laughs)

When it continues several times, as expected, I guess,Withholding, it becomes difficult to invite sex.

After that, I started going to Starbucks instead of hotels.

Starbucks points are now accumulating a lot (laughs)

A few months after we started dating as friends,During the meal, the word "my boyfriend now" came out of her mouth.

At that time, although his face was pretending to be calm,My heart was so shaken that it trembled (laughs).

Not long after the courtship,It was such a shock that even my knees trembled, so after I finished eating,I managed to hold on to her shoulder.

"...a little while ago...smoothly...boyfriend..."

I remember hearing that (laughs).

Since then, I have refrained from even holding hands.

Even so, we continued to meet for meals about twice a month.

And that time will come.

Two years have already passed since I met Mari-chan.

rush in line

"I have something I want to report properly, but can't we meet today?"

That's a marriage report.

I recognized the atmosphere immediately.

I really can't see you anymore...

the day i became a woman

This will be a goodbye, let alone a report.

Since there are tears from the last time, it seems inconvenient if it is not a private room.

However, I cannot arrange a private room due to a sudden invitation.

On the other hand, I feel that two people in a closed room at a hotel is kind of bad.

For the time being, we decided to meet at a favorite shop that we often go to.

There are also eyes around me, but "I'm getting married" "Congratulations"You should be able to talk normally.

"Sorry for calling you so suddenly."

…But for some reason she doesn't mention "marriage" and is innocent,We just have normal conversations.

It's kind of hard for me to say. . .

I paid the bill and went outside, but there was a slightly awkward atmosphere...

I will never

“…Congratulations on your marriage.

"Today is the last time..."

When I say the word, as if what I've been holding back up to now overflows,She bursts into tears outside.

It was around the time I was already enrolled in the Universe Club, so meet otherssome women

I should have felt lighter.

I should have...

I suddenly burst into tears.

I never expected to feel this way.

It's unavoidable because the two of us can't go crying outside in the cold.

I don't think I can have sex (laughs)

I had no choice but to enter a nearby hotel and talk.

"Actually, I still want to marry you."

"I'm honestly confused even now."

"I can wait for you to get a divorce."

A hot kiss after a long time with tears...

…if you put your hand on your pants with the flow

"Etch is not good"

Don't take it seriously (laughs)

Discuss in a calm place

"It's better to marry first-timers"

"Isn't it okay to marry someone who isn't bad?"

And support the decision of marriage now.

she is

“Yeah… Well, even if I fail, I’m still old enough to aim for the second time, so is it okay?'

"If I fail, please think about getting married again."

(I can't say anything lol)

"You're going to live together from now on, right? Isn't it difficult for us to meet in the future?"

"... I definitely don't want to be unable to see you."

As a result of talking, it seems to be a repeat of the last time,In the future, we will continue to meet regularly for meals.

For the first time here, I have never heard of her "Papa Katsu"I asked him about his activities.

・Certainly, I was living only as a dad
・Schedule management with a dedicated notebook, who and where,I made a note of what you said
・ “Papa Katsu Ippon” was also difficult in its own way
・In "Papa-katsu", there were quite a few terrible men, and I had a painful experience.
・Some people are obsessive,It was hard to fight when we broke up
・A person who doesn't seem to be popular at all is dating a lot of beautiful women,I learned that the power of money is amazing
・Wi-Fi in the name of Papa, as paid for by PapaI'm worried about what to do with Fi from now on (laughs)

"By the way, I also met in such a situation,Why do you continue to see me even as a friend? ”

・Anyway, it is kind and matches my feelings
・It's fun to be together, and above all, the food you eat together feels delicious.
・ There are not many people like that in private
・If there is a chance, I want to get married.

(I wonder if I shouldn't have listened to the second half lol)

But, after all,Even if it's just for a meal, it's bad to meet a married woman...

I don't want my husband to find out, is there any way?

“By the way, what do you say to your husband when you go out to eat with me?”

"Hmm? Just say 'eat with friends' normally."

"Okay! Then let's do this."

"Until now I was a man, but from today I'll be a 'woman'!"

"Starting today, I'll be your girlfriend!"

And declared like Luffy in One Piece.

I immediately changed the name of the line to a girl's name, and from now on I will meet her as "Arisa".

That's how the relationship started.


Thank you for reading the long post to the end.

Maybe I signed up for Universe,In deep psychology, like Mari-chan,Did you want to find a daughter with whom you could have a meaningful relationship?

Writing a column made me realize my own dangerous psychology.

Dangerous, dangerous. . .

Just like thisSometimes I can't imagine how meeting people will unfold.

There are times when this kind of relationship starts from “Papa-katsu”.

That's why I want to meet new people.

Besides, Mari seems to be already sexless with her husband,Someday this "hole-filling stick" may come in handy (lol)

Spring is about to meet,I wonder if I'll increase the new offers that have been few for a while.

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