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Lapis lazuli flowers → creampie or crying girl

In response to Mr. Mac's "Na", it is "Cream Pies".By the way, Joe is basically a rubber wearer.This column has added the subtitle "Crying Girl" because of its contents.Both titles are received with "na" and connected to "shi", so there is no effect on "Weekend Date" that Mac has already submitted.However, Mr. Mac, I'm sorry that Joe's submission is always late.

About Princess Nana

It's hard to believe that there are such peculiar readers out there, but since I'm a long-time columnist for the Space Club, I'm sometimes told, "I'm looking forward to reading Joe's column."He's the sweet type to me, so of course I'm very happy.A fan of such an endangered species?Even so, writing about "Princess Nana" again would be tiring.No, I know how you feel because Joe himself is fed up.However, he has to write.Because he vowed never to see her again, but they met again.No, I didn't hear from Joe, yes.When I was taken to a shop in a certain place, there was a princess.Of course I was surprised.What happened?I will report first.

Business failure in Okinawa

About three years ago, I started a new business in Okinawa.Although the scale is modest, Osamu and I have started the lodging business.At that time, tourism in Okinawa was on the rise and Airbnb boom?There was also a lot of amateurs like Joe who were entering the field.In such cases, as is often the case, we basically only hear good things.Then, they danced perfectly, and Joe and Osamu, a sloppy duo, created a new company and came to Okinawa.Even though it's a modest scale, the lodging business is an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, so now I think I should have hesitated a little more.However, at that time, Okinawa's financial institutions themselves were very good, so I was able to get a loan with favorable terms, which made me wonder, "Are those terms okay?"I can't say much about the low interest rate and no interest payments for three years, but I was able to receive subsidies from the prefecture, so the risk should have been small.In fact, things were going so smoothly at the beginning that I envisioned the second and third buildings (I received various proposals, and I was planning to purchase a piece of land near Motobu Port. I couldn't have written a column).

However, this year, due to the corona turmoil, the situation has changed suddenly, and the deficit continues to flow.Even after the nationwide state of emergency was lifted, the momentum of the corona virus in Okinawa has only increased, not diminished, and the number of infected people per 10 has overtaken Tokyo.In August, the best time to earn money, a unique state of emergency was declared, and it became unbearable.After a heated discussion with Osamu-kun, we decided to withdraw from the accommodation business.

And it happened one day in October

There were a lot of unexpected things when I started, but when it comes to withdrawal, the level is completely different.Still, it was at the end of September that he got a little light, and on a certain day in October, he came to Okinawa with Osamu, with the prospect of changing his business.The two of them worked through the details one by one, and managed to sign a new contract.I can breathe a sigh of relief.And while it was small, he gathered the people concerned and held a consolation party.
The location is a small shop on Kokusai Street.About seven people gathered, except for Joe and Osamu.Since we were dismissing everyone, I thought it would be like a wake-up party.Even so, the shops themselves were open for short hours, and many of the surrounding shops were still closed (closed?), so unfortunately the first party was the end of the day.

Joe and Osamu who couldn't drink enough decided to go to a hideaway bar that they often used.I brought my girlfriend, Mika-chan, with me when I entered Okinawa this time, but she said, "Mika is already at the bar, so let's hurry up." moved with

The bar is in many ways a hidden bar, and I don't know the circumstances, but it doesn't have a business license.Therefore, to enter the store, you have to unlock it by pressing two PINs.Joe has a very good memory, but he's always a bit of a jerk when he comes here, so in the past he couldn't enter the store.However, I feel safe because Osamu is here today.Without difficulty, I unlocked the first place and stood in front of the shop door.There's no signboard or anything, and the door itself doesn't look like a store, but is it a secret in a secret place?Press the button and the door will open.The inside is a structure that cannot be imagined from the outside, and the interior is elaborately designed.There are box seats in the back of the wide entrance, and there are several counter seats on the left.The wall behind it is lined with whiskey and glasses.It's a decent selection for its size.

When I entered the store and passed the entrance, Mika who was sitting in the box seat stood up,"Osamu, this way, this way. Ah, Mr. Joe."and raise your hand.
Joe too"Mika-chan, it's been a while..."As I was about to say that, the hand I raised stiffened in the next moment.Because there was Princess Nana next to Mika-chan.

Osamu, why is there Princess Nana!

I didn't know what it was.I pulled Osamu's hand and brought him to the toilet next to the entrance.
"Osamu, what are you talking about? Why is Princess Nana here!"Joe grabs Osamu's neck and stands up.
"Paisen! (Osamu-kun calls Joe this way when it's not convenient) There are various circumstances. If Mika asks me to meet Paisen and Nana-chan, I can't refuse."
"Even so, there's no way to do this. You know everything about what happened between the princess and me! You and I are on that level of relationship."
I told Osamu-kun all the details of my relationship with Princess Nana.I also know she's mirentaratara.I don't think that's why, but information about Princess Nana through Mika-chan?Osamu reported to Joe one by one.Joe always seemed uninterested, but his ears are Dumbo and he wants to hear more than just reports.
A report from Osamu"Nana-chan is still in Japan."And"Bentley seems to have sold."Or (then, give me more, wry smile).What surprised me most"I got engaged to a Spaniard"kana.But I also thought it was good.Because Princess Nana's happiness is also Joe's happiness (really?).She hoped that she would be able to let go of her lingering feelings and that time would work things out.But this deal.My anger towards Osamu doesn't seem to subside easily.

At the bar counter with Princess Nana

However, even if I get angry at Osamu, it doesn't solve anything, and I can't get enough of it.In fact, it would be correct to return as it is.However, even though people know the correct answer, they may take another action.Such was the case with Joe today.He leaves the bathroom and heads to his seat with Osamu.Mika-chan and Princess Nana are silent, probably because both Joe and Osamu-kun had a stern look on their faces.When it comes to Princess Nana, she lowers her eyes and doesn't try to meet Joe's gaze.

"Nana, let's talk at the counter."

I obediently follow Joe's stern expression as if I felt something.
Sit at the counter and order immediately from the master.
"Something Irish."
“Then how about a tealing single pot still?
"Okay then. Double it, please chaser too."
"I got it"
“I have the same cocktail as before. Please make it a little stronger.”
"I got it"

Silence flows between the two.I can't say anything without moistening my throat with whiskey and clearing my head.She doesn't look like Princess Nana, and she seems a little nervous.
After a while, whiskey and cocktails were placed in front of me.hesitantly make a toast
2 people.Joe whips up his shot glass.I was choked (bitter smile).He hastily drinks water.
"Princess, you got engaged. Congratulations."
"Are you happy, Joe?"
"of course"
"As expected, you're a pervert. Even though you love Nana."

I wanted to protest, but the words didn't come out.Silence flows again. A second shot glass was placed in front of Joe, who this time put it to his mouth so he wouldn't choke.
As Master said, Joe's favorite whiskey. The beautiful scenery of Dublin, which I visited in January, spreads out before my eyes.

"Princess, why did you come here when you knew I was there? At least you know I've decided not to see you again."
"Did I do something wrong? After I got engaged, I was finally able to stand on equal footing with Joe. I'd rather come to see your face. Rather celebrate!"

As always, I'm really amazed at the logic of the princess."I find it hard to accept that kind of thing about you, and that's why I don't think we should see each other anymore."I thought that in my heart, but I didn't say it out loud.
"I want to end this with you. I wonder if it even started in the first place. At least I don't want to see you anymore because I can't balance my heart with you. Please forgive me already. Bullying me too much. I don't know."
For some reason it became Kansai dialect.I meant to say it jokingly without being serious, but it didn't seem to have any effect.
"Don't you want to see me?"
"that's right"
"I do not like it?"

It was a simple question, but answering it seemed like something desperately holding back would collapse.On the other hand, I didn't want to lie, so I didn't answer.

princess nana crying

 When I suddenly looked to the side, Princess Nana was crying to my surprise.Large tears flow endlessly from her eyes.At first she was just crying, but soon she started sobbing.I guess that's what she means when she says she doesn't care about the public eye.
"Which one are you bullying? I just wanted to see your face."
Whoa, where are you crying?I don't understand.This is where I want to cryI promised my mother that I won't cry.
The master hurriedly brought a wet towel.And hear Princess Nana cry
Osama is comingMika-chan is also standing behind.
"Paisen, it's enough here, so please take Nana to the hotel."

I didn't know why it was good, and what it was good for in the first place,
Any reason would have been fine to leave this place.I hug Princess Nana's shoulders and leave the store.She quickly hailed a taxi and headed to the hotel where the princess was staying.Even in her taxi, her princess couldn't stop crying, and she smiled wryly when she saw the driver's eyes through her rearview mirror.

and to the hotel.One thing to do when you enter the room

When we arrived at the hotel and returned to our room, Princess Nana's tears finally stopped.Joe takes water from the refrigerator and hands it to the princess who is sitting on the sofa.The princess took one sip of it and she put it on the table,"As expected, beer
stomach.Let's have some Joe."

Actually, I was going to leave right away, but I thought it was just beer, so I took out two bottles of beer from the refrigerator.Giving Sapporo to Princess Nana, Joe sits on the bed and unwillingly opens the Budweiser tab.He raised his hand to make a formal toast and took a sip.Feeling that Budweiser is thin after all, Joe was making plans to leave the room early.

"My tears wiped off my makeup, and my face was a mess. I'm ugly."
It wasn't.Rather colorful.Then the princess is Joe's gap?utter words as if you could see through.
"The tears above have stopped, but the tears below are still there. Come over here and check."
Hime lifts her skirt and kneels on the sofa, beckoning Joe.A narrow, pink panty was exposed.It's obvious to anyone that you should put down your beer and leave the room immediately.She knew, of course, and so did Joe.If you get close to the princess, there will be no happiness ahead.However, Joe cannot leave (sorry for the obvious).As I approach Princess Nana, she kneels in front of her and runs her tongue through her already damp panties.It smelled like her princess.And the smell excites Joe even more.A sigh leaked from her princess mouth, and her voice gradually grew louder.As if to match that, the liquid flowed out endlessly from the secret part, and not only the panties but also Joe's face was already messed up.

I can't stop doing this.Hideki's song rings in Joe's head.
Even if I was told to stop (Hideki! ← Everyone, together) it was too late now (Hideki!)

Princess Nana begs for a creampie

After moving to the bed and taking off the princess's clothes and making her look like underwear, Joe also quickly takes off his pants.Of course, I don't forget to take out the skin from my secret pocket (bitter smile).
"Lick me more"Run your tongue all over your body in response to the request of the princess.Along with that, her princess pant voice continued without interruption.

as you know?Joe has no confidence in his sexual skills.He is very fast (tears) and even smaller (crying).However, Hime's reactions are always wonderful and she gives the illusion of being a technician.So sex with her princess was always fun and she was drowning too.She's a princess, she's a prostitute by nature, she knows how to please men and make fun of them.She is very invincible.
Not only Princess Nana, but also Joe was in a state of unbearable patience, so I put on a skin and quickly inserted it.Then words come out of the princess's mouth that she did not expect at all.

"Today let me in raw and let it out. I want Joe's baby."

Until now, I've been told many times, "Put it inside Nana."But that means in the sanitary ware.I have never inserted it raw in the first place (a little lie).
Hey, princess, isn't this part of the play?You're not serious, are you?No matter how you look at Joe's child, the face is a little darker, but the Japanese will be born.What are you going to explain to your blond fiancé!

The next day, Osamu and Sesoko Island

The next morning, I had an appointment with Osamu-kun and calmly cleaned up the rest of my work.
Neither of them mentioned last night.At first, the air was a little cold, but thanks to the work, the atmosphere became somewhat reconciled.Both are basically simple.And when the prospect of work was set, Osamu opened his mouth.
"Paisen, I'm sorry about last night. Why don't we finish today and go to the sea for a change? It's hot today, so I can still swim."
"Let's do so"
I immediately got on Osamu's convertible and headed for the north.After filling our stomachs at a famous Soki soba restaurant on the way, we arrived at Sesoko Island after 2:4.This is the cottage where four of his friends (Joe, Osamu, Princess Nana, and Mika) stayed when they traveled to Okinawa.I parked my car at Osamu's acquaintance's cafe and prepared to swim.I always have a snorkel and fins in the trunk of Osamu's car, so I went to the beach with them. It was going to be mid-October, but today's weather is good enough for a swim.The sun is still bright.
I changed clothes immediately, put on a snorkel and fins, and floated on the sea.A little offshore, beautiful coral reefs spread out and schools of small fish pass by Joe.According to Okinawa freak divers, there are many more beautiful diving spots.But Joe loved it here.The wind is relatively light and I think it's the perfect place to float.And I just floated on the sea for a little while without thinking about anything.If you looked at it from the side, you would have seen nothing but a water corpse.
When I went up to the beach, Osamu came up a little later.

“Paisen, today is the perfect day for snorkeling.
"It's true that the wind is weak and it's good for floating. The water isn't cold yet."
Sitting on the beach and looking at the sea gives me a feeling of calmness.Now it's Joe's turn to apologize to Osamu-kun, but it's a little frustrating, so I started with another topic.
“Osamu, how is your relationship with Mika-chan?”
"There are many things, and there are many problems, but she is the most fun woman to meet."
"That's good. Are you going to get married?"
"How about that? I can't imagine living with her. By the way, what happened to Nana-chan last night? Staying?"
"No, I ran away. There were various things."
"What happened?"
"Right now I'm in a raw wound, so I'll talk about it someday. Changing the subject, you did it with the princess in August, didn't you?"
"Yeah, how did you know that? Did Nana-chan confess? We promised to keep it a secret."
"I heard it last night during sex. They never do anything."
"They're Mika too?"
"Of course! Mika-chan probably knows. They're gurus."
"too scary…"

Osamu looks down.He seems genuinely scared.
"Paisen, do you remember when Mika and Nana-chan talked about the conditions for being a man?"
"I remember. If your income is more than 3000 million, then it's a question of humanity and compatibility, isn't it?"
"That's right. At that time, weren't you both happy? For the time being, you're standing on the starting line."
"You're twice, no, three times, right?"
"No, no, that's aside. Of course, we thought it was about annual income, but regardless of whether they are aware of it, it's a monthly income, unfortunately."
"That's right, putting aside you, I was a woman I shouldn't have dealt with."
"So do I. It may be high time."
"Hey, did I get along with Princess Nana?"
"To be honest, it doesn't match."
"I get angry when you say that to my face, but no matter how you think about it, it's just that the balance in the secret account has decreased, and I didn't know anything about her."
"But according to Mika, it seems that Nana-chan was reporting about Paisen one by one. So, Dobacchiri came over here and said, 'I want you to take Mika to Europe like Joe-san.' You said that. It's a big nuisance."
"In the old days, I would dance when I heard that, but now I'm not happy at all."
"What happened? Please talk to me."
"I'm still in a raw wound, so please pardon me. Also, I don't need the princess's information anymore, and there won't be any trickery like last night. Tell Mika-chan, too."
"I'll do my best, Paisen!"
The sun on Sesoko Island is still dazzling.I wanted to stay a little longer, but we both have plans to have dinner tonight. At Joe's signal, "Let's go home soon," I started walking along the beach toward the parking lot.It was Joe who felt that the distance with Osamu-kun was shorter than ever.

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